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I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you can paint perfect stripes on a textured wall and it’s easier than it looks.

In fact, with the right steps, you can have professional-looking results in no time.

One of the great things about painting is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can do with your walls.

You can go bold with a bright color or make a subtle statement with a tone on tone.

But one of the most popular choices for creating interest on your walls is stripes.

Painting stripes on your wall can add dimension and texture, and it’s a project that you can easily do yourself.

So if you’re thinking about giving this DIY a try, here are some tips for how to paint perfect stripes on a textured wall.

So grab your paint supplies and let’s paint stripes!

This room that we will be painting perfect stripes is for my son Gavin.

He chose the fun colors for his room and also wanted an industrial feel.

And instead of bringing in a pop of color with an accent wall, we’re adding that pop to the 5th wall, the ceiling.

You can see the complete room tour here.


To achieve great results you need a few supplies to paint stripes on your walls.

Determine Stripe Placement

First off you’ll want measure the dimensions of your wall, or ceiling in our case and decide how wide you’d like each stripe to be.

Then map it out on the wall so that all stripes are evenly spaced.

Once you have the dimensions, it was time to mark where each stripe would begin and end with a little pencil mark.

We placed a mark side of the ceiling for each stripe.

Woman hands holding a chalk line tool.

Then to mark our stripes we used a chalk line tool and placed the string at each pencil mark and snapped a straight line.

Basically a chalk line tool is a retractable string that is coated in chalk powder.

As you pull the string out and hold it taught, connecting 2 points, then snap the string and it makes a perfectly straight line.

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Paint stripes on a ceiing, first mark lines with a chalk line tool, red chalk lines on the white painted ceiling.

Without a doubt, this tool makes it easier to know exactly where to place the tape for our painted stripes!

Tape Off Stripes

Green painters tape is placed along the 5th wall, the ceiling before paint stripes.

Apply painters tape along the line for each stripe.

Then pressed it down with either your fingernail, or the edge of a credit card to push down on the tape firmly.

This is critical when painting a perfect stripe.

Protect Floor with a Drop Cloth

Certainly anytime you’re painting a wall, you want to protect the floor and any surface you don’t want paint on.

Especially if you’re painting a ceiling, you’re bound to get a little splatter when rolling.

If you’ve got painting on your to do list, then check out the secret to paint a room fast and how to paint a room with pro results.

Certainly we do a lot of painting around here, because it’s a great way to transform a room without spending a lot of money.

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The Secret to Paint Perfect Stripes

Paint a Bleed Coat

Green painters tape on the ceiling with the bleed coat of ceiling paint painted along edge of the tape.

Now this is the secret to achieving that perfect paint line.

First we’ll create a bleed coat or a seal coat

It’s a coat of paint that if it bleeds under the tape it’s the same color as the wall.

Roll or brush along the edge of the painters tape where you will be painting your contrasting stripe color.

Using a paint brush we brushed along the edge of the tape, brushing from the tape towards the area we wanted to paint the stripe.

It’s not necessary to paint the entire area with existing wall color, only the edge of the tape where it may bleed.

Pro tip: If you don’t have the wall paint color, paint on a clear coat in the same sheen as the wall color. This will act as your bleed or seal coat.

Paint Stripe Color

Woman standing on a ladder, holding a paint cup cutting in green paint for paint striped on the 5th wall, the ceiling.

Now it’s time to add the fun stripes to the wall or ceiling!

Cut in with a paint brush at the edges and then use a roller to fill in the stripes.

Woman holding a paint roller with a red extention pole painting kelly green stripes on the 5th wall, the ceiling.

Pro tip: Brush on a little paint into each stripe section so you don’t get confused and paint the wrong section.

It’s always best to paint at least two coats of paint, allowing it to dry before applying the second coat.

Woman painting strips on the ceiing with paint dripping on her face.

Caution: Don’t overload your roller when rolling a ceiling, or you may end up looking like my mom.

Remove Painters Tape While Paint is Wet

From past projects we’ve learned that it’s best to remove painters’ tape while the paint is still wet.

If the paint is dry it may pull off some of what you just painted.

Latex paint gives a little and there’s a chance that if you allow the paint to dry fully before moving the tape, your perfectly paint stripe may not be so perfect after all.

So, as soon as we’ve finished that last coat of paint, we begin to pull off the painters tape.

We let our perfectly painted stripes cure for a couple of days and then taped off the walls and painted them grey.

View of the 5th wall, the ceiling with kelly green paint stripes, navy blue curtains and 3 clocks on the wall.

I LOVE the finished result! Super crisp, neat and tidy, perfect painted stripes!

While Gavin’s at school you might find me lying on his bed for a minute while I admire the lovely ceiling.

I know I’m weird!

But sometimes you’ve just gotta admire your hard work!

After all it is a thing of beauty!

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Paint stripes kelly green on the ceiling of this boy industial bedroom, navy blue drapery on a pipe rod, industrial shelves with desk, blue and white striped bedding and a letter trunk at the foof of the bed.

Can You Leave Painters Tape On Between Coats?

As a matter of fact you can leave the tape on between coats.

You just want to be sure to remove it when the last coat is still wet.

What’s the Best Tape for Painting Stripes

We do have a preference on painter’s tape.

In particular we’ve found that some painter’s tape seep even on a smooth surface.

So we prefer to use Frog tape, because we always get great results with it.

Now that you know how to paint perfect stripes on a textured wall, it’s time to get started!

Be sure to follow the steps closely and use a bleed or seal coat for the best results.

Once your striped wall is finished, be sure to share a photo with us.

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