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Cute Easter Decoration with Dollar Store Items

Are you wondering how you can add a little spring decor to your home without spending an arm and a leg? Or are you looking for cute and inexpensive Easter decorations ideas? 

Well, today we have both! If you remember my Heart Pom Pom Valentine’s decor for my front door started with a Dollar Tree find.  

Once again, we found the perfect Easter decor item from Dollar Tree that we could transform into some fun spring decorations.

Supplies for Easter Decorations

Easter Decor Dollar Store DIY

Most of the supplies for this Easter decoration are from the dollar store. While the dollar store does carry moss, we decided it was more economical to get large bags from the craft store. For this project we used 2 kinds of moss, green Spanish moss and sheet moss. 

Supplies we used:

  • hot glue
  • green paint
  • floral foam – Dollar Tree
  • small clay pots – Dollar Tree
  • 3-D bunny decor – Dollar Tree
  • green Spanish moss
  • sheet moss
  • ribbon or trim – optional

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How to Make Easter Decor Topiary

Easter Decor Dollar Store DIY

First, remove the tinsel wrapping on the 3-D bunny decor. As you remove it, you will see that it comes apart into 2 pieces. 

Second, you will want to paint the bunny frame green. This will ensure that none of the gray plastic frame shows through the moss.

We found it quicker to give it a coat of green spray paint. However, if you don’t have any, it can be painted with a green craft paint too.

Inserting Floral Foam

Easter Decor Dollar Store DIY

Next, we’ll want to fill the cavity of the bunny frame with floral foam.

First, press a piece of the floral foam against the bunny frame.

Easter Decor Dollar Store DIY
Easter Decor Dollar Store DIY

As you can see, this makes it easy to see where to trim the floral foam. Then, trim the floral foam with a knife.

Continue placing the foam into the bunny frame and trim as necessary.

Easter Decor Dollar Store DIY

Once the foam fits inside the bunny frame, attach the two sides together with hot glue.

Attaching Moss for Easter Decorations

Spring Decor Ideas

For this topiary, we used two kids of moss, Spanish moss and sheet moss. 

First we began to break them apart into small pieces. We did find it easier to cut the Spanish moss with scissors. 

You’ll want a 50/50 mix of the two mosses.

Spring Decor Ideas
Easter Decorations

Now for the fun part, creating the moss topiary.

First, we began by placing some of the moss mixture in a sheet pan.

Next, we placed hot glue on about 1/2 of the front side of one of the bunny ears. Then, we pressed the ear into the moss mixture. Pressing it firmly with a bunch of moss on the backside of the ear as well. This will protect your fingers from getting burned.

Continue this process until both sides of each ear are covered with the moss.

Easter Decorations

Brush off any loose moss and check to see if there are any areas you still need to fill in.

xEaster Decorations

Once the ears are completely covered with the moss, begin filling in the remainder of the bunny head.

We worked on one section at a time. Filling in a section with hot glue and pressing in the moss.

Easter Decorations

Once the  entire bunny frame is covered with moss, once again check for sections that may need a little more moss.

It’s really starting to take shape now. Isn’t it the cutest easter decoration?

Speaking of cute, did you see Steph’s cute Easter/Spring garland she made last week? It really dressed up her mantle for spring.

Shaping the Bunny Topiary

Now it’s time to shape the Easter decor. Using kitchen sheers we trimmed off any long pieces of moss, creating our bunny topiary.

Potting the Topiary

Spring decor ideas
Spring Decor Ideas

We wanted a soft look for our pot. With this in mind, we decided to white wash the small clay pots.

To begin, we thinned down white chalk paint with water until it was quite thin. Then, brushed on the paint and dabbed it with a wet coffee filter. Creating a soft, worn look to the pots.

Easter Decorations

Once the pots were dry we inserted the leftover floral foam and a small branch from the yard.

In fact, you could also use a dowel for this part.

Insert the branch into the floral foam, then place the bunny head on the top.

Embellish the bunny topiary as you’d like.

We decided on a polka dot ribbon around the pot and a little bow for each topiary with scrap ribbon and trim.

In my opinion, this easter decoration just says spring! The soft green with my black and white easter decor looks so fresh. To me it has that farmhouse feel.

Easter Decorations
Easter Decorations
Easter Decorations

So, please tell us what you think! Is this a little project you’re going to try and add to your Easter decorations this year?

For another cute Easter bunny idea, see how we make faux chocolate Easter bunny napkin rings.

We love to hear your thoughts!

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Easter Decorations

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  1. Laura Martinez

    Since I am seeing this just now, and it looks like these were done last year, what if I can’t find those at dollar store now. Any suggestions?

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Hi Laura, I just went to Dollar Tree’s website. They still show the bunny’s we used on their site. So, I’d check your local store and see if they have them. If not you can order them online. I was just at my Dollar Tree the other day and they didn’t have any Easter out yet. Good luck!

      1. Laura Martinez

        Thank you! I’ll go look!

        1. Michelle Dickson


      2. Laura Martinez

        Yes I did find the bunny’s at Dollar Tree. They didn’t have the foam blocks so I had to buy some at Michaels. My question is, what are the dimensions of the foam blocks. I have to cut them to size and I tried one and it was too wide, Any help yoou could give would be appreciated. Thanks.

        1. Michelle Dickson

          The dimensions of the floral foam from dollar tree is Length: 6.3 in. Width: 3.3 in. Height: 2.75 in.I was able to do more than one topiary with a block of foam. Once I had the plastic frame of the of the bunny head, I pressed it into the floral foam lightly to get am imprint of where to trim. I don’t have exact measurements of the thickness. Even if it’s a little smaller than the frame you should still be able glue the moss on. You may have to add a bit more, but I think it should still work. Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions. When you are finished, please share your results. You can email us a picture or send us a message on Facebook.

  2. Carolee

    The moss eggs in the picture – something you made or bought and how or where? Thank you!

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Thank you for visiting our site Carolee. I purchased my mossy eggs years ago at a local store called Taiwan Imports. However with a quick google search I found mossy eggs available on Amazon.

  3. Bonnie

    Thanks for showing moss bunny toparies. I love them. Actually I have everything but the moss.

    1. Stephanie Hofer

      You bet! Aren’t they so fun? You wont want to miss our new post coming out this Saturday! 1 last fun Easter decor idea I think you’re gonna love!

  4. Shirley

    Ok now these are really cute! Something I would definitely consider making for sure. Nicely done and it’s just too cute!

    1. Stephanie Hofer

      Thanks so much Shirley! We hope you’ll have fun creating them to enjoy in your own home!

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