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Certainly organizing games, makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

But how do you go about organizing games, when games boxes come in so many different shapes and sizes?

Clearly, it makes keeping them organized a chore!

I’m excited to share my solution to keep our family board games neat and organized!

Organizing Games Dilemma

Woman's hand trying to remove a game from the corner of the closet. Many family board games stacked on the shelves in the closet.

No matter how many times I organized this game closet, it just wouldn’t stay organized.

If you pulled out a game towards the bottom of the stack, inevitably they would fall and make a mess.

But my real beef with this closet is the bi-fold doors.

They blocked about 8-10 inches of the shelf.

So, if I wanted a game that happened to be in the corner, I had to remove all the games on the shelf to retrieve the one game I wanted.

Not a great solution!

And the problem just escalated when the grand-kids wanted to get out a game.

We love playing games together as a family and I knew I had to find a better solution!

Organizing Board Games in Pouches

Organzing games: Three sizes of zippered vinyl pouches from the container store placed on a wooden table top.

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This is an organizing project I’ve been wanting to do for more than a year!

After much research, I decided to try the Kawaii accessory pouches from The Container Store.

You’ll also find zippered pouches similar in size on Amazon.

Not only do they come in 3 sizes that I thought would accommodate my games, but the reviews claimed that they were extremely durable.

So, I thought this would be the perfect solution for my game storage dilemma.

Certainly placing the games in similar sized containers will help keep this game closet organized.

But there is all the added packaging in game boxes that clearly wastes space!

By ditching the boxes and placing all of the games in similar pouches, really frees up a lot of space.

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Determine Size of Pouches

Before you start an organizing project like this, sort through your games and donate or dispose of any games you no longer use.

Next you’ll want to check the size of each game you intend to keep.

Make a list of each game and which size of pouch they will fit in best.

Then you know exactly how many pouches you need to purchase.

Label Pouches

Computer screen of typed names of games before cutting out vinyl letters.

Of course, each pouch will need to be clearly labeled.

I chose to label mine using my Silhouette machine.

First I determined the size I wanted each title to be and chose a font.

You can also cut the name from the game box and tape it to the pouch with clear packaging tape.

Silhouette digital cutter, cutting out vinyl lettrers for organizing games.

Once I had my title typed into the program, I sent them to the digital cutter.

Cut vinyl letters, spell out "Catch Phrase" game. Placed on a wooden table top with a black rubbing tool.

I weeded the design and placed it on the transfer tape.

Woman's hand holding black rubbing tool, pressing "catch phrase" letters onto zippered vinyl pouch.

Finally, rub the letters onto the pouch and remove the transfer tape.

Woman's hands placing "catch phrase" game parts into the zippered vinyl pouch.

Once all of the bags are labeled, place the game parts and instructions in the pouch.

To be sure my vinyl titles stayed put on the pouches, I also placed a strip of clear packaging tape over the lettering.

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Organize Game Pouches

Organizing games, family board games of Racko, Sorry and Clue are place in zippered vinyl pouches and stored in a white an gray basket

Once all of the games are in the pouches, I then sorted them in baskets.

Organizing games: Labeled, zippered vinyl pouches stacked in a gray and white basket setting on counter.

As I started to sort them into the baskets, I decided to alphabetize them too.

Organizing games, family board games of Balderdash, Sorry and Clue are place in zippered vinyl pouches and stored in a white an gray basket

You just can’t have too much organization!

In fact I may be a little OCD, but I also alphabetize my dvd’s too.

It just gives me peace of mind.

Organizing games, gray and whte baskets hold zippered vinyl pouches of board games.

Let me tell you this works like a charm.

If I need to get a game that’s in the corner, I just pull out the basket and can easily get the game I’m looking for.

I must say this has totally transformed my game closet.

Card Game Storage

Organizing Games: card games are placed in plastic boxes and labeled. They are placed in a black labeled box.

One more item that needed organizing in my game closet is the card games.

I placed them in recycled tape storage backup boxes that my husband brings home from work.

Labeling each box makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Then, I placed the card games in a box.

I did have 3 games that were too large for any of the pouches.

But most of my games fit in the letter size pouches.

This game organizing ideas has transformed my game closet and makes retrieving them so much easier.

If you are looking for ideas for keeping puzzles organized you can see that here.

More Organizing Ideas . . .

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  1. Gina Pullen

    What do you do with game boards? Like Life, Payday, etc Those boards are pretty large

    1. Michelle Dickson

      I had 3 games that were too big for the pouches, Life, Deluxe Scrabble and Upwords. I kept those three games in their original boxes even though they are in rough shape. I hope to find some sort of a larger bag or pouch for them. I’ll keep you posted if I find something. In the mean time I just have those 3 games together on another shelf.

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