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Boy oh boy, do we have a quick and easy Halloween project for you and it only cost $3.00! Yes, that’s right $3.00! First RUN, do not walk to Target and check out their cute bar towels in the Dollar Spot section before they are gone! We knew these would be adorable Halloween pillows and we made one set with sewing and one set is a no sew version! They both took about the same amount of time. We did 2 pillows in less than an hour. That’s less than 30 minutes a pillow! 😉

I was at target on Thursday and spotted these cute bar towels, I had every intention of just using them as towels until I opened them up and I thought they would be a darling pillows. I had to run back to Target and get a few more to use as towels! 😅 Each package has 2 towels in it,  we used one towel for the front of the pillow and one towel for the back.

The first thing we did was iron the pillow to remove the crease lines.

One of the towels was a little larger than the towel we were using for the front. We simply just trimmed it and folded over the raw edge a 1/4″. 

For the enclosure at the bottom of the pillows we used Velcro. We used an iron on Velcro for the no sew pillows and a sew on Velcro for the other pillows.

For the pillow that we sewed, on the wrong side of the towel at the lower edge we pinned in place a strip of Velcro and stitched it in place.

We then lined up the 2 towels, aligning the Velcro strip and then pinned together the 3 sides that needed to be sewn.

Stitch around the 3 sides forming the pillow.

For the no sew pillow we first tried using the “Steam a Seam” just like we had used to hem the drapery panels last week and quickly learned that although it works well for hems it does not hold together well enough for pillows. As we tried to insert the pillow the seams pulled apart. 🙁 But, we have an alternative no sew method, hot glue. Yes, we pulled out the glue gun and glued the seams together. This worked great!

Here are our finished pillow covers. Aren’t they fun! 

Now we simply inserted a pillow form and we got some fun and bold Halloween decor all for $3 for each pillow and it took less than 30 minutes. You can’t beat that! 

Can you tell which set of pillows were sewn or which set we glued?

Please tell us what you think, do you just LOVE them? We would love to hear from you, please drop us a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

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