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Most of us have a designated area or room for a home office. Whether you work from home or use the space several times a week, office organization is key to productivity and creativity. I would like to share some strategies that I use to keep my space organized. My office space also doubles as a craft room, so this space can get messy quick. This is probably my most challenging area in my home, because it is also a crafting space. I often leave projects out that I am working on, so when I get a little time I can go back and work on them.  I’d like to share some of the ideas that I have implemented in my home that have helped me. 

Let’s start with the desk area. I usually don’t spread out a lot of paperwork so my actual work space is small. I have converted a postal sorter into a desk where I keep a monitor and keyboard. The keyboard is wireless and can be tucked away under the desk top when not in use. I use the postal sorter to organize pens, pencils, paperclips, post-it notes, receipts.

I keep my bills to pay and my check register in my “Home Binder.” In this binder I keep all information for my family and home. I keep this binder on a shelf nearby the desk area.

I also have a small business that I run from home, so this room is also used for designing spaces as well as bookkeeping. I keep an accordion folder near my desk for business receipts, and other bookkeeping supplies. I have learned that I need to keep up on this weekly or I am in trouble.

The key to keeping an office organized is having designated spaces or containers to keep items sorted. It is also important to have a place where action items are placed. Nothing is worse than not following up on an item of forgetting to pay a bill.

Since this room also doubles as a craft room, not only do I need a large space to spread out on but it also means a lot of stuff to keep organized. I like to stand as I craft, so I requested a counter height table to work from. I keep items that I use the most closest to where I work. On the craft table I have a quart jar holder where I keep pens, marker, colored pencils, paint brushes, scissors, etc. 

Next to my table I have storage cubbies topped with a countertop, here I store my wireless printer, and die cut machine. 

Above the counter I have installed towel bars that I hang my paper punched from. I love that I can easily find what I need this way.

Above the counter are two large shelves. I like these to look styled and also be functional. I keep reference books here as well as smaller items I use in the boxes.

Leftover yarn is rolled into balls and stored in a large jar. I also utilize wire baskets to keep smaller items organized. 

These hat boxes I picked up at a local furniture store. Not only are these cute but they are great storage for faux flowers and die cut shapes.

This fun container I picked up at Hobby Lobby and is a great place to store my smaller die cuts.

In the first drawer I keep adhesive and small items I use a lot. It’s easy to grab them when I need it and then I don’t clutter my workspace.

One of my favorite organizing containers are these IT back-up storage tape boxes. My hubby brings them home from work. They are great for organizing small items like brads, eyelets, buttons, tags and all sorts of small items. I even use them to store small lengths of ribbon. I use my Brother label maker to label them and it makes it easy to keep things organized. It you know someone who work in IT, see if they will bring some home for you.

The large drawer cubbies are great for paper storage. I use hanging file folders to keep the scrap paper organized. In other large drawer cubbies I keep file folders of projects I’m working on as well as holiday paper.

I try to keep like items together. In one drawer I keep embossing powders and well as the heat gun and tray. I’m always looking for great containers to keep items neat. The metal boxes here are actually seed storage boxes and have 12 individual containers inside. This is a great way to organize small beads. My ink refills are also in the back of this drawer in a shallow container. 

Flea Market Storage Ideas

This industrial bread pan is an unusual storage container. I found it while thrifting and it makes a great place to store my ink pads. It would also be great for storing small spools of ribbon.

I found out quickly that colored card stock fades when exposed to light. I like to keep by paper in an enclosed area. This small armoire is the perfect place for that. I just added more shelves to hold each color. 

On the top of the small armoire I keep three galvanized metal boxes. In two of them I store ribbon and in the third I keep supplies for my Silhouette machine. 

Not only do I use the postal sorter for storing office supplies, but I keep my wooden stamps here as well. Some I have on display and others are in the galvanized metal and wooden boxes. Once again, everything is labeled so it is easy to find. I also store my punches that fold flat in the cubbies as well.

Old jars are great for storing buttons and large nail heads. Not only is this functional but it’s beautiful too.

I chose this room for the office and craft room because it has a walk in closet and that means lots of storage.

The key to keeping the closet organized is storing like items near each other.

My fabric is stored in these labeled white bins.

Next to them I keep patterns in wire baskets and above the wire baskets in plastic storage boxes I keep all of my sewing notions.

While storage boxes are great for keeping many craft items organized in a closet, I find it difficult to store artificial flowers in them.

They often become damaged and it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for.

If you can relate, check out my new storage solution for artificial flowers.

I use clear labeled plastic storage containers for my painting supplies. 

Black photo storage boxes store old photos of my grandmother in hopes that someday I will be able to get them into a scrapbook. Below the boxes are other scrapbooking items.

I have mounted a magnetic strip on the back of my foam stamps. They are mounted onto a metal bulletin board I picked up from Pottery Barn. This is mounted on the wall in the closet.

I have used every possible space in this closet for storage, including behind the door. Here I have mounted some Command hooks to hang my yardsticks, rulers and painting aprons.

One last storage opportunity in the closet is the filing cabinet. On the side of the filing cabinet I store my cutting mats as well as poster board.

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