Have you been swept away in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season? Are you in need of a fun and relaxing night with your family? Cozy up this Christmas season for the best movie night ideas at home!

Clearly, one of the best ways to unwind after a busy work day and running errands is to watch a classic Christmas favorite with the ones you love!

Not much is needed for a fun movie night at home, but if you’re going for an epic cinema experience, you may just want to incorporate some of these ideas.

So, how do you make a cozy movie night? What do you need for the perfect movie night?

Reduce Christmas Stress

Do you always feel that you’re running around with your head cut off during the holiday season?

There’s always so much to do!

Not only are there gifts to buy, parties to plan, and Christmas baking on your to do list, but you also want to enjoy the season.

After all it is the most wonderful time of the year.

To help you stay organized this Christmas we’ve put together a FREE printable Christmas planner.

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Classic Christmas Movies

An obvious must-have are some of your favorite Christmas movies! You know the ones. In fact, you must watch them every single year or it just doesn’t feel like Christmas! Right?

For instance, these are some of our family favorites. What additional movies do you have to watch every year?

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Cozy Must-Haves

Isn’t it always a must to get cozied up for a good movie? Undoubtedly in our house, we all love to get cuddled up in cozy blankets to watch a movie.

In fact, we all need to have our own blankets!

Definitely take a look at these cozy blankets! How have I not known there are blankets with foot pockets? Genius!

And how about this fun cinema themed blanket, adorned with popcorn buckets and other tasty morsels! Clearly the design options don’t end there!

You’ll find a blanket everyone in your family will love with 164 fabric prints and patterns to choose from!

If sofa space is crowded , then try these fun lounge pillows.

In order to make this Christmas season more magical, why not find matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family

Setting the Scene

Without a doubt, this wouldn’t be a complete list of movie night ideas at home without talking about the treats. What movie experience isn’t enhanced when there is an abundance of snacks?

Who started the popcorn trend anyway? Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining, I love popcorn, just wondering.

In fact, my kids have mentioned it would be cool to have a popcorn machine in our entertainment room when our basement is finished.

Popcorn I can handle, but the thought of open drinks in our newly finished basement with new furnishings (I’m dreaming about), makes me a little anxious!

Undoubtedly, I’ll be investing in some of these awesome soda can lids with straws!

Creating an epic movie night

If you’re looking to go all out for an epic movie night here are a few ideas to create a cinema experience.

Along with continual developments in technology, clearly the cost of electronics are getting more and more affordable. With this in mind, many are investing in mini portable projectors and screens, which make for the perfect movie night indoors or out!

For example, a magical ambiance can even be created with these star twinkle lights.

If your family has a hard time choosing or agreeing on a show, how fun would it be to have one of these scratch off movie posters to help make the decision? In fact, you can even customize them to specific show titles you’re interested in!

Once the show has been decided, why not display it on this cool light up marquee box? Particularly his specific marquee includes 144 pieces with the full alphabet, symbols and emojis and even has 16 color options to choose from!

Without a doubt, my kids would be fighting over who gets to display the title!

Let's Get This Movie Started!

Indeed I can’t wait to spend more family time watching our favorite movies together this year! First up on my list is “A Christmas Story”.

How about you? What Christmas movie are you anxious to watch? What are your family favorites?

Thanks for spending some time with us today! We hope you’ve been inspired to incorporate some of these movie night ideas at home. Let us know what makes the perfect movie night for your family!

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