If Walls Could Talk

About 10 yeas ago there was a show on HGTV called “If Walls Could Talk”.   The series description listed on IMDb sums up the show as follows “This series tours homes, hotels and palaces rich in history, many of which have housed famous characters, while others are the sites of significant historical events. Several of the buildings have hidden treasures found behind old walls or in the attic, and there are often amazing stories about the people who have lived there over the years.”

I was always fascinated with the “treasures” they would find in some of these old homes.  You know me and my love for vintage finds and decorating with sentimental touches!  It was fun to imagine how long these items had been in “hiding” waiting to share their story.  Why were they left behind?  What events had they witnessed long ago?  Were there secrets to be kept?  So many different possibilities to imagine!

But have you ever stopped to think what the walls in your home would say if they could talk?   Steering this conversation in the direction of home decorating, what would they say about your space? Does your wall scream for a splash of color? Does it long to showcase a gallery of family photos, pleading with you “please hang something on me, don’t be afraid to put a hole in the wall.” Does your space reflect who you are, your personality? More importantly does your space make you happy?

If you think your walls might ask you any of these questions, or if you can relate to any of these, then read on my friends.  Today I’m so excited to share numerous ideas to help give your space some character.  From some ideas that are so simple you’ll be asking yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” to some that are a little bit more involved.  A link to the original site will be listed under each picture if you’d like further information about any of these amazing walls.

Grey powder room

First lets start off in this powder room.  Have you ever seen a powder room with this much character?  It could very well be a mini retreat or spa!  The grey tones mixed with gold finishes gives this space a very elegant feel.  I love the creativity that went into the board and batten design.  It’s very classy.


Diamond accent wall

Entryway walls are a great spot to spruce things up, after all this is the first impression guests will get of your home.  What does your entryway say about you?  Again this is a different variation of board and batten design.  Leaving the walls white gives this space a calm and airy feel yet the board and batten gives the space a touch of texture and character. Well done!

Multi Diamond Accent Wall

The color scheme in this space is very calm and relaxing.  The detailing in the board and batten gives this space a bit of drama and architectural interest, and the white paint color helps to keep this space calm and inviting. 

Black accent wall

Similar to board and batten design, picture frame walls have plenty of character as well.  The picture frames can vary in size and shape yet it draws your attention and gives a focal point to the space.  Adding a deep grey or even black color to this space really amps up the character, but due to the simpleness of the design the space still has a calm, serene feel.

Nursery Wall

Another variation of a picture frame wall using very symmetrical shapes and light tones still adds enough architectural interest to draw your eye to the focal point of the space. This room boasts a neutral color scheme, utilizing the different patterns and textures throughout the space from the picture frame wall, wallpaper and patterned area rug. 

Vertical Board and Batten

Another take on board and batten is to simply hang long vertical strips of wood.  It’s very simple yet gives this entryway a punch of drama especially painted in navy! And those gold accents add just the right amount of pop that the entryway needs to say “look at me, love me”  🤣  Totally kidding with that line!  I do love the gold accents…but in trying to find the right verbiage the only thing I could think of is this line from the Disney Cars movie when Luigi is talking to Lightning McQueen about his new white wall tires…clearly that show has been played way too many times in my home!

Classy Dining Room Wall

How amazing is this wall?! I love the symmetrical picture frame design, and adding mirrors to each frame really adds to this space! The mirrors will definitely reflect a lot of light and give the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.  This may be a good design feature if you have a small space.  This space feels very inviting, elegant and peaceful. 

Isn’t this the most adorable nursery wall you’ve ever seen?! I’m absolutely smitten with the half round shake shingles.  These homeowners cut each of these shake shingles by hand!  Impressive if I say so myself!  Meghan @rainbootsandrenovations is a girl of my own heart!  Once I get an idea in my head I have to figure out a way to make it happen!

