In December of 2014 we purchased our “new” home. We fell in love the the area, especially our lot. We have about 2/3 of an acre with a very private wooded backyard that is frequently visited by deer. It is an amazing area that makes us feel like we are vacationing at a mountain retreat. Across the street from our home there is a small stream and we are in a ravine surrounded by trees, it’s quite picturesque! Now the house we knew would need a major overhaul, to say the least. There was not one thing in this house that was my style, and the layout didn’t work for me either. We moved in the day after Christmas and began the demo. The majority of the main living area was completed the first year, which included  relocating the kitchen and changing the layout for the living area. Sit back and enjoy the journey with us.

Here we are the day we closed on our house. Excited for the adventure and fun that lies ahead. This home was an estate sale and the exterior had been somewhat neglected. We didn’t quite realize all the work that needed to be done on the exterior as well, until spring rolled around. Stay tuned, because the exterior doesn’t look like this anymore either. Now we’ll start with a tour of the changes that have been made to the interior bringing it into the 21st century!

Step through the front door into our entry way, which I have staged with a cabinet to hold books (we have a lot of books) as well as a few mementos.

Before this wall had a ledge as well as a coat closet. We relocated the closet around the corner and covered up the edge.

It’s amazing what paint, new flooring and window coverings will do for a room.

There were a couple of things this room had going for it. It had high ceilings, 17 feet to be exact as well as a large picture window that flooded the room with light.

My black and white dream kitchen, white cabinetry with an island stained in Midnight. The countertops are black granite on the white cabinets and quartz for the island that resembles Carrera marble. 

This is where we made some major changes to the layout of this home. The original kitchen was small. Behind the range wall there was a formal dining room and a dining area off of the kitchen as well, then a small den area. We decided to make it more of an open floor plan by relocating the kitchen into the den area and taking down the wall that separated the formal dining/kitchen area. By doing this we were able to install a good sized kitchen and have an overall larger family room/den area. 

The dining area is next to the kitchen where there is a bay window, which allows my dining table to expand to seat 12. 

This area before was pretty utilitarian and sterile. Both the dining and kitchen had large fluorescent lighting and white tile throughout, including the formal dining area.

The formal dining and kitchen became our new family room area. We installed a fireplace with built-in bookcases in the former dining room area. 

The master bedroom was actually the first room we completed. I knew I would need some place to retreat to that was clean and peaceful during this renovation. I choose Behr smokey slate as the wall color.

All the bedrooms had dark green plush carpeting and the walls had a slight pink tone to them.

The main guest bath got a budget friendly makeover using my favorite color combo, black and white.

Before it had yellow toned maple cabinetry, white tile with green grout and pink and green accent tile in the tub/shower combo.

Welcome to our guest room! This room is primarily for my favorite guests, my grandchildren. Not that I don’t love having other guests, but this room is really for the kiddos. I knew I wanted this room to be bright, colorful, happy and just a fun place to be. I think I have accomplished that with this energetic room.

Let’s take a look at this room from the day we moved in, pretty bland and boring. I sure didn’t want any guest staying in a room like this. The previous owners of this home were an elderly couple, and the house looked like it. The walls had a slight pink tint, deep forest green carpet throughout the house and lace, lots of lace.

On this side of the room is storage for books, toys and a few vintage items. The dramatic black and white chair add some energy to the room and it’s a great place to cuddle up and read a book.

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