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Hello friends, we are so excited you are here today! Do you love a worn, aged and vintage look? You know that we do! Today we would love to share with you another technique to achieve that aged and worn look using a paint additive called Saltwash™️.  Not only does this product give you a finish that looks worn and weathered, but it’s the perfect finish for that coastal look that Stephanie LOVES!

Let’s take a look at the piece of furniture we want to give that worn coastal look. Stephanie was looking for a narrow console table to place below the television in her master bedroom. She picked up this table on the local classified for $40. What a bargain! It was the perfect size, however it would need to be refinished to create that relaxed coastal vibe that Steph wanted for her master bedroom.

Saltwash Console Table Video Tutorial

If you’d like to see this console table transformation take place from beginning to end, check out the video above! You will see how we applied the layers of paint with this step by step tutorial.

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Have you heard about Saltwash™️? Well, let’s tell you about it! It is easy and fun to use. Saltwash™️ is a powder that can be added to any kind of paint, whether that be oil, latex or chalk paint. It has a slight blueish tint to it, but when added to paint it does not change the color. It is made with real sea salt. It will give your furniture a weathered, aged and vintage look as if it had been left outside to weather.

Supplies needed:

  1. Saltwash™️
  2. Paint (we used 4 colors)
  3. Old paint brush
  4. Bucket
  5. Stir stick
  6. Sander

Saltwash Console Table: Step 1 Base Layer

Pour paint into a bucket. We used 3 different colors of paint, Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore, Watery – Sherwin Williams, Compose – Sherwin Williams. The paint is mixed with the Saltwash™️ at a ratio of 1:1. We mixed the navy color first, we didn’t measure it exactly we simply poured in the Saltwash™️ into paint until we had the correct consistency. It should be like a stiff batter, somewhat like a brownie batter. To tell if it’s correct, scoop up some of the mixture and if it slowly drops off the stir stick it’s right.

Now the fun begins! Dip the brush into the Saltwash™️ mixture and begin pouncing on the paint in a glob like manner. It should create peaks and valleys of paint.

Note: We sanded our piece before we began painting. It had a glossy finish and we wanted to make sure that the paint would stick. However, according the the directions on the Saltwash™️ can, it says that sanding is NOT  necessary.

We covered the entire table with the navy Saltwash™️ mixture. Let it begin to dry, (do not let it dry competely)  then take the brush and knock down the peaks. You DO NOT want to completely smooth it out, just knock of the peaks. If the paint is too dry, wet the brush as you do this step. Let dry before adding more colors.

We mixed up 2 more colors of the Saltwash™️ mixture and randomly apply it over the navy paint, with the same pouncing motion. I know at this point it is looking a bit crazy! Let it dry slightly and once again knock down the peaks with a paint brush. Let dry completely.

Everytime we get out the paint to start a project our little protégé Little Miss comes running in and wants to paint. Well with this technique she could easily help. We gave her a brush and a bucket of Saltwash™️ mixture and let her go to town. This part really was quick we were done with it less than 30 minutes.

Here is the table completely covered in our 3 colors or Saltwash™️ paint. I know it looks like we have made a big mess, but just hang on it’s going to be fabulous! Make sure it is dry completely before the next step. We let ours dry overnight.

Saltwash Console Table: Step 2 Apply Topcoat of Paint

Now we are ready to apply the last coat of paint. With a brush we applied 1 coat of white paint (note: this is just plain paint, no Saltwash™️ is added on this coat). This time apply the paint in a normal back and forth painting motion going with the grain of the wood.  Let this layer dry completely. We again let ours dry overnight.

Saltwash Console Table: Step 3 Sanding

Step 3: Sanding

Now let the FUN begin! This is where the MAGIC happens, sanding! We used our palm sanders with fine grit (220) sandpaper and began to sand it until it was smooth. Now this is where you will begin to see the layers of paint appear.

Doesn’t this look fabulous?! So weathered and worn with that relaxed coastal vibe! It’s smooth to the touch with all of the layers of color. That’s it, there is no need for a topcoat. It is ready to enjoy!

One last change we made to this table was the drawer fronts. They had a false glass front where you could add decor items. Stephanie was not fond of this look and chose to cover it up. In keeping up with her coastal theme, she added a woven basket texture over each glass drawer front.

Saltwash Console Table: Adding Straw Mat to Drawers

We had a bamboo tray that we used to add to the drawers. We first broke off the bamboo edge of the tray and then using a table saw, squared off the tray.

We then cut 4 rectangles to fit each drawer front. Then simply applied the same white paint we used for the topcoat of the table.

Each piece fit so snugly onto each drawer front that we did not even need glue.

Do you LOVE this technique? Is this something that you would like to try?  If you give this technique a try, let us know how it turned out. We would love to hear from you, please drop us a comment.

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