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Today we’re excited to share with you how to make personalized Instagram inspired art. This unique and creative idea will showcase favorite pictures, memories, and quotes, perfect as wall decor.

Creating with this colorful design on a smaller scale is also the perfect gift idea!

What parent wouldn’t love to have this sitting on their desk at work, a grandparent that wouldn’t love to have it hanging on their wall?

See how you can make yours today.

This post is actually a TWOfer! Let’s be real here, we are ALL too familiar with our new quarantined lives and schedules, right?!  

As DIYers we are always busy working on something! Lets just say that this mandatory “stay safe, stay home” policy has fueled our need for finishing projects and crossing off those honey do’s!

Although this particular piece of Instagram inspired art was created long ago, we just haven’t shared it yet. We also thought it would make a darling gift on a smaller scale!

We’ve even created FREE printables for you to use while designing your own Instagram inspired art!

Both of which can be completed right at home with supplies you already have on hand. If you don’t have some of these materials on hand, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These materials are only a click away with our unique links, and they’ll be delivered straight to your door!

So today, we will show you how we made the larger scale Instagram inspired wall art, and how you can make a smaller version perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an upcoming birthday, or any special occasion to give as a gift!

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Project #1

Instagram Inspired Wall Art

Determine Size of Art

The first thing to take into consideration is how big you want your Instagram inspired art to be. (This may be dependent on the supplies you have on hand if you’re strictly adhering to the “stay safe, stay home” policy.)

If you’re a crazy DIYer like us you’ll likely have large pieces of scrap wood lying around.

Yes, even though this was completed over a year ago, we used scrap wood from previous projects.

Once the size has been determined, cut the base wood to size. Then you’ll be able to determine how big the frame pieces need to be cut.

We used scraps of furring strips and used the farmhouse frame technique we’ve used on several other projects. For exact details on how to assemble the frame see the original post here.

Get Inspired & Design Your Art

It’s a given that we’re all scrolling on our phones a lot more these days right? Social media tends to be a big part of that!

So, open up your Instagram feed and get inspiration for your own design.

There are several feeds that showcase beautiful templates. Find the one that fits you best! Is it full of photography? Mixed with quotes? This is where you get to personalize your own Instagram inspired art!

Once you have an idea of how you’d like your art to look, choose a digital program of your choice to design your art.

(You could use PhotoShop, Canva, Collage Maker…there are a lot of different apps out there that’ll work. Just search “collage” and you’ll have more options at your fingertips than you’ll know what to do with! There is a free version of Canva available online and it’s pretty simple to use.)

Adhere Photograph To Wood Base

After your Instagram inspired art is designed, upload it to your favorite photo center. I had mine printed to a 20×24 and trimmed off the extra white space to make an even 20×20 square.

To adhere the photograph to the wood base I used a photo safe low odor spray glue by Krylon. Adhesive was applied to both the wood and back of the photograph per the directions.

Be sure to read all directions carefully to achieve a proper bond and dry time.

Once the photograph was placed onto the wood base, I took a clean cotton cloth and gently rubbed over the entire surface. This will ensure there are no air bubbles as well as a strong bond.

Attach the furring strips to create your frame using the farmhouse frame technique and you’re finished! Don’t you just love this colorful and bright wall decor? It’s one of the best creative ideas on the cheap!

If you’re not up to building your own frame, you can simply place your personalized Instagram inspired art in a prefabricated picture frame.

(We used these frames for our smaller scale version we’ll be making for Father’s Day gifts. Keep scrolling to see them below.)

Project #2

Instagram Inspired Gift Idea

If you were inspired by the Instagram inspired art we created for wall decor, then you’ll love this smaller scale version, perfect for gift giving!

There’s not much difference except it’s EASIER! Who doesn’t like that right?

Essentially you’ll again get inspiration for your personalized design by scrolling through different Instagram feeds. Once you’re happy with a theme and layout, begin your design work using a web based program or app of your choice.

Upload your photograph to your favorite photo center and have your prints shipped right to your door!

We’ll show you how we did ours in Canva.

For the smaller version of Instagram inspired art, we created a custom size (5″x7″). Then select elements from the far left column. Select grids, click on the single square. It will pop up on the page. Scale the grid to the desired size by dragging the corner of the grid.

Click on the grid and click duplicate, then drag the box, aligning it with the first box. Continue until you have the desired number of grids for your custom Instagram inspired art.

Click uploads on the far left column and add the photos. Then simply drag each photo to the corresponding grid you would like it in.

Upload the desired word art and drag to the corresponding grid. That’s it! Pretty simple to make custom Instagram inspired art.

Click file and save, then click the download tab to send it off to your favorite printer.

We left the bottom of ours blank so the kids can write a little message to their dad. However if you want just photos, fill the entire template with grids.

Once your prints arrive, place them in a picture frame and they’re ready to be gifted!

How simple is this unique and personalized gift?! This is something your kids could even help make. Let them help pick which pictures to use so they can share their favorite memory.

This is sure to be a cherished gift!

Here’s a look at the different word art we created. There are multiple designs for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Birthdays!

Be sure to download yours through the button below so you’ll get the best resolution possible for your personalized Instagram inspired art!

Are your wheels turning? Getting ideas on how you’ll create your own unique and personalized Instagram inspired art? What other occasions would you create these for? We love hearing from you! Don’t be shy, just drop a comment down below.

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