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Well, it’s that time of year again. 

Somehow the summer season has gone too quickly and it’s time to focus on the upcoming school year.

Back to school shopping and gathering school supplies are a given…

But now more than ever is the need for a homework station or dedicated room or area for study.

It’s definitely a top priority for many of us!

I believe that adding a dedicated homework space will alleviate a lot of stress in our homes.

Today we’ve teamed up with top bloggers who have created amazing homework stations in their homes. 

Scroll down and see the best homework station ideas for stress free learning from top bloggers.

And get a little inspiration for your own home!

Portable Homework Station

What’s a mom to do if you just don’t have space for a dedicated homework station in your home? 

Take a look at these cleaver ideas that will help your kids stay focused and organized.

Portable homework station perfect for use in any space in the home. All supplies are stored in this handy tote.

Clearly, we love Christina’s idea of a mini DIYhomework station

This little tote is so handy.

It can easily be moved depending where her girls are working.

The full tutorial is found on Christina’s site.

Neat and tidy portable homework station.

If there’s no time to actually craft a portable homework station, then you need to see Emily’s creative idea.

She created a neat and organized portable tote from purchased containers.  You’ll find all the details on Emily’s site.

Utilizing Small Spaces

Now let’s take a look at utilizing small spaces to create that perfect study area.

Small wall mounted desk with brackets and stool. Perfect for a young child study zone.

Oh my! Isn’t this floating desk so smart?

First of all, Jessica created a homework station for her daughter that uses minimal space.

Along with the fact that visually, it’s minimal.

Did you notice all of the storage on the wall too? 

Get all the details on Jessica’s site.

Clever study area created in a closet space.

Talk about using a small space! 

Take a look at this work space Karin created in a closet. 

Creating a Cloffice (closet + office).

Karin created a floating desk for only $40.

What a bargain!

Be sure to check out Karin’s site, there are many more photos and ideas.

Create a homework workstation in a closet. Red painted desk and lower portion of wall. A fun strip pattern is painted on the upper portion of the wall.

I love how Carmel at Our Fifth House took a small closet area and gave it a punch of personality with paint.

A simple desk tucked in a closet now feels so high-end!

Create a desk space without a dedicated room for study in an area of the basement family room.

Without a dedicated room for a homework station, Christina created a spot for her girls that they love.

Utilizing space in their basement family room.

Check out that fun bulletin board she created for a little inspiration.

This was the perfect budget friendly idea for this area.

Unique homework space utilized off the kitchen and main living area with cabinets for plenty of storage and large work desk with chairs.

Without a doubt, this homework station we spotted at the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes caught our eye this year.

This little nook is just off the kitchen, it’s perfect for mom or dad to keep an eye on the kiddos.

And you can never have too much storage space!

Unique homework space utilized off the kitchen and main living area with cabinets for plenty of storage and large work desk with chairs.

In addition, the barn doors are brilliant.

A simple slide of the doors and the mess is hidden away.

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Build a Homework Station

Homework room idea creating diy art display.

Rachel has carved out a space for her son in the craft room. 

Not only has she created a great homework station, but also a creative and simple display for showing off his work.

Creative pink DIY desk build, pottery barn look. Perfect child-size desk.

Alright isn’t this desk adorable!

Stephanie has built this desk with storage, just right for grade schoolers.

She says although this build has a lot of steps, she assures us it’s not hard.

Check out all the details, cut list and PDF plans on her website

Creative DIY L-shaped desk in homework room.

Are you looking for an L-shaped homework station?

Then you’ll want to see Toni’s DIY project.

She’s created a large work surface with lots of storage too.

This is a doable project even for the beginner.

Create a study area with a a DIY desk out of white cubbies and an Ikea desk topper.

Another great beginner project is this simple desk idea from Jessica and Sarah.

They created this desk with storage using cubbies and an Ikea desk top for less than $60!

Easy built-in shelves with a desk using pine wood and pipe make a great homework station from a young child to a teen in this Star Wars themed bedroom.

Do you need lots of storage and a desk?

This simple wood and pipe desk is a simple DIY project that anyone can do and it looks great in Aiden’s Star Wars themed bedroom!

Homework station with a vintage school desk, vintage suitcases for storage, wall shelves and a white student chair.

Don’t you love this simple, organized space for learning?!

A vintage school desk with a comfortable chair and storage provide the perfect environment for stress free learning.

Room for Two

Do you need space for more than one child?

Utilize a wall in the living room as a homework room with wall shelves, pegboard storage and a wall mounted desk surface.

I think this accent wall homework station is not only beautiful, but also functional.

For example, take a look at the way Jessica used the vertical space for storage.

Clearly everything has a place and it looks so good!

Jessica has created a homework station for each of her daughters and one for herself in the middle.

Carve out a simple homework station in a corner with a simple DIY desk for two made from a board mounted to the wall with brackets. Small baskets mounted to the wall with hooks hold supplies.

Check out this amazing homework station Jay built in a corner of her home!

This strait-forward desk for two can be built a weekend.

Not only does it increases productivity, but also provides less distractions for her twins.

Put together a simple homework station with storage with this easy to assemble desks and bookcase with bins.

If you’re not into DIY then take a look at this homework station for two from Robin at Coastal Crafty Mama created for her kids.

Simple to assemble desks and a bookcase make the perfect homework area.

A portion of this playroom is turned in to a homework zone with a simple wood desk and 3 wooden chairs. Mobile cart houses supplies and baskets mounted to the wall sort papers.

In addition I love how Melissa at Life with Less Mess created a home schooling area along one wall in her playroom.

Giving purpose to a dedicated homework station with a beautiful painted wall arch. Wood desk with leather chair with bookshelves for storage.

This work space is absolutely gorgeous! 

I love the Boho vibe in this room.

Not only have Chelsea and Logan created two separate work zones, but you must see their giant pegboard wall.

It is amaaaaazing!

Homework station idea with cabinetry for plenty of storage, large work desk that works for two and a large window for light.

This homework station has plenty of room to work, but also plenty of storage.

This inspiration is also from the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes.

One element I really love is all of this natural light that is flooding into this room.

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Bedroom Homework Stations

How about carving out space in a bedroom. 

DIY homework station made from electrical conduit, joints and select pine boards in an industrial style bedroom.

Certainly this homework station in Gavin’s room has plenty of room for getting that homework finished.

Keep track of papers and projects with a kelly green paper sorter and chalk board calendar.

But also the shelves provide plenty of storage for all of his supplies.

Admittedly, this is one of our favorite builds.

Built-in desk area with storage, IKEA bookcase hack with large desk work surface and a pretty floral Roman shade over the window.

Ellie not only needed a homework station, but also storage for all of her art supplies.

Built-in desk area with storage, IKEA bookcase hack with large desk work surface and a pretty floral Roman shade over the window.

We created this Built In Desk, upcycling a small dresser and two bookcases.

Built-in desk area with storage, IKEA bookcase hack with large desk work surface and a pretty floral Roman shade over the window.

And don’t you just love her Boho/French style chair.

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