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We believe every room should a have focal point. Well, that’s easy if you have beautiful architectural elements already in your home. But what if you have a basic builders grade home? What can you do to create that wow factor in your home? How about creating accent walls?  

Textures and treatment on walls can add that wow factor that you may be looking for. While paint colors can certainly transform spaces, a gorgeous wall treatment can really make a beautiful statement.

After a couple of weeks of inspiration at the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes, our heads are swimming with ideas we want to incorporate into our homes. Today we will share some of our favorite ideas for accent walls from the parade of homes.

You’ll find ideas for the bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, office and entry. Not to mention design ideas using millwork that are so creative. Grab a cool drink and enjoy some inspiration.

Creating accent walls with wallpaper

Beautiful bold oversized wallpaper, create an amazing feature wall.

We all know that wallpaper has made a real reemergence in the last several years. I must admit, I am drawn to these bold oversized florals. They definitely add a wow factor to any room.

Beautiful bold oversized wallpaper, create an amazing feature wall.

These florals are mesmerizing to me. I get drawn in, almost as if I’m carried away into a garden. 

Let me share a little secret with you. I’ve toyed with the idea of adding one of these murals in my home. They really appeal to me. 

I haven’t voiced my idea with Steve yet. I’m not sure how he would feel about them in our master bedroom.

Tile inspired wallpaper as accent wall.

Isn’t this medallion motif in this bathroom beautiful? It’s simply elegant! I love how it gives the feel of a beautiful tile.

Ideas for Accent Walls

This playful wallpaper just makes me happy. It’s light, airy and joyful. It just puts a smile on my face.

Can you imagine this room without this whimsical wallpaper?

Ideas for Accent Walls

My inner struggle with wallpaper

Although I am drawn to these beautiful wallpapers, there’s something that holds me back.

Let me tell you a little something about me. I grew up in the 60-70’s, when wallpaper was huge. I’m assuming it was huge everywhere.

Clearly in the house I grew up in, it was huge! It was everywhere. We had wallpaper in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and all the bedrooms. I think the only place my mom forgot was the hallway, bless her soul.

So when I got married and we purchased our first home, what did I do? Yes, I began to wallpaper. 

I wallpapered the kitchen, the stairway, the bedrooms and added a boarder to the living room. 

Well, as time went by, I grew tired of it and I began to remove it. Now that was a chore! That’s what holds me back.

But I love the look and feel of the wallpapers today. With the new peel and stick papers, don’t be surprised if you find it in one of my rooms one day.

Create accent walls with Paint & color

Deep green creates a relaxed feeling in this master bath.

You can never underestimate the power of paint!

While this accent wall does have texture with the board and batten, it is the color that makes it so fabulous!

This rich pine green immediately creates a calming feeling. It adds a warmth and coziness that is perfect for a bedroom.

Ideas for Accent Walls

For years now we have seen a lot of light and airy walls, but this dramatic dark charcoal gray makes my heart sing.

Once again there is the detail of the vertical and horizontal planks, but its that fabulous color that creates this cozy family space.

Don’t you just want to cuddle up on the sectional and relax?

Wall treatments with millwork variations

Ideas for Accent Walls

For the last several years we have seen a lot of shiplap, board & batten and picture frame molding embellishing walls. 

Not only is it a creative and clever way to add architectural elements to a home, but it also is very economical.

We are no strangers to adding these wall treatments in our homes. Adding molding certainly elevates the overall feel of a room.

You will see some innovative ways of taking basic molding and lumber to create unique feature walls.

Take a look at this amazing wall for instance. It is created by cutting 3/4″ MDF lumber into small rectangles and mounting them to the wall in a grid pattern.

I’m sure it was time consuming, but you must admit the results are stunning!

Shiplap and planks

Two styles of millwork.

This wall is so simple, yet so spectacular! The lower portion is shiplap planks, while the upper portion is a simple flat molding mounted in an herringbone pattern. 

