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Quick and Easy DIY Flower Pot

Are you getting excited for spring and looking for ideas to freshen up your home? How about a simple DIY project making a wooden plant pot?

Certainly, we are looking forward to digging in the garden and longing for the spring bulbs to emerge. In fact, last week I saw the first daffodils starting to bloom in my neighborhood. Yeah!!

Spring undoubtedly brings feelings of renewal, rebirth and hope. It’s the season that I long for the most, after a lengthy winter.

Last week we had the idea of making a wooden plant pot using paint stir sticks. After a little tinkering we came up with a design we loved. Scroll on down and see how to make your own wooden plant pot using paint sticks.

The wooden plant pot would be perfect for our DIY faux tree too!

Supplies for a Wooden Plant Pot

Wooden Plant Pot

To make this wooden plant pot you will need a container that has straight sides like a hot chocolate container or large #10 can. 

Additionally, you’ll need some paint stir sticks. We decided to white wash ours, so we purchased them from The Home Depot. However, if you’re painting them a solid color, you could use the free paint stir sticks that you find at the home improvement store.

Also, you will need a glue gun and paint. The manufacture of this glue gun is offering a 10% discount to our viewers through March, 25, 2021, use Code:  CHVY76GA  So, if you’re in the market for a great full-size glue gun, check it out.

As you scroll down you’ll see that we also used cardstock.

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The Paint Sticks

First, we measured the circumference of the can to determine how many paint sticks we would need.

Then we laid out the paint sticks and measured how many we would need.

For our large #10 can we needed 18-19 paint stir sticks to make our wooden plant pot.

Once you’ve determined how many paint sticks you need, paint them as desired.

Prepare the Container

Next, we painted the can black with a chalk paint. As the paint sticks are glued around the can you will be able to see in-between the slats.

Therefore, if you don’t want the metal to show, you’ll want to camouflage the container.

The container we used for the first wooden plant pot was a hot chocolate container. And the surface was smooth unlike the corrugated metal can we used on our second pot.

Because of the smooth surface the paint sticks stuck to the surface beautifully.

However, on our second pot the can was corrugated and the paint sticks fell off.

Wooden Plant Pot

In spite of this, Steph came up with an easy fix, we simply covered the can with black cardstock. And it worked like a charm!

First, cut the cardstock to the height of the can, then adhere to the can with hot glue.

It seems that if your can has a smooth surface, you can simply paint the surface before adhering the paint sticks.

However, if your surface is corrugated, skip the paint and cover the container with cardstock.

Attach Paint Sticks to Container

Wooden Plant Pot
Wooden Plant Pot

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure that the paint sticks are evenly spaced around the can.

First, place a rubber band around the can. Then, add the paint sticks around the can and adjust so they are evenly spaced. 

Then, remove one paint stick at at time, run a bead of hot glue down the center of the stick.

Next, pull back the rubber band and insert the the paint stick into position.

Finally, press the paint stick to the container until the hot glue cools.

Continue to remove one paint stick at a time, add hot glue and place into position.

Embellish Wooden Plant Pot

Wooden Flower Pot

Once all of the paint sticks are adhered to the can you may want to embellish it.

We chose to add a jute and black trim around this wooden plant pot.

In order to keep the trim straight, I first placed a strip of Frog tape around the pot. Then I had a straight line to follow  to glue the trim around the pot.

The Reveal

Wooden Plant Pot

We love the way these wooden plant pots turned out! They have a farmhouse – coastal feel to them. 

Not only will they work as a pot for flowers and plants, but also as a vase for spring flowers.

Don’t you love the way the tulips look in this container?

Larger Wooden Plant Pot

As we were making this flower pots, we thought it would be fun to make a really large pot. 

So, we started looking around my house for a larger container. And decided to try this 5 Gallon bucket.

First, we decided on the height for the plant pot and marked it with a Sharpie.

Then, we set the fence on the table saw to the desired height.

And by simply rotating the bucket on the table saw, while keeping it pressed against the fence, we were able to cut it easily.

Wooden Plant Pot

For this wooden plant pot we simply painted the stir sticks black and attached them to the bucket with hot glue. 

More Upcycled Pot Ideas

Click on the images below to learn how to make a pottery barn inspired pot and how to paint a concrete finish on a plastic pot.

DIY Flower Pot

Not only are these flower pots quick and easy to make, but also they are easy on the budget. In fact, you can easily make a pot for less than $3!

You can’t beat that!

So, please tell us what you think! Is this a  project you’d like to try?

Have you used paint sticks before with your own DIY projects? If so, we’d love to know what you’ve made.

Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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