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September 28, 2023

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to reuse existing closet doors and install swivel bifold barn doors.

Do you have sliding closet doors that just don’t function well?

That’s been a huge problem in Gavin’s room.

The doors were constantly falling off the track and with such a small closet it was difficult for Gavin see what he was looking for.

Messy closet with navy blue sliding doors that don't function properly.

We spotted this swivel barn door hardware a year ago at the Parade of Homes and knew it would be perfect for the kids small bedroom closets.

Not only will you find that this makes small closets more functional, but it also creates a stylish modern update.

We’ll also show you how to repurpose your existing closet doors to achieve this budget-friendly transformation.

Not only is this solution incredibly practical, but it looks amazing too.

Get ready to unlock the charm of swivel bifold barn doors and elevate your home’s aesthetics with ease.

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Can You Turn Any Bifold Door Into a Barn Door?

Have you been wondering if you can update a bifold or sliding door into a barn door?

Today we’re going to share how you can take existing closet doors and make them look and function like a sliding barn door.

Whether it’s a traditional sliding or bifold closet door it can be done and it’s really rather simple to do with this swivel bifold hardware kit.

It’s a simple project that can be installed in just a few hours.

For more barn door inspiration, take a look at 20+ Sliding Barn Door Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind.

And to see how to install a traditional sliding barn door click here.

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Bifold Barn Door Supplies

In order to install bifold barn doors you’ll want to gather your supplies and tools.

We used this bifold hardware kit we found on Amazon for less than $100.

To prepare our existing closet doors. we gave them a scuff sanding and applied a new coat of paint.

You’ll also need a drill, drill bits, level and an optional plumb bob.

Install Bifold Barn Door Rail

First you’ll want to install the rail for your sliding bifold barn doors.

Place bifold barn doors rail pieces on a hard surface and attach together with enclosed grommets.

In our bifold barn door hardware kit the rail comes in sections.

You’ll want to first lay them out on a hard surface and connect them with the provided grommets.

Using rail as a placement guide mark for holes to be drilled with a pencil.

Next you’ll determine the height of your rail according to the height of your doors.

Then using a level on the rail, mark the placement and then mark the holes where you’ll need to make pilot holes.

You will definitely need help holding the rail while you mark the pilot holes.

Drill pilot holes in header for the bifold barn doors rail lag bolts.

Then using a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the lag bolt, drill the pilot holes.

If your closet if full of clothes like ours, you may want to cover them with a towel to keep them clean.

Pilot hole drilled in the header with additional screws in the header to secure the decorative header to the structural header.

As we were making the pilot holes we discovered that we didn’t get into the structural header in the wall.

So we decided to add long screws to secure the decorative header to the structural header.

However once we inserted our lag bolts, we found they were going into the structural header.

It turned out that our drill bit just wasn’t long enough.

So there was no real need to add the extra screws.

Bifold Barn doors rail with spacer against wall, attached to the header board with black lag bolt.

To mount the rail to the header, place the spacer against the wall, then the rail and finally place the lag bolt through the holes.

Use a wrench to secure the rail to the header with a lag bolt

Secure the lag bolt with a wrench.

You’ll find that a ratcheting wrench will make this job a lot easier.

Just apply pressure with one hand against the wrench as you turn the handle.

Bifold Barn Door Hardware

Now it’s time to get the existing closet doors ready to hang from our new bifold barn door rail.

First we scuff sanded the doors and gave them a new coat of paint.

Black hinges are used to attach the two sliding closet doors together.

Then place the two closet doors on a flat surface and connect them with three hinges, that are provided in the kit.

Space the hinges 3.9″ from the top and bottom of the door and then one in the center of the door, spaced 24″ from the top hinge.

Use the bifold door hardware as a template and mark were holes are to be drilled with a pencil.

Next using the J-roller as a template, mark the holes for the hardware.

One J-roller will mount on left and right side of the doors.

Align the roller piece flush with the side and top of the door.

