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With the warming weather, our thoughts turn to flea markets, yard sales, thrifting and flipping furniture.

Certainly it’s one of our favorite summer pastimes, and we’re excited to share our favorite flea market flips. 

No doubt, there’s a thrill in the hunt for that one of a kind treasure.

In addition, to take someones trash and turn it into a treasure is exhilarating!

Whether you’re looking for thrift store items to upcycle for your own home, or to flip and sell, clearly, transforming a discarded piece is rewarding!

We are excited to share some of our favorite flea market flip ideas with you today.

In our opinion “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” should be the slogan for every thrift store.

Thrift stores are magical places where you can go back in time and reminisce.

And if your hunt is successful, your goodwill finds will be something you can definitely brag about.

So today, we’ll be doing a little bragging.

Sharing our favorite finds from flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and more!

Each piece has a story and becomes a treasure in your home. 

Flea Market Flip Ideas with Paint

Certainly one of the easiest ways to update a flea market find and flip it into something extraordinary is with paint.

Not only will paint give you a lot of bang for you buck, but it can totally update just about anything.

Dresser Ideas

A thrifted lateral file cabinet before it's transformed into a childs dresser.

With a little imagination this lateral filing cabinet is re-imagined as a Tool Chest Dresser.

Flea market flip ideas, old lateral filing cabinet is upcycled into a red tool chest dresser on casters with a diamond plate top. Wall is decorated with vintage car parts, a black and white checkered bunting and a wagon shelf.

I think it’s the perfect dresser idea for a car themed bedroom.

Without a doubt, upcycling can be so rewarding!

Vintage cream colored upright dressor before it's makeover against a light blue wall

I believe this yard sale dresser had good bones and just needed a little refresh.

Looking beyond it’s current condition and seeing it’s potential is all it takes.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage upright dresser is transformed ith white paint and gold leaf.

For a quick flea market flip, paint furniture the easy way with a Wagner sprayer.

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Flea market flip ideas, vintage upright dresser is updated with navy blue paint and the drawers are left the natural wood finish. Top of the dresser is decoratied with 2 candlesticks and a galvanized tray.

While this dresser was already in excellent condition, a quick refresh with paint and new hardware was all it needed.

Vintage dresser painted with black paint, lightly distressed and 3 licence plates from 3 different states mounted to the front of the dresser. A yellow headlight lamp sits on top of the dresser with an vintage oil can with tools in it and a stack of children's books

Another quick flea market flip with paint, hardware and vintage license plates.

The perfect piece for this car themed bedroom.

Navy blue dresser painted with the British flag, decorated with a globe, wooden shoes and travel photos.

Along with a little creativity, and paint this vintage Bombay chest is a fun conversation piece.

And it makes the perfect statement piece to anchor her Travel Collage Wall.


Cherry toned console table staged with coastal decor items before it's refinished with salt wash and paint.

Certainly this console table was in great condition, but needed a little personality.

Flea market flip ideas, thrifted console table is transformed with layers of paint with a salt wash finish, staged with monkey fist ball, lantern, clock and books

Now check out this aged and worn finish on this furniture flip with SaltWash and paint.

Worn and scratched dark wood coffee table before it's makeover on a cement floor

You can’t deny that this coffee table looked like it should be headed to the trash!

Flea market flip, coffee table refinished with white chalk paint and wax.

But with a little elbow grease and chalk paint this flea market flip is transformed!

Flea market flip ideas, oak pub table is transformed with white and black chalk paint with a grain sack pattern, staged with 2 black bar stools, white shiplap wall with aqua blue quadrafoil curtain around window.

No doubt that flipping a flea market find can be profitable.

This pub table was quickly transformed with paint and sold for a good profit.

Scuffed and worn dark brown coffee table with large balister legs and a wood plank top.

Scratched, worn and abused, this coffee table had seen better days.

Flea market flip, worn coffee table is transformed with white chalk paint and a gray glaze. Coffee table sits on a sisal rug, grey sofa with navy and white striped pillow, red starfish pillow and yellow and white nautical pillow. Red, white and blue lanterns are styled on top of the coffee table.

But once again, paint and a glaze transform this coffee table in to a show stopper.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage dining table is made into a coffee table, with the natural oak table top and the apron and legs are painted with white chalk paint

My grandpa rescued this table from a house that was to be demolished over 80 years ago.

For years it was used as a workbench in the garage.

When I got my hands on it, I shortened the legs to use it as a coffee table and lightened it up with chalk paint.


Vintage cream painted vanity with mirror before it's makeover against a light blue wall.

Next up with have this vanity was was purchased as a 5 piece set.

The old worn finish clearly needed an update.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage vanity and mirror are transformed with white paint and gold leaf. The vanity top was left the natural wood color.

And now isn’t she gorgeous!

