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We hope you’ve been enjoying the recent organization and spring cleaning posts!  We have so many more tips and tricks to keeping a clean and orderly home this month!   Monday’s
Oh hey, it’s me again.  Are you ready for another curtain tutorial?  I feel like that’s all I’ve been talking about lately, but I do have a lot of different
Anyone else have cabin fever?!  We are more excited to welcome Spring this year than any other it seems.  We’ve seen little spring flowers staring to poke up out of
How clever are these DIY reversible holiday signs?!  I wish we could take credit for the creativity behind this clever idea.  Nonetheless others beat us to the punch, but that’s
Spring is just around the corner. Are you looking for some creative, budget-friendly ideas to incorporate Spring into your decor, or even a dinner party? Whether it be themed, everyday,
I have a thing for St. Patrick’s Day crafts and decorating, not that I’m Irish (my hubby has Irish heritage) which means does Steph too. The real reason is that
Are you looking for your next DIY project? Maybe you would like to create some built-in storage? Looking at building your own custom built-ins may seem like it’s just too
We are ready for winter to be over, how about you?  Today it’s another cold snowing day in Utah. While it cold outside, it’s a great time to work on
Hey guys, it’s me again, just plugging away here trying to get a bunch of posts out for ya!  What have you guys been up to?  What kind of activities
Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  We’ve been home from our southern California trip for a few days already and I still feel like I’m playing catch up.  It’s always

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