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Adding fall decor with natural elements like berries, greenery and pumpkins.

Simple and affordable ideas for fall decorating that you can easily incorporate into you home.

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it’s that time of year when we eagerly welcome the cozy and vibrant season of fall into our homes.

Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or someone looking to infuse a touch of autumn charm into your living space for the very first time, you’ll be delighted to discover that creating a warm and inviting fall atmosphere doesn’t have to break the bank.

In this blog post, we’re excited to share a collection of simple and affordable ideas for fall decorating that will help you transform your home into a haven of fall beauty without draining your wallet.

Imagine soft and cozy fabrics, candlelight, along with simple and inexpensive ways to bring that cozy vibe into our homes.

From simple DIYs to budget-friendly decor, we’ve got you covered with creative inspiration for a delightful fall home refresh.

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When Should You Start Decorating for Fall?

Soft and cozy Fall Decorating with throws and cozy pillows.

Whether you are decorating the interior or exterior of your home for fall, we believe you can begin to add those fall decorating touches in late August.

Then you can enjoy them throughout the season.

I’m sure that most of us really don’t begin our fall decorating until September and into October.

Let me tell you, I have loved the idea of adding elements of decor for each season since I was a little girl.

My mom really only decorated for Christmas, but she would take me to the craft store and let me select items to create my own seasonal decor.

She recognized and encouraged my talents, abilities and my need to create.

When I married and had a home of my own, I vowed that I would always have at least a wreath or seasonal decor on my front door to share my enthusiasm for each season. 

So you may find that I tend to go a little overboard sometimes, with seasonal decor throughout my home, but it makes me happy!

I’d love to share my 3 step approach to creating a cozy fall home.

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Incorporate Cozy Fabrics & Warm Colors

Soft and cozy Fall Decorating ideas with knit, flannel and velvet pillows.

My ideas for fall decorating always begin with the soft surfaces.

You know by now that I love to change up the pillows and throws in my home.

It’s an easy way to instantly change the look in any room.

I love how versatile and easy it is to use pillow covers.

It takes up minimal storage space, yet carries a big impact.

Often I sew my own pillow covers like this flannel plaid pillow, however if you don’t sew, we have a no-sew Halloween pillow cover tutorial you can check out.

I made the grateful pillow from a placemat that I picked up at Target a couple of years ago.

Keep your eyes peeled for anything that would make a great pillow. 

Soft and cozy Fall Decorating ideas with knit and velvet pillows.

There are many options for purchasing pillow covers as well.

Did you know that Hobby Lobby sells pillow covers?

And did you know they are so affordable?

I believe I paid only $10 for this knit mustard and white pillow cover last year.

Don’t forget that Amazon has tons of options too!

Knit pumpkin decor adds a cozy feel when decorating for fall.

This finger knit pumpkin is a non-traditional way of adding that warmth and coziness to your fall home decor as well. 

In fact, this is an easy DIY project that you can do while watching a movie one evening.

We also have a video tutorial of this fall knit pumpkin.

Warm and cozy fabrics with velvet upholstery and pillows for fall decorating.

One good thing about having a similar color scheme throughout your house is the ability to interchange furniture.

For fall I decided to bring in these soft velvet chairs into the family room.

It’s the perfect place to get comfy and cozy by the fireplace.

Add Ambient Light with Candles

Fall decorating with natural elements and candles on the mantle.

Few things can rival the ambiance of a gentle, candlelit glow when it comes to infusing warmth and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Among the simplest yet most captivating ideas for fall decorating, the soft glow of candles is the best!

Can you have too many candles?

I think not!

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Candle light adds a warm ambiance when decorating for autumn.

This versatile decor elements are perfect for a coffee table, dining room table, mantle, shelves, piano, bookcases, and virtually any spot you desire to add a warm glow.

Natural Elements for Fall Decorating

Add texture with vintage style pottery and faux fall flowers and greenery.

When I think of ideas for fall decorating, I immediately think of the colorful leavespumpkins, fall berries and gourds.

These are easy and affordable ways to add fall decor throughout your home.

I love the way our rustic vintage pots look on the shelf with these natural fall elements.

If you would like to make your own weathered and vintage looking pot click here.

Fall themed art for cozy Ideas for fall decorating.

Beautiful fall art like this photograph taken by my son (Alex Dickson Photography) is another great way to incorporate that cozy vibe to your fall decorating.

Fall decorating with natural elements and candles on the mantle.

This uncomplicated yet festive approach to fall decor instantly breathes life into my mantle.

It easily came together in under thirty minutes and clearly establishes the feel for the entire room.

Fall decorating with natural elements, berries, twig and gilded pumpkins.

We first layered in greenery stems, followed by fresh flower pods that I picked up at the grocery store for only $2.

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Ideas for fall decorating with natural elements, berries, eucalyptus, pumpkins and gold painted pumpkins.

The final element is a variety of pumpkins in different textures and sizes, many I have had for years.

Then for the final touch, we added mini pumpkins from Dollar Tree that we sprayed with gold paint.

I love the juxtaposition, with the rustic twig pumpkins with the shimmering gilded pumpkins.

Fall decorating ideas - Gilded acorns in a rustic platter.

Another element I love to use when decorating for fall is acorns.

Our backyard is full of Oak trees, so I have a never ending supply of  real acorns.

Cozy Fall decorating ideas with Gilded acorns in a rustic platter.

Yet, this year I thought I’d do something different with my ceramic acorns.

I have had these large acorns for years and have never really loved them because they were so dark.

So, this year I decided to add a little gold leaf to the acorn caps.

Now I love them! What do you think?

Shop Fall Decor

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Clearly fall decorating doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be beautiful.

The simple and affordable ideas we’ve explored offer a wonderful way to infuse your home with the cozy, welcoming spirit of autumn.

Whether it’s the warm glow of candles, creative DIY projects, or budget-friendly decor pieces, you can easily transform your living space into a haven of fall beauty without breaking the bank.

So, embrace the changing season, get creative, and let these ideas inspire you to celebrate the magic of fall right in your own home.

Happy decorating!

Did you find a little fall inspiration here today for creating a cozy and inviting home?

What fall elements will you be adding to your home this season?

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Simple and affordable ideas for in fall decorating for your home.

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