White Shiplap 

Awe shiplap!  Thanks to Joanna and Chip Gaines there are numerous fans of shiplap…myself included!  Although I doubt this space features original shiplap, faux shiplap is easy to install with a variety of different materials and methods.  But the end result is no less amazing!  It adds a lot of character to any space and gives it a real timeless look.  

Navy Shiplap with White Board and Batten

I fell in love with this space the moment I laid eyes on it!  Right now I’m a sucker for Navy and White! Not to mention that I love how they incorporated one shiplap wall with one board and batten wall. Each wall is simple, yet each design adds so much character and architectural interest to this space! (It may be to the detriment of my Honey Do’s that I’m even writing this post…I’m only thinking of redoing a number of walls in our own home! 😀)

@rainbootsandrenovations has done it again!  Another of my favorites is this shiplap wall in their bathroom.  I love the calming affect of the blue color, and because this part is sectioned off from the sink area, the wall has a cool ombre effect from the light fixture.      

Buffalo Plaid Accent Wall

Wow!  Look what a little time and paint can do to a space!  Buffalo plaid is such a popular trend right now.  With a little bit of creativity, a lot of painters tape and some man hours you can create an accent wall as clever as this over the weekend.  What clever designs are you imagining?

Striped Accent Wall

You know that my Mom and I love a black and white color scheme.  I love the design and use of space here. Adding stripes to this wall makes it look like it sits out into the room a few extra inches on purpose just to showcase the simple design. This also shows that you can get away with jazzing up an area of a given wall to add some character without feeling like the entire wall needs to be striped.  Sometimes less is more.

Ombre Hexagon Painted Wall

The hexagon shape and ombre color schemes are both very in right now!  I love how this homeowner used both of these aspects to create a fun and energetic feature wall. With neutral furniture and accessories the wall really gives this space a focal point and adds a lot of energy to this space without feeling too overwhelming. 

Half Painted Wall with uneven edges

How clever is this?  I don’t know if I would have ever thought to paint half of a wall let alone leaving raw uneven painted edges…but I love it!  It’s so creative and gives this space a lot of character.  The wall colors and raw paint edges really add to the wall collage and helps everything have a cohesive feel.

DIY Faux Brick Wall and Painted World Map

I’m also a sucker for brick walls with a little bit of an industrial feel. I love how these homeowners have painted the world map on top of the brick wall.  It gives this space a hint of exterior architectural detail. You can almost imagine that this scene is on an old building in a small town, that has seen a lot of wear and tear and perhaps different murals over the years. Love this!

Faux Brick Wall

Another take on a faux brick wall using plaster or mud to age the brick.  I love how old the wall looks, and having it paired with a shiplap wall and bead board ceiling design really makes this room feel like it’s been around for hundreds of years.  I love all of the detail work in this space!  It feels so rich in history and design. LOVE it!


Living Room Gallery Wall

Adding artwork and photographs to a wall can add just as much drama and interest to a space as some of these other more permanent designs. The use of color and symmetry in the frames gives this space a cohesive feel. The room has a great design and looks well thought out, yet it can be more of a temporary feature to any wall by simply removing the artwork down the road.  So a little less permanent of a design but equally as full of character and pizzazz. 

Neutral Gallery Wall

A photo gallery wall can be every bit as beautiful in a neutral color scheme.  I love how the space on this wall was used from floor to ceiling.  It almost makes you feel like that wall was meant just for those pictures.  It fits perfectly and looks amazing!

Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

Wallpaper? Really? Now I know what you’re thinking…”uugh, my Grandma used to have wallpaper in every room in her house. On EVERY wall!” And it’s such a pain to remove when you change your decor down the road!  While these statements are both all too often true, times have changed with wallpaper. 😊  Instead of decking out the entire room in a large floral print, lets opt to apply it only to the feature wall, or wall that will be the focal point of the space. And, did you know that you can now buy peel and stick removable wallpaper?! Have the heavens opened?  Now you can be a little more bold in your decor.  Take a risk and hang something that will draw your eyes to the feature wall and don’t dread about the day you’ll have to remove it!

