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Do you need solutions for desk cable management?

Are you tired of all of those ugly cords?

In this post not only will you learn how to hide desk cords, wires and computer cables with our DIY method, but also find great organization solutions for any office space.

Let me share a pet peeve of mine . . . I hate clutter!

Clutter of any kind, in fact I have been known to take a stack of papers I need to go through and hide them in the laundry room just so I don’t need to look at them.

Well, I’m the same way about cord clutter!

And it seems to me that we have more cords and cord clutter than ever.

In an office with monitors, computers, laptops, printers, wifi etc. there are cords everywhere!

As a result they create a lot of visual clutter.

Not only are we going to share our solution to hide desk cords today, but also you may find inspiration to make other cords in your home disappear.

Does This Look Familiar?

A tangled mess of cables and chords on floor under the desk before we implemented cable management.

Does this look familiar?

Do you have a tangled mess of cords with all of this modern technology?

As Steph was putting together her office that was her one request, to please find some way to hide all of that cord clutter around the desk.

In order to hide the desk cords and cables we purchased a couple of inexpensive cable management products and tools.

Hide Desk Cords Supplies

Having the right supplies and tools make all of the difference.

We used cord/cable clips, desk grommet, hole saw, wood drill bit and drill.

Install Cable Grommet

Desk grommet is placed in the desk top to organize and hide desk cords.

This is an easy project that anyone can do.

Once all the supplies are gathered you will only need a drill, 2″ hole saw and a 1 1/4″ wood bit to install this desk cable management system.

First decide where you would like the cable grommet installed in the desk top.

Before we began, we looked under the desk to find the best area for this placement.

We chose the back left corner of the desk.

Once you have decided where you would like to install the cable grommet, drill the required size hole using a hole saw.

The cable grommet we chose was 2″ in diameter, therefore we needed a 2″ hole saw to cut out our hole.

The cable grommets come in various sizes, we needed one that would accommodate 4 cables.

Once the hole for the cable grommet is cut, insert the grommet.

This is first step to managing the cable clutter and hiding the desk cords.

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Hide Power Strip

A block of wood is mounted under the desk top to place the surge protector.

The next goal was to find someplace to hide the power strip.

We have seen them secured to the underside of a desk with cables or Velcro, but our desk had a void underneath that was the perfect spot to place the power strip.

The desk just has one drawer in the center, with a 6″ wide void that ran the depth of the desk.

We decided that if we secured a piece of wood  at the lower edge of the desk apron, we could form a small shelf that the power strip would sit on.

We cut a piece of wood 6″ x 12″ and attached it under the desk with nails.

A hole is drilled under the desk to thread cords through.

Next we needed a hole for the cables to run through to plug into the power strip.

Using a 1 1/4″ wood drill bit we cut a hole in the area behind the drawer.

Then we were able to feed all of the cords through this hole and plug them into the power strip.

You can see here there is a gap at the rear of the desk where we were able to slide the power strip onto our platform.

Now we’ve completed the 2nd step in hiding desk cords.

Hiding Desk Cords with our Cable Management System

Computer cords and cables are threaded through the cable guide on the desk top.
The cap is placed over the cable guide once cords are threaded through the hole.
desk cords are neatly organized and threaded through a cable guide in the desk top.

Now it’s time to run all of the cables and cords through our cable management system.

We have 4 cords that run through the cord grommet.

Simply remove the top cover, run the cords through the grommet and replace the cover.

It’s just that simple!

A plethora of cables an cord on a the desk top and mounted in a cable hub.

All of the cables that went through the cord grommet ended up at the docking station.

Now I now you are thinking, but how do you hide that?

We corralled all of the cords with a twist tie and hid them behind the monitor.

With all the cords run through our holes and cord grommet, we have just completed the 3rd step in hiding desk cords.

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Secure Cords & Cables with Cord Clips

I discovered these cord clips several years ago and they are a must to keep cords hidden.

Not only are they great in an office to keep the cords neat and hidden from view, but they are great in any room.

For instance, I use them on my sofa table to run the cord for my lamps across the back and down the leg so no cords show.

Clearly, the possibilities are endless.

The cord clips come with an adhesive backing, you simply slide in the cable, pull off the adhesive backing and secure in place.

Hide desk cords by running them along baseboards and securing them with cable clips.

You can see here that we used the cord clips to secure the internet cable along the top of the base board under the desk.

They were also used to secure the cables that ran under the desk from the cord grommet to the power strip.

Yeah! We did it, we have successfully hidden that pile of desk cords!

Hide desk cords by running them along baseboards and securing them with cable clips.

Now doesn’t that look better than a pile of cords under the desk, or even work on the desk top?

Hide desk cords by running them along baseboards and securing them with cable clips.

We hope this has given you ideas for taming the cord clutter in your home office.

At a time when many of us are finding that we need to work at home having an organized space can really improve your productivity, as well as moral.

Are there other elements that you would like help with in your home office?

Please leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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