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Homework station ideas for kids.

2020 has given us all a run for our money! Constant uncertainty has heavily influenced many households to resume homeschooling again this school year.

Having a dedicated space in the home for a homework station, whether small or large, will dramatically influence behavior and productivity.

We’re excited to share our top homework station ideas for kids this school year!

A huge shout out to all of the designers, bloggers, influencers and Mamas who are gracious enough to allow us to share their spaces with us!

Sit back, relax and gather inspiration for your own dedicated homework station in your home!

Homework Station Ideas For Small Spaces

We may not all have an entire room dedicated to the use for a homework station. Don’t let that be a limiting factor for you.

Check out these clever closet spaces turned to study spaces!


This beautiful and functional space from @makingprettyspaces is so inviting. The calming color scheme would certainly help reduce stress for me while working.


Another great closet turned homework station by @housebythepreserve!

I know my teen would love to just roll out of bed in his pj’s and crawl over to “school”!

Dedicated Rooms For Study

Others may have the space to dedicate an entire room for a homework station. This can especially be handy if you’re working with small children who require more direction.


Another great space from @makingprettyspaces! Jennifer installed the entire shelving system in an afternoon!  Don’t you just love all that storage space and order?


This built-in homework station by @jlv_creative is stunning.

I love their simple and clean design. Keeping the walls and cabinetry white really allows the open shelving and decor elements to pop.

Photography credit to @robbiemcd22


@woodlandsstylehouse has also created a beautiful monochromatic space, perfect for a studying, school projects and crafting.


@kira_turner was lucky enough to utilize this much needed homework station during the crazy homeschooling adventure many of us were thrown into earlier this year.

I’m sure she can let out a sigh of relief knowing her kids have a dedicated space for study moving forward this school year.

Creative Use of Space for a Homework Station


Don’t you just love this creative use of space? Lindi at has such a great eye for design!

I love how she utilized this perhaps otherwise unused space in her home to create this dedicated space for study.

You may also want to take a look at her 8 tips for homeschooling your kids.

This Mama is a star in my books!

Organization in the Homework Station

Although creating a beautiful space dedicated for schooling is important, perhaps the most important element in any homework station is organization.

Why go to the trouble to make this space beautiful if there isn’t any order? Without organization, any area for study can quickly succumb to frustration and chaos.

Assigning dedicated space to school supplies will assist in school time running more smoothly for the children, the experienced home school Mamas and any other parents (like myself) who were thrown into homeschooling earlier this year!


I love this portable storage and organization by @designimprovised. This can especially come in handy if schooling takes place at the kitchen table for instance. This cart can easily be wheeled away when the school day is finished.


I absolutely love this school supply organization by @gatormom_reviews!

Such a great idea to create a portable cubby for each child to take to their homework station. Each will know exactly where their own supplies are, and the cubbies help keep clutter tidy.

Using The Home Office For Schooling

You may even be lucky enough to already have a home office or craft room! If space permits, this is a great place to get organized for study.

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