Vertical shiplap creates interest.

The fireplace is definitely the showstopper in this living room. However, the addition of the vertical planks on either side of the fireplace is that little detail that makes the design.

Creative use of millwork on this entry wall.

This subtle and striking pattern of shiplap accentuates the attractive iron work on the stairway.

Creative Flat Panel Molding

Basic stock molding in a creative pattern.

Ok, I went a little crazy when I saw this pattern. Look at the details in the pattern here. It is incredible! 

Once again, it is a simple flat molding installed in a creative pattern. Affordable and doable!

Simple flat molding installed in a traditional picture frame molding style.

Love, love, love the modern take on a traditional picture frame molding. Simple flat panel molding installed in a very traditional way is so refreshing!

A new take on the traditional board and batten look.

Horizontal molding creates an interesting detail on this accent wall. Not to mention that it would be easy to install and so affordable!

A more modern approach to picture molding on these walls.

Once again, love the modern take on a traditional picture molding design.

A more modern approach to a board and batten accent wall.

Clever design with a basic flat panel molding! It’s like taking board and batten to the next level. I’m dying to try this pattern somewhere in my home. 

Ideas for Accent Walls with Brick & Tile

Brick as an accent wall.

What are your thoughts on brick walls?

For me they are cozy, relaxing and classic. I think we took more photos of this wall than any other in the entire parade of homes. 

You will soon be seeing brick in Steph’s home as they finish their basement. I can’t wait!

Tile as an accent wall.

A pretty tile, covering an entire wall absolutely makes a statement.

Unusual materials create a stunning accent wall.

While this wall looks like huge cement tiles, in reality it’s styrofoam that is painted to resemble concrete. Isn’t that amazing! This wall treatment not only was a feature in the living room, but it was carried down the stairway into the basement rec room. 

Accent Wall Ideas with Built ins

Built in bookcases create an amazing feature wall.

Built ins are a must in my home. I love the way they anchor a room. They make a home feel so custom. They are such a nice compliment to the brick fireplace.

You can never go wrong with built ins as an accent wall.

Are you starting to look for a wall that would be perfect for a built in in your home? 

Feature walls that become the Headboard

Warm and rustic accent wall.

These clever accent walls become the headboard. Not only is it a great use of space, but it also creates that custom, designer look that makes your home unique.

We love the warmth that wood adds to this bedroom.

Another variation of board and batten.

This stylish accent wall not only creates a headboard, but it also extends all the way to the ceiling, drawing the eye up. A brilliant design trick!

Let's not forget the 5th wall!

Beautiful details on the ceiling create a lovely accent.

Too often when designing a room, we overlook the ceiling. It is really the 5th wall in a room. It deserves some creativity, just like the rest of the room.

We love the texture with planks and beams on this modern and rustic kitchen.

A grid of beams adds amazing architectural elements.

This great room has so many wonderful features in it. However, we love that the designers of the home added visual interest on the ceiling as well.

Look at that beautiful millwork! It is a sight to behold.

Warm and rustic beams in coffered ceiling.

While this coffered ceiling would be great without the beams, the addition of the natural wooden beams really draws the eye up.

Windows as Accent Walls

Amazing wall of windows.

Have you every considered a window to be a feature wall?

This was one of our favorite homes this year. We love everything that CF Olson homes does.

He did not disappoint this year! Many of the rooms feature a wall of windows. 

Isn’t this amazing in the master bedroom. Look at that view!

Amazing wall of windows.

When we walked in this home and saw the wall of windows, we were in awe!

The living room, dining room and kitchen all flow together with this amazing wall of windows. It truly was a feature in this home.

There are so many clever ideas. We hope you enjoyed some of our favorites. Be on the lookout for more of our favorites from this year’s tour of the parade of homes!

Thanks for spending some time with us today!

And as always here at Sunny Side Design


Ideas for accent walls

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