Refinished easily with the Wagner paint sprayer and sold for a nice profit.


Thrift store desk before it's makeover on a cement basement floor.

Certainly, the beauty of flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores is that you can find good quality pieces that just need a little love.

Flea market flip ideas, thrift store desk is updated with a wood finish top and the base and legs with white chalk paint. Vintage aqua glue chair with a black leather seat.

For instance, take a look at this Thrift Store Desk Makeover.

Not only is it solid wood, which is hard to come by these days, but with a little work it can become a piece that you’ll treasure.


Flea market flip ideas, trundle bed is made over with paint, drawers are painted kelly green, white and navy blue, grey walls, ceiling painted white with wide kelly green stripes. Navy blue curtains with white polka dot border hang on either side of the window.

Of course scouring the online classifieds is another great way to find furniture to flip.

For instance Steph picked this locker bed for $40.

And the bed was in great shape too!

In fact, it only took a little spray paint to customize the bed for Gavin’s industrial bedroom.


Flea market flip ideas, vintage dining hutch it repurposed into a bookcase with white chalk paint and gray and white wallpaper

Another online classified find, this old dining hutch was transformed with milk paint and wallpaper.

Metal Furniture

Vintage aqua blue and rusty metal chair before it's refinished, sitting in a paver patio with flowers and birdhouse in the background

Can you see the beauty in this rusty old piece?

Flea market flip ideas, vintage metal chair is transformed with white and black paint, tassel pillow on chair on back patio.

Personally, I think this chair is now stunning!

Yes, rusty old furniture can be refinished with paint.

Flea Market Flip Ideas with Fabric

3 worn and dirty bar stools before their makeover.

While the fabric on these bar stools is dirty and worn, the the actual frames were in great condition.

Flea market flip ideas, worn bar stools get a makeover with black and white fabric with a jute cording and the wood gets and update with white wax.

Now the bar stools look up to date and are so chic!

Vintage and worn French styled chair before it's makeover in front of a stone wall

Certainly this chair has such beautiful lines, but definitely needs some loving!

Flea market flip ideas, vintage french style chaire is updated with a natural wood finish and pink faux fur fabric

See how to reupholster a chair with a French country, Boho flair.

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Flea market flip ideas, Vintage yardsale chair with it's original wood finish is updated with a faux fur cheetah fabric seat

Another great yard sale find!

However, it was a little wobbly.

Not only did this chair get an update with fabric, but we also repaired it, so now it’s good and sturdy.

Vintage french style ottoman with cream fabric and walnut toned wood before it is reupholstered.

Certainly the bones of this ottoman were in perfect condition, but the fabric really dated it.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage ottoman makeover with a faux fur cheetah fabric with jute cording on a black and white tile floor.

However, with a  fun fabric choice it’s now so chic!

Beds with Fabric

Vintage French provencial style twin head and foot boards before they are made over into a French daybed

While these twin bed originally were not upholstered, we had another vision for them.

Flea market flip ideas, 2 French provential twin beds are upcycled into a French style daybed with blue and white ticking upholstery and the wood is a natural wood finish. Navy blue and white striped bedding, floral and blush fur pillows. White and gold polka dot form a canopy over the bed, navy blue accent wall, watercolor art on walls.

I mean just take a look at the transformation!

Don’t you think this French style daybed looks amazing?!

Flea market flip ideas, vintage colonial style 4 poster bed before the makeover.

Similarly this old bed frame is updated with fabric.

Flea market flip ideas, yard sale 4 poster colonial style bed it refinished with an ebony finish and an upholstered headboard

Now this 4 poster upholstered bed looks amazing.

Natural Wood Finish Flea Market Flip Ideas

Old painted dining table before the makeover sitting on a wood floor.

Would you believe this table was a free road side find?

While it’s definitely seen better days, we could see the potential.

Flea market flip ideas, road side table gets a makeover with white chalk paint and a natural wood finish on the top. Light blue upholstered chairs with white farmhouse stile metal chairs. Table is set with straw placemats, navy and white dished and napkins. White floral centerpiece

Can you believe it’s the same wood dining table.

It looks absolutely gorgeous now with the white farmhouse legs and apron and the beautiful natural finished top.

Clearly a piece worth saving!

Rustic pine headboard and footboard before makeover

As it happens, this bedroom set at been in the basement for years, just needing an updated finish.

Flea Market flip ideas, old pine bed is refinished with vinegar, steel wood and wax to get a beautiful Restoration Hardware look. White beddins with navy blue trim, white nightstands with gold geometric lamps with a white and navy border lampshade, navy blue board and batten wall

Unquestionably, this flea market flip has been a favorite of our readers.

I think we have had more comments on this post than any other.