3D Floral Wallpaper Wall

I mean really, just look how far wallpaper has come! This neutral bathroom packs a punch of style with this cool 3D looking wallpaper. With a wallpaper like this you don’t need much else in the space or it will deter from the feature wall. Pretty cool wall if you ask me.

Built-in bookcase

One of my favorite things to incorporate into a wall are built-ins! They add a custom look to your space and seem as though they were meant to be there all along!  This built-in bookcase wall not only has the perfect space surrounding the couch, and doorway, but adding a bold color of paint helps this space to feel grounded and unified. You get the feel that you could grab a cup of cocoa and curl up on the couch with a good book on a rainy day. This space feels cozy and inviting. 

Built-in Study Area

Another great use of space and creativity is this built-in work station. It looks very organized and put together, and having a specific place to study or get work done can only aid in better work performance right? I would think so. If I had a space like this and knew where everything was I’d feel I could be more productive. I also love that the inside of the bookcases features a bold paint color. It really accentuates the art and accessories in the space. 

Stenciled Accent Wall

Get the look of wallpaper with stenciling. I’ve used this tried and true method before while painting 8 curtain panels!  Yes 8!  I think I was slightly crazy to paint so many. My angel Mom helped me with that project as I was near full term with my pregnancy at the time. Again this technique will add a lot of character to any space and can easily be repainted over when the decor changes.  No need to worry about removing wallpaper…even if it is the peel and stick removable stuff!

Fabric Accent Wall

Who would’ve thought of this clever idea?! Adding fabric to a wall? Like wallpaper this adds a lot of texture and detail to this space but it can also be easily removed.  It’s a win win! Now to find the perfect fabric print for the space!

Mirror Accent Wall

Like hanging a gallery of photos, you can get creative and hang whatever your little heart desires. Whether its your collection of old china, to antique family heirlooms…the sky is the limit. The use of hanging mirrors in this space adds a lot of different, shapes, sizes and color tones, yet the wall feels cohesive because they are all mirrors. Not only that, but the fact that they are mirrors will reflect a lot of light and help the space feel light and airy. 

Kitchen Tile Accent Wall

Often times we think of using tile in the kitchen on the floor or as a back-splash, but why not use it on an entire wall?! I love this idea and this look! With open shelving to display a few dishes and simple counter top decor, this kitchen is stunning! The tile work adds a lot of texture and detail to an otherwise plain wall.

Tile with artwork accent wall

Another take on a full tile wall. I love the use of a simple and timeless white subway tile. Having it installed from floor to ceiling is dramatic in of itself, but then hanging a large piece of artwork on it really makes the wall pop! It’s simple yet beautiful! The use of subway tile is timeless and will last for many years to come.

Pallet Accent Wall

Another popular medium for an accent wall is to use pallet or scrap wood. Leaving it in the raw natural wood color brings a lot of texture into the space and also makes it feel a bit more cozy.  

Vinyl Decal Accent Wall

Using vinyl decals can also be a real simple and temporary design feature. It adds a lot of drama and gives the appearance of wallpaper or a custom painted wall, but with simple application and even easier removal when you’re ready for a change in decor. 

Sharpie Accent Wall

Sharpie accent wall? How do people come up with these ideas?! Using a gold sharpie marker and a well thought out and mapped out plan this wall looks like its boasting a custom wallpaper! Anyone who can use a ruler and a sharpie can tackle this project! Again the sky is the limit to your design possibilities!

Solid color accent wall

Last but certainly not least, a solid colored accent wall. This may be one of the most simple ways to spruce up your space. Decide which wall you’d like to be the focal point of the space and paint it a solid color. Hang a little bit of artwork and this wall will sure to be the talk of the town. Easy. Simple. Dramatic. Boom!  

Did your Honey Do list just triple in size? 😆 What was your favorite accent wall? Are you going to try any of these in your own home? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you. (I can’t wait to reveal my new accent wall in our Master Bedroom! No sneak peeks, but I will tell you its a variation of board and batten.  Watch for the post to be live around September 7th)




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