Welcome to our Home!  4 years ago, we outgrew our starter home and built a new home with a more spacious floor plan. We opted to build a rambler since our first home was a multi-level and we were up and down those stairs what seamed to be a million times a day.  The challenge was finding the right floor plan to fit our needs.

  We finally agreed on the Torino floor plan by Ivory Homes.  This plan features 4 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths on the main level. We were thrilled that each of our kiddos would have their own rooms. The plan also features a large open area for the kitchen, dining and family room which is perfect for entertaining.  Since we are such DIY junkies we opted to use builders grade items throughout many spaces in the home knowing they would get an overhaul in due time.  This also allowed us to upgrade some structural items we knew would benefit the home in the long run such as the 3rd car garage and 9’ ceilings in the basement.   With his Construction Management Degree and my love for Interior Design, my Hubby, Dan and I both had a blast during the entire building process!  Join us for a tour of our home.

Welcome to our entryway.  5 years ago, Dan was asked to go on a business trip to London…needless to say I HAD to find a way to go with him!  We had also been fortunate to travel to Europe 5 years prior to that and toured mainly the Netherlands and some of Germany.  When I came across this vintage Bombay Dresser in a Home Consignment shop, I had to have it.  I pooled all of my birthday money together and brought my new treasure home.   We were also able to celebrate our 10th Anniversary while in London.  As a memento from our getaway I decided to paint the dresser with the Union Jack/British flag.   The entryway now features our travel wall with some of our most fond memories from our travels together as a family.  This is also a great conversation piece when visitors come.  It’s always fun to reminisce about fun experiences and share them with family and friends.

One of the perks of building your own home is being able to get things done how you want them.  Our mudroom is directly off the entry from the garage. The only thing in the space on the floorplan was a small bench.  We simply had the bench deleted from the floorplan so the space was empty.  This allowed us to custom build a bench and cubbies that fills the space perfectly, and looks as though it was a custom upgrade through the builders.

We now enter our oldest kiddo, Mr. G’s room.  Having his own room in this house meant no more sharing with his baby brother.  I let him pick out the color scheme, then I went to town creating the theme for his space constantly bouncing ideas off my Mom.  I love the cool industrial travel vibe and feel this design will last him for years to come.  Another way we saved money while building was having them paint the entire house white.  My angel Mom and I painted the entire house the week prior to moving in!  It was a big task to say the least but this way I was able to get the 2-tone paint throughout the house (at a fraction of the cost) and also used a few different colors in different spaces.

Fasten your seat belts as we enter the ultimate car lover room!  Our little guy Mr. A, eats, sleeps and breathes cars!  This space is finished complete with a lateral filing cabinet turned to tool chest dresser, wall display and storage for all of his favorite cars, photo gallery of many of his Great to Great-Great Grandpas with their old cars…not to mention a cherished picture of his Great-Great Grandpa racing in a real Hudson Hornet! This boy is in Heaven in his room! 

More pictures of the other bedrooms, office and main living area to come.