Steph had been eyeing a bed at Restoration Hardware, but with a price tag of nearly $3000, it just wasn’t in her budget.

Would you like to know how to create that weathered look for a piece of furniture?

While there are stains you can purchase and use, often they look fake.

See our method of How to Weather Wood with a Vinegar and Steel Wool Stain.

White painted French provential 5 drawer dresser

Another flea market find with such beautiful lines.

While it had been repainted, it was done poorly.

So we knew we’d be stripping off the finish.

Flea market flip ideas, French provential style dresser refinished with a natural wood finish. Modern round gold mirror above dresser with 2 wood candlesticks and a small floral arrangement in a gold tray.

Once the paint was removed, we saw the beauty of the natural wood finish on this flea market flip.

Light Fixture Flea Market Flip Ideas

Vintage brass 6 arm chandelier against a navy blue wall before it's makeover.

Certainly these dated brass light fixture can easily be found at any thrift store.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage brass chandelier it transformed with paint and natural wood beads into a French country - Boho chandelier

With a little creative painting and natural wood beads, it now has a French country, Boho flair.

Woman holding a thrift store chandelier with broken crystals and a black lamp shade

Certainly, updating a thrift store light fixture is easy on the budget.

Thrift store chandelier gets a makeover with champagne gold paint and vintage crytals. The chandelier hangs in the laundry room, blue and pink floral wallpaper, rustic wood open shelving.

Now this chandelier is so stylish and certainly unexpected in a laundry room!

Ikea utensil caddies to be upcycled into a light fixture

Searching for a more industrial looking light fixture for Gavin’s room, thrifted Ikea utensil caddies are used to create this unique light fixture.

Thrift store cutlery baskets are used to make this industrial style light fixture hanging from an old wood spool end. Ceiling painted kelly green and white stripes, gray walls.

Clearly, it’s the perfect light fixture for this industrial teen bedroom.

Off white wood orb chandelier with black light fixture.

Certainly, this Facebook Market Place orb chandelier was great as is.

Off white wood orb chandelier with jute wrapped around the arms of the chandeliers.

However with a little jute, it now has the casual coastal style that fits perfectly in Steph’s coastal bedroom.

Flea market flip ideas, thrift store lamp and globe and upcycled into a fun table lamp, setting on a vintage sewing table with stacked books and a birdhouse

Personally I think this lamp is such a fun conversation piece! 

While visiting my favorite thrift store I spotted the lamp and globe.

Now this lamp was super easy to put together.

First the globe was cut in half with a saw.

Then a leather strip was adhered to the cut edge. 

Finally I placed the globe on the lamp base.

Super easy!

Flea market flip ideas, vintage metal floor lampshade is updated with rhinestone buttons

While this Vintage Lamp Makeover was not a flea market find.

However, it was my grandmother’s lamp, a wedding gift from her in-laws.

Certainly the lampshade needed a little refresh.

I love the transformation of this family heirloom.

Flea Market Flip Home Decor Ideas

Wall Decor

Thrift store frame before it's makeover

Frames of course are always a great find at your local thrift store.

Flea market flip ideas, thrift store frames are updated with paint and salt wash. vintage keys and and old oar are also hung on the gallery wall.

Not only are they easy to transform with paint, but they are so economical to update.

Almost every frame on this gallery wall is thrifted.

Even a few are given that aged worn look with SaltWash.

Vintage red and rusty wagon and 2 pallet wood boards to be used for shelves in a boys bedroom makeover

Have you got an old rusty wagon around that’s no longer in use?

Flea market flip ideas, old wagon is upcycled into a wall shelf. toy card and books on the shelves.

Personally, I think this wagon shelf is such a fun accessory for Aiden’s car themed bedroom.

Thrift store croquet mallets and an old board to be used to make a blanket ladder

So what do you do with some old croquet mallets and an old board?

Flea market flip ideas, old wood and croquet mallets are upcycled into a blanket ladder. At the base of the ladder is a bucket with yellow flowers.

Of course, you make a blanket ladder.

Only the handles were used for this project.

The mallets we’re saving for another project.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage child book pages are matted and framed for art in the playroom.

Pages from a beginner reading book, matted and framed make cute art in the toy room.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage mirror replaces the plate glass mirror in the bathroom update

You just can’t go wrong with a beautiful vintage mirror.

In fact, I love the pitted and imperfect finish on the mirror.

Removing the large plate glass mirror and adding a vintage mirror adds so much character to this Bathroom Remodel on a Budget.

Glass and Ceramic Vases

Woman's hands holding a green glass thrift store pot

Ceramic and glass vases are also easy to find your favorite thrift store or flea market.

Thrift store glass vase is repurposed into a texture pot. Pot is setting on a black and white stripped marble tray with natural wood bead garland.

Do you even recognize that green vase?

Plaster of Paris and paint give this old glass vase a whole new look!

