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Are you looking for ideas to organize toys in your home?

Without a plan toys can easily take over your home.

But where to start?

Does the thought of organizing all those toys stress you out?!

Admittedly, it stresses me out!

Where do I even begin!

As it happens, my mom is a professional organizer.

And with her expertise, we were able to tame that toy clutter and organize the toys in my home.

And I’d like to share her tips and show you how easy it is to organize toys in just three simple steps!

These steps will help anyone looking to manage toy clutter!

Ikea shelves are used to store colorful bins, books, puppets, tea set and stuffed animals.

Barbies, dolls, puzzles, games, Legos and cars oh my! 

Taming the toys in any home is a must!

How is it, that little people can have so much stuff?

Then let’s get a handle on all that toy clutter and show you how to organize toys and keep it that way for good!

Declutter, Donate & Dispose

Two children returning toys after they organize toys in storage bins.

Are you ready to get down and dirty?

First step is to declutter, donate & dispose!

Allow your kids to be a part of this step!

Have a conversation about donating toys that are no longer being used to the less fortunate, or a daycare center.

And let them be involved in the process of donating the toys.

In fact, this can be very rewarding for them.

Begin with 3 boxes or bins, one for donate, dispose & keep.

Dispose of any toys that are broken and/or missing parts.

And if the keep pile is too large for your toy storage area, set up a monthly rotation of bins.

Inventory Remaining Toys

Now you have an idea of what toys you need to organize.

Then you’ll have a good idea of what size and type of  toy storage you will need.

Before you start purchasing storage bins and containers, make a list of the sizes and types of containers you will need.

Take measurements, look for creative solutions with containers you may already have.

Do you already have shelves to organize the containers?

Or will you need to purchase or build storage shelves?

Organize toys with clear labeled plasitc containers on shelves in a closet.

Repurposing old food containers are great for storing blocks, small games and even Legos.

Puzzles organized in pencil pouches

Often the original packaging for games and puzzles just doesn’t work.

They get smashed, ripped, broken and pieces get lost.

A good solution for kids puzzles are zippered pencil pouches.

Simply cut the image from the puzzle box and place it in the pouch along with the puzzle pieces.

Not only does it take less space than a box, but the pencil bags are also durable.

No more lost puzzle pieces!

Tip: Shop for pencil cases during Back to School sales.

You may find you’ll need to modify your plan and change containers along the way.

Do what works best for your family to keep the toys organized!

Toy Storage Location

White storage shelves with polka dot bins for toy storage with books and other toys arranged on shelves.

Do you have a room that will just be dedicated for organized toys?

9 cube shelf used as toy organizing idea. Top 3 shelves store books, 6 lower shelves are filled with red fabric bins and labeled with pictures to keep toys organized.

Will the organized toys be in a bedroom?

Organize toys in closet area of playroom with clear labeled storaged bins stacked neatly on shelves. Also in the closet is a play kitchen with food and dishes organized in cupboard.

Do you have a spare closet you can dedicate to toy storage? 

Toy organization in the Living room. White Ikea entertainment center with storage bins hold children's toys.

Will you need to store them in your living room? 

Of course, decide on the most practical space in your home.

And look for practical ways to keep the toys neat and organized!

TIP: If you have more toys than you can store in your dedicated toy storage space, consider rotating toys monthly. 

Bring one bin in and move one out.  Store these “extra” toys in your garage, basement or attic. 

This method is a great way to make the toys feel like they are new again!

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Organize Toys in Containers

Little boy returning cars to red labeled storage bin

Once the location of the toy storage has been decided you can start to organize.

For Aiden’s bedroom we chose this 9 cube shelf and red fabric bins, which happen to be his favorite color.

Toys are sorted by type and clearly labeled with pictures.

This way he will know exactly where to find his toys and where to return them.

For even more toy storage ideas check out The Best Toy Organizing Ideas for Your Home.

Little boy in front of floating car shelves in bedroom. They keep his car collection organized and easy to access.

To help keep Aiden’s favorite Cars organized we built these floating shelves.

Not only is it a proud place for him to display his car collection, but it makes it super easy to find the exact car he wants to play with.

And when you have  more than 20 Lightening McQueens it’s important!

He loves these shelves and is so proud of his collection!

Close up view of white Idea storage shelves and blue labeled bins.

Without a dedicated playroom, we also chose to organize toys in the entertainment center.

In the living room, we want to keep the visual clutter to a minimum.

So we chose a combination of fabric and wire bins to keep the toys organized here.

Again each bin is clearly labeled with pictures and words.

Closet in playroom, organize toys and dress up clothes hanging on clothing rod.

At my parents home, a closet is used to organize many of the toys.

Dress-up clothes are hung on a low rod for easy access.

The existing shelves store games, puzzles, coloring books, crayons and markers.

Often the original packaging for games become damaged and pieces become lost.

Because of this now many of the games are now stored in these 12×12 plastic containers.

Shelves in a closet are organized with coloring books, crayons, markers and other art accessored in plastic bins.

Labeling is Key to Staying Organized


Wherever your designated toy storage is located, labeling is the key to keep it organized!

Not only will this help kids know where the toys located but also it makes clean up a breeze.

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Picture label on a polka dot toy bin

We have a rule in our home that before you get out more toys, you need to return the toys you are no longer playing with.

So to help with your toy organizing, we’ve created  cute tags you can download and use for yourself! 

In fact, there’s a color and black and white version to pick from. 

All files include these adorable sketches of kids playing with their toys. 

Print them to desired size and laminate them to ensure they’ll last for years.

Click on the button below to get your FREE printable toy organizing labels.

White storage shelves with polka dot bins for toy storage with books and other toys arranged on shelves.

Make the kids play place fun, bright and cheerful.

This bright and colorful room is in my parents home and is known to my kids as “The Sleepover Room”.

Click here to see the full tour of this darling room!

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