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Well, we’ve done it again! We’re once again participating in the One Room Challenge as a guest participant.

And this season we’re creating a dark and moody office.

First of all, take a look at this amazing Moody Office Plan – it’s sure to inspire you!

Not only is the design beautiful, but the best part is that you too can find inspiration to update your own home office.

Of course we’ll be creating a room with plenty of storage, with our trademark built-ins.

In addition, you’ll find plenty of DIY project ideas that you can incorporate into your own home.

We are no strangers to the One Room Challenge, in fact, this is our fourth challenge in a row.

Participating in the ORC has given us lots of opportunities to learn and grow, just take a look at our previous challenges (Spring 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022.)


As a reminder you can easily navigate through each week of this dark and mood home office project.

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If you’re new here we are Michelle and Steph, a mom and daughter team.

Not only do we love to design and create rooms we love, but we also love to DIY.

In fact, creating something with our own two hands brings us so much joy and we love sharing that with you!

So, we invite you to follow along for the next 8 weeks as we make our vision come to life in this office for my husband.

Let’s take a look at our inspiration for our moody office.

The Office Space

Empty basement room with white primer on walls and a cement floor, with 1 large window.

I believe many of you will relate with the need more than ever for a home office.

For nearly two years my hubby has worked from home exclusively, using my craft room as his office.

Certainly it hasn’t been ideal for either one of us, but we made do.

We made a desk over my sewing table and he made that work for more than two years.

And as many employers have discovered, most employees enjoy working from home and are able be more productive.

So we thought it was about time to make a real office just for my husband, Steve.

This basement room is a good size at 14.5′ x 11′ with a large walk in closet, which will make the perfect moody office for Steve.

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Office Inspiration

When we decided to make this home office, I knew right away that I wanted to create a dark and moody room.

A while back we helped my son create a dark and moody room above his garage.

The black paint he chose for the walls, really sets off his photography and I love the cozy feel of the room.

Certainly there are many places you can look for inspiration.

One of my favorite pastimes is to browse Pinterest.

In fact, I’ve created a board that just for Dark and Moody Interiors as well as a Home Office Ideas board.

Click on the links and follow our Pinterest boards and see what we love.

Dark and Moody Paint Colors

I’ll admit, it can be scary to think about what your space may feel like with dark walls, but with the right accents it can be stunning.

While black can make a dramatic statement in a room, not all dark and moody rooms are black.

Dark and mood dining room with black walls, white trayed ciling and a mahogony and marble buffet, a modern chrome light chandelier is over a light wood dining table.

Image credit:

Personally, I think this black wall in Julia’s dining room is gorgeous!

I love the high contrast of the black and white along with the natural wood finish.

Dark green wall with white trim and ceiing create a dark and mood room, mirror on wall andgreen plants, with a side table and a natural wood canopy bed.

Image credit:

However, a dark and moody room doesn’t necessarily need to be black.

Just take a look at this rich and earthy green in Morgan’s room.

Dark and moody room with navy blue walls with box moulding, light wood floor.

Image credit:

I feel this rich blue from Amanda’s room is so warm and inviting.

And the picture frame moulding in her room has that traditional feel I want to add to my moody office.

In our design plan you’ll see that our moody office will be a rich blue.

And since this is my husbands office, I thought I’d use his favorite colors.

I brought in three dark and moody blue samples to choose from.

Not only did I have Steve choose his favorite, but we also shared the three samples on Instagram.

And the winning color is called Deep Breath, from Behr.

Moody Office Design Plan

Rendering of moody office with peacock blue walls with box mouding and built in bookcases flank the window with a window seat, hardware and light fixtures are brush gold, flooring is light oak with a black and white cow print rug, chairs are camel colored leather.

As a rule before we start a room makeover like this, we like to create a mood board and a 3D rendering of the room.

This helps a visualize our ideas in the space and make any necessary adjustments.

If you’ve followed us for a while you know we love to add built-ins into our rooms.

You’ll find our trademark built-ins in Steph’s mudroom, basement family room, Ellie’s bedroom, the reading nook, and my family room.

Not only do they add a lot of storage, but I also love the added architectural detail they add to the room..

In this moody office design, we will keep the room fairly monochromatic with the built-in bookshelves the same color as the walls.

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Rendering of moody office with deep peacock blue walls with box moulding, gold wall sconces, mid-century modern desk with a leather office chair. Built-in bookcases in the same peacock blue with a window seat.

We’ll also add picture frame moulding around the room.

While we’ve added shiplap, beadboard and board & batten walls, we’ve never tried picture frame moulding.

Certainly this will be an exciting new skill for us to learn.

I love the traditional and elegant feel of a paneled room.

Rendering of home office with deep peacock blue walls with box moulding and black doors, midcentury modern desi with a leather chair and light oak flooring. Wall features landscape art and gold wall sconce.

And every office needs a desk and a comfortable chair.

My plan is to incorporate leather chairs for that masculine, cigar lounge feel (without the cigars of course) and re-imagine a free desk I found.

Moody Office design plan with a black and white cow print rug, oak plank floor sample, rattan piece, paint samples, natural wood moulding, gold drawer pull, kilim pillow covers

I’ve gathered together some of the elements for this moody office in this flat lay.

It’s so exciting to see all of this come together!

As we go forward, I’ll be diving into more detail about each element and how it plays a role in my final design.

Moody Office To-Do List

Here’s the list of our long to-do list. Do you think we’ll get it all accomplished in just 8 weeks?!

  • Paint room – 2 coats
  • Build lower cabinets for built-ins
  • Build shelves
  • Install cabinets
  • Build window seat
  • Install shelves
  • Install moulding for built-ins
  • Paint built-ins
  • Install laminate floor
  • Paint baseboards and door casing
  • Install door casing and baseboards
  • Build cabinet doors and drawers
  • Paint cabinet doors and drawers
  • Install crown moulding around room
  • Install picture frame moulding
  • Caulk, putty and paint picture frame moulding
  • Refinish and modify desk
  • Install hardware on built-ins
  • Paint doors
  • Install sconces
  • Install library lights
  • DIY faux tree
  • Art on wall
  • Style bookshelves
  • Roman shade
  • Window seat cushion

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Again, we’re so excited to transform this space into a moody home office.

Please follow along to watch the progress each week!

Also remember to check out the many other room transformations taking place on the One Room Challenge blog.

Surely you’ll be inspired with countless design styles and creative ideas.

Okay the big question is, how do you feel about dark and moody rooms?

Do you love them?

Have you created one in your home?

If so tell us about it!

Just drop us a comment below, we love hearing from you!

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Pinterest image flat lay of design elements for a moody home office, pillow covers, cow hide rug, dark blue and black paint samples, wood floor sample and gold hardware.

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