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I am excited to share this guest room with you today! This room is primarily for my favorite guests, my grandchildren. Not that I don’t love having other guests, but this room is really for the kiddos. I knew I wanted this room to be bright, colorful, happy and just a fun place to be. I think I have accomplished that with this energetic room.

Let’s take a look at this room from the day we moved in, pretty bland and boring. I sure didn’t want any guest staying in a room like this.

Remember that the previous owners of this home were an elderly couple, and the house looked like it. The walls had a slight pink tint, deep forest green carpet throughout the house and lace, lots of lace.

I knew that I wanted bright colors in this room, so I chose chalkboard paint as the accent wall. I think it’s the perfect backdrop for my colorful gallery wall of my darling grandkids.

Several of the frames I found at the thrift store and simply painted. Others are simple wood frames from the craft store, painted and distressed. The large yellow frame is the UNG Drill Mirror from Ikea. I simply removed the mirror and painted it with a bright yellow spray paint.

I created layers by placing  frames on top of a frames. The ornate little oval frames would have been too small on a large wall by themselves, but by placing another frame around it, grounds it.

The daybed I purchased from the online classifieds for $100 including a new mattress. It was in great shape, but it was pine, and would clash with my design. Painting is a great solution when the bones are great, but the finish is wrong.

I first painted the daybed a soft white, I then applied a gray glaze. This gave the piece texture and aged it a bit. I love the way it turned out. Be sure to check out a future blog post that will feature the glazing technique.

I found the little cabinets that I used for nightstands at Hobby Lobby. They add a little rustic element into the design. The stands have 18 drawers that are great for organizing craft supplies for the kiddos, as well as small games. The lamps on top of the nightstands are vintage lamps from the 70’s. I found them at Urban Renewal, my favorite vintage store in St. George, Utah. The bedding is from target, the pillows I made and my sweet mother-in-law made the beautiful black and white afghan.

On this side of the room is storage for books, toys and a few vintage items. The storage shelves are from Ikea and the colorful storage boxes I found at Target.

The dramatic black and white chair was another online classified find. I finished the wood with an ebony stain and reupholstered the chair in a fun black and white stripe. I love the energy it adds to the room and it’s a great place to cuddle up and read a book.

Play room storage shelves with brightly colored polka dot storage bins with black and white labels. Blue wall with colorful bunting and a black and white striped chair.

For art above the chair, I painted and stenciled meaningful phrases for the kiddos on MDF boards. Also notice that all the storage bins are labeled, so the kids know exactly where to put things when it’s time to clean up.

I keep some of their favorite toys out for display and a few vintage ones as well. The View Master on the top of the cabinet is one that I played with at my grandma’s house. I even have all the old reels.

Framed above the storage shelves are two framed pages from the book “See Jane”. I found these at a thrift store and it brought back found memories! That was one of my beginning readers. The bunting I made for Little Miss’ 1st birthday, I thought the colors looked great in this room too, so up it went. I just pinned it to the wall with T-pins.

Isn’t she adorable . . . you just want to squeeze and kiss her.

Below the window is a place to color, build puzzles and play games. The table is the Lack table from Ikea, paired with 2 vintage school chairs I picked up from the online classifieds. Ok, let’s talk about those fabulous curtains. These were given to me from Stephanie. She had them in her first home and brought them with her when she moved. However, when building her new home it had 9′ ceilings and larger windows and they wouldn’t work in her new home. But luckily for me they work perfectly in this room! And you won’t believe it, but they are stenciled! Check out the full tutorial here!

We hope you have enjoyed the tour of our guest room and please feel free to share and Pin It!

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