It’s certainly cheap and easy DIY home decor.

Black thrift store vase before it's make over with drywall mud

A old ceramic vase certainly gets a new look with drywall mud.

Flea market flip ideas, thrift store vase are transformed with drywall mud

That worn aged textured pottery is a look that we both love and it’s so easy to do.

Floral Containers

Vintage tan and navy blue train case setting on dining table.

Vintage suitcases and train cases are a little more difficult to come by.

In fact this one was purchased at a local antique store.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage train case is upcycled into a container for a sunflower floral arrangement

And isn’t it pretty as a container for a sunflower floral arrangement for fall?!

Flea market flip ideas, vintage wood corn beef box is upcycled into a planter box

And a vintage canned goods box make a great planter for summer flowers.

Flea market flip ideas, thrift store cutting board is upcycled into a footed tray with candle cups and split wood beads and white wax. Decorated with 2 grey candlesticks, potted fern, bead garland and 2 cement birds.

With a little creativity, just about any flea market find can be transformed into beautiful home decor.

This footed tray was created from an old cutting board, candle cups and half wooden balls for fresh summer decor.

Flea Market Flip ideas, 2 blue thrift plates and a painted candle stick are upcycled into a tiered tray

Tiered trays are all the rage right now, but to buy one can cost you a pretty penny.

Would you believe we were able to make this beautiful Tiered Tray for Only $5!

A wooden candlestick, and 2 thrift store plates, glue and paint is all it takes.

Upcycled Seasonal Home Decor

Blue thrift store pumpkin trick or treat bucket before it is upcycled into fall decor

So, what do you do with an old trick or treat bucket?

Flea market flip ideas, thrift store pumpkin treat buckets are upcycled with old denim jeans into fall pumpkin decor

Why of course you turn it unto fun fall pumpkin decor with old jeans!

Certainly this is one of our favorite projects!

Flea market flip ideas, vintage window with a white chippy finish is repurposed into patriotic holiday decor by painting the outline of the United States with red and white striped and blue and white stars, with lettering that spells out "land that I love"

Decorating with old windows certainly is popular.

Of course there are so many ways to use them.

A painted flag in the shape of the United States is perfect patriotic decor. 

More Creative Flea Market Flips

Thrift store wood and metal sofa table before it's upcycled into a bed crown canopy.

You’ll never guess what this old $5 flea market table flips into!

Old sofa table is upcycled into a bed canopy for this girls bedroom makeover. French style daybed with navy blue and white striped bedding, floral bolster pillows and blush faux fur pillows, naby blue accent wall with art over the bed.

Of course, a bed crown and canopy for a special princess.

Although Ellie will tell you that she feels like she’s camping in a tent.

It’s all good! She still feels special!

2 brown bookshelves and a small brown dresser sitting in front of white garage door before they are used to make a built in desk with storage.

Next up, Facebook Market Place finds are used to create an amazing built in desk with storage.

White build in drawer and book shelves with crown molding, navy blue accent wall, blue and pink floral roman shade at window

If the thought of building actual built-ins seems intimidating, then build it with second hand furniture.

Thrifted wood farmhouse style dining table before it's upcycled into a fold table for the laundry room

Giving new life to old wood dining tables is nothing new.

Flea market flip ideas, dining table top is upcycled into a fold table over the white washer and dryer. White shaker cabinets mounted on the wall with off white marble backsplash.

But not so common in the laundry room.

However, an old wood table top makes the perfect laundry room fold table.

White vintage door before makeover leaning against a white primed wall

Next a $5 vintage door gets new life in the bathroom.

Flea market flip ideas, old vintage door is repurposed into a navy blue barn door in this Jack and Jill bathroom. White hexagon tile floor, natural wood vanity, navy blue shiplap wall.

With a little Bondo, paint and hardware this barn door not only is affordable, but so trendy!

Flea market flip ideas, vintage orange postal sorter is upcycled into a desk with storage, computer moniter on desk top, postal cubbies are filled with crafting supplies, white metal farmhouse chair, white shiplap walls.

Take a look at this vintage postal  sorter that we picked up for $40.

It only required a little cleaning and attaching a piece of wood to make a desk.

Flea market flip ideas, vintage industrial bread pan is mounted to a light blue wall. It stores crafting ink pads and ribbon.

Have you ever thought of an old commercial bread pan as decor or storage?

I believe it does both in my craft room.

It not only keeps my ink pads organized, but it also look great on my wall..

Flea market flip ideas, yard sale old chippy chair is used in the yard as a plant stand with a large Boston fern, potted pink geranium and a white orb.

Certainly a chippy old wooden chair is the perfect addition on this back porch.

It makes a beautiful place to display plants.

No makeover necessary here, just enjoy the old worn finish as is.

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