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Looking for a way to spruce up your curb appeal? Adding shrubs and flowers in colors that will complement your home is always a great idea, and will help make your home feel inviting all season long. Have you ever considered sprucing up the exterior of your home itself? Adding garage door hardware is an easy and cost effective way to improve your curb appeal year round!

To date, this is likely the quickest and easiest DIY I have ever completed! Continue reading to see how we transformed the exterior of our home in less than 5 minutes!

magnetic garage door hardware

Here’s a quick look at our garage doors before. We did opt to have windows installed in the top sections when we built our home to add a bit of character. But even then, it’s still lacking a bit of oomph, right?

To watch us install the garage door hardware (in less than 5 minutes!) click to play the video below. Then keep reading to see pictures of the progress, and learn where you can grab your own hardware!

Magnetic Garage Door Hardware

Does magnetic garage door hardware work? Absolutely!

It definitely adds a lot to a curb appeal. Although, the magnetic garage door hardware is completely for aesthetics. The bond is not strong enough to actually use the handles while lifting the garage door.

Garage door hardware comes in various styles and finishes, not to mention different price points. We chose to add magnetic hardware to our garage doors.

This type of hardware works best on steel and steel core doors. Magnets don’t attach to wood or aluminum.

* If a magnet will stick to your garage door, then these handles and hinges will too!

magnetic garage door hardware

Again here’s the before.

Before adding the hardware we did give it a thorough cleaning. Spraying it off with the hose and using a scrub brush to remove any dirt from the crevices worked well.

How To Add Hardware

magnetic garage door hardware
magnetic garage door hardware
magnetic garage door hardware

Adding the garage door hardware was SO easy to do!

Being that these hinges are magnetic, you could play around a bit to decide on exact placement before adding them all.

Each of these hinges have 3 magnets on the backside. Simply place into position and you’re done! It’s seriously THAT EASY!

magnetic garage door hardware
magnetic garage door hardware
magnetic garage door hardware

Adding the handles are just as easy!

Each handle has 2 magnets, one on each end. Place where you desire and you’re done!

magnetic garage door hardware

In all, I ordered 2 sets of garage door hardware. 2 for the double car garage door, and 1 for the single car garage door.

We were able to completely transform the appearance of the garage doors and curb appeal by adding these magnetic garage door hardware pieces for a whopping $37.53!

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magnetic garage door hardware

What do you think? Doesn’t it add so much more character to an otherwise plain garage door?

I still can’t get over how quick and easy it was to transform the appearance of our garage doors! And for less than $38! We can’t even take our family out to eat for that!

This magnetic garage door hardware is worth every penny!

If you’re frustrated with what your garage looks like behind the garage doors, check out these ideas for an Organized and Functional Garage.

magnetic garage door hardware

Again, here’s our home before.

magnetic garage door hardware

And here’s the after!

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magnetic garage door hardware

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