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Is it really worth fixing a broken bed?

This day and age everything seems to be disposable. It’s so easy to go and buy a new bed if it breaks. So, is it really worth fixing?

I can assure you that my husband was ready to go out and buy a new bed. Most of our furniture is second hand, either purchased through the classifieds, or as in this case, passed down through the family. Often times this means that things need a bit of repair.

My Great Grandpa built this bed about 40 years ago. First used by my sister and myself as bunk beds, then my brother for most of his childhood.

It’s seen many a paint color and styles during its days. And now my little guy, Aiden gets to use it in his room. So although the thought of running out to get a new bed may have been more enticing (to my husband at least), it was definitely worth fixing this broken bed!

The Broken Bed Rail

fix a broken bed

As mentioned above, this bed has gotten plenty of use over the years. Which also means there has likely been a lot of jumping on the bed and other horsing around. Kids will be kids right?

A broken bed rail was bound to happen at some point in time.

fix a broken bed

Fixing a broken bed rail is a lot easier than you might think. Here’s a look at the interior side of the opposite bed rail.

The box spring rests on this small 2 x 2 board attached on the bottom of the rail.

Not only did the entire bed rail split in half, but also the cleat broken off as a result.

The New Bed Rail

fix a broken bed
fix a broken bed
fix a broken bed

We purchased a new pine board and cut it to size. My Dad used his router to add a little bit of detail on the outer side of the bed rail to match the opposite rail. Then the board was painted to match the rest of the bed.

PRO TIP: Take a small piece of the broken bed with you to The Home Depot to have your paint color matched. Since this bed was repainted years ago, there wasn’t any leftover paint. Having it scanned and color matched at Home Depot worked like a charm!

After the paint had fully cured, we measured, marked and drilled holes to match the broken bed rail.

Supports for the new bed rail

fix a broken bed
fix a broken bed

Rather than attaching a 2×2 board to the bottom edge of the new bed rail, we decided to use this hefty angle iron.

We had several of these on hand after upcycling the new daybed for Ellie’s bedroom makeover.

Simply measured how far down the angle iron needs to align with the opposite bed rail.

Secure 3 of these angle iron pieces to the new bed rail, one in the middle and one on each side, 5 inches from the end. Secured each angle iron with 3 wood screws.

Ready for another 40 years

fix a broken bed

Here’s a look at the new bed rail secured into the rest of the bed frame. The box spring now rests on these angle iron pieces and is as good as new.

This new bed rail is so sturdy, this thing isn’t going anywhere!

fix a broken bed

Overall the time spent to repair this broken bed was pretty minimal. It was a simple fix, fairly inexpensive, costs coming from the purchase of one pine board, a sample size of paint and new wood screws.

Now this bed is here to stay! Not only did we save a family piece, but also Aiden isn’t fond of change! He was SO happy that his bed was finally fixed! Now that makes everybody happy!

We hope you’ve been inspired to use this idea to repair a broken bed if the opportunity should arise.

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fix a broken bed
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