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Summer is just around the corner, who’s excited to do some outdoor entertaining? Whether you have a large or small space, with concrete, pavers, or a deck, we’ll share the perfect patio ideas for relaxing and entertaining this summer! 

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Patio Tables

Entertaining indoors or out, is almost always synonymous with dining right?! So the first thing to think about when planning your backyard patio, include a space in your design for ample dining seating.

There are so many different styles and options out there, with a wide range in price. Be sure to choose something that will weather well and will fit in your space comfortably, after-all you don’t want your guests feeling cramped.

Planning For Shade

Another element when preparing your outdoor entertaining space is to consider any sources of shade. Are there large trees to provide shade? Maybe a covered deck? If not, consider adding some shade to your patio with an umbrella, canopy or pergola.

Dining Patio Ideas

When thinking of patio ideas, it’s important to keep in mind that they are often considered an additional living space in your home. Prepare to dine outdoors by thinking of this space as your outdoor dining room. What items would come in handy to have outdoors to make your meal feel effortless and relaxing?

Outdoor Cooking

Dining won’t be completely effortless, unless of course you’re not the one who will be preparing the food! For those who will be cooking outside, it’s a great idea to have outdoor cooking utensils and food prep areas dedicated to this space.

Patio Ideas For Lounging

After the meal consider the idea that your guests will want to comfortably lounge and mingle. Add any additional seating where space permits to kick back, relax, and roast a few smores!

Add Comfort With Pillows

Adding some decorative throw pillows will add some extra comfort to your lounging area. They’re sure to add a bit of color and style to the space at the same time!

Incorporate Natural Decor Elements

Patio ideas should also include incorporating some natural decor elements such as potted plants, lanterns or a topiary. Remember this is an outdoor living space, spruce it up with a little bit of decor that is meant to withstand weather conditions of course!

Outdoor Rugs

Include outdoor rugs into your patio ideas. Similar to the throw pillows and outdoor decor elements, an outdoor rug will help your space feel cozy and tie everything together, further creating a designated outdoor living space with a purpose.

Lighting Ideas For The Patio

One of the best parts of using an outdoor living space is to embrace the cool summer nights. What better way to lengthen your stay outdoors than with some hanging lights?! Adding a little low lighting will give off enough light to continue entertaining guests as well as creating the perfect outdoor ambiance.

Be sure to check back later this month to see Michelle’s backyard patio, as we welcome in the Summer season!

We’re glad you stopped by today! What ideas would you implement in your own space? What colors are you drawn to? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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