Holes drilled in closet door, preparing to attach the bifold barn doors hardware.

Then drill with a 1/2″ bit.

Attached the bifold barn doors hardware with a wrench to the closet doors.

Finally attach the J-roller with the enclosed hardware, using a wrench.

Fixed Side of Bifold Doors

Drill hole in the bottom of the closet door for the fixed pin that will be mounted to the floor.

While the door is still on a flat surface, drill a 5/8″ wide hole and 3/4″ deep into the bottom of the door, in the side of your bifold barn door that will be fixed.

Closet doors hung on bifold barn doors rail to mark placement for stationary door pin.

Then hang the doors on the rail and determine the placement for the fixed pin.

We placed the fixed pin under our door and let it hang and then marked the placement where we would attached the pin to the floor.

You can also use a plumb bob and attach it to the J-roller on the fixed side of your door and mark your placement that way.

Fixed pin piece to be placed under the corner of the closet door.

We discovered that our fixed pin was not going to be long enough, so we cut a block of wood the size of the fixed pin piece and painted it black.

Fix pin piece mounted to the floor, which will keep the right door stationary.

Next we drilled a couple of pilot holes in the block of wood and then secured the fixed pin piece to the floor with wood screws.

Finally we hung the doors back on the rail, with the fixed pin in the hole of the right side of the door.

Stopper bold installed on the right side of the bifold barn door rail.

Lastly there are two bolts that need to be placed on each J-roller. This will keep the fixed side in place and the rolling side from sliding off the rail.

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Where Do the Handles Go on a Bifold Barn Door?

Now we are ready to install the barn door handle.

Sliding bifold barn doors hardware installed on bedroom closet doors.

But where do you place the handle?

While our handle will open the bifold barn doors, you need to use your left hand to do it.

In most cases, the ideal position is to locate the bifold door handles in the horizontal center of the middle two doors and near where the bifold doors hinge.

This will ensure smooth opening and smooth closing.

You can even add two handles one on each door for aesthetics.

Sliding bifold barn doors hardware installed on bedroom closet doors, open half way.

We are so pleased with the way Gavin’s closet looks and functions now.

Sliding bifold barn door hardware installed on bedroom closet doors with doors fully open.

When the door is fully open, he can easily access anything in his closet.

And with the addition of new shelves in his closet, the closet always looks neat and orderly!

Sliding bifold barn door hardware installed on bedroom closet doors.

By repurposing the existing closet doors and adding the magic of swivel barn door hardware, this closet is more functional and looks great!

Not only is it easy on the budget, but it adds that modern look we’re going for in this bedroom.

We hope you’ve found a little inspiration today!

And that this tutorial will be a valuable resource, as you add sliding bifold barn door hardware in your home.

Is this a project you’d like try in your home? Where would you add bifold barn doors?

Drop us a comment, we love to hear from you.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Chad

    I have a 76″ closet opening and I want to hang 2 36″ x 80″ doors but I cannot find hardware that suits this large of an opening. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this?

  2. Jen

    Hi there! Love this idea and it looks so great! I am trying to do the same for my son’s closet. Question: What size is this closet? The link you have is a 52″ sliding bi-fold barn door kit. I am thinking that is what I need as well. Our closet is 47″ wide x 80″ tall (with 24″ doors). the 47″ is what has me questioning the sizing. I believe a 48″ kit would be too narrow but worried a 52″ might be too large. Curious if yours is the same and you have the minimal overlap of 1/2″ on either side.

    Would appreciate any info you could provide!



    1. Michelle Dickson

      Thanks Jen, this bifold door hardware has made this closet so much more functional. My closet dimension are 46″w x 81.5″h. Each door is 23.75 W x 79.5 h. Are dimensions are very similar to ours and we used the 52″ sliding bi-fold barn door kit. The doors do overlap the door frame by 1/2″ on each side. I hope this is helpful. Good luck on your project! Have a wonderful day!

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