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It’s that time of year again!

The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp, and pumpkin spice everything is back in season.

Well almost!

If you’re looking for some simple pumpkin DIY ideas to add a touch of fall flair to your home, look no further.

In this blog post, we will show you how to make five easy pumpkins that look like your favorite high end dupes from Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, West Elm and Grandin Road.

Are you excited?!

But before we get started . . .

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Ok, now let’s get started with these fun Pumpkin DIYs.

Pumpkin DIY Anthropologie Dupe

Pumpkin DIY Anthropolgy dupe, metallic gold pumpkin on a marble and mango wood stand with dried hydrangeas, pampas grass wreath and gold dipped pumpkins.

Our first pumpkin DIY is inspired from Anthropologie.

While scrolling through the Anthropologie website I fell in love with the metallic gold candle.

The timeless elegant feel just spoke to me.

Woman holding a glass lidded pumpkin container for the pumpkin DIY in a kitchen with white shaker cabinets. Other brown thrift store ceramic pumpkins on the counter as well.

And as luck would have it, I had found the perfect glass pumpkin container while thrifting.

Paint Pumpkin Container

Pumpkin DIY, glass lidded pumpkin container painted with flat black spray paint setting on the kitchen counter.

First, I painted the outside of the glass pumpkin container with a flat black paint and primer in one.

The black paint will act as a base for applying the metallic finish and give it an aged look like the inspiration piece.

Also the black paint will add depth and dimension to the pumpkin DIY as well.

Apply Rub ‘n Buff

Woman's finger applying gold Rub and Buff to a flat black painted lid of a pumpkin container.

Once the black paint is dry, apply antique gold Rub ‘n Buff with your finger, cloth or a soft brush.

If Rub ‘n Buff is new to you, let me tell you a little about this product.

Rub ‘n Buff is a metallic wax that can be applied to metal, furniture, frames, ceramic, glass and home decor.

You can apply it with your finger, brush or cloth.

Generally I will use my finger, because I feel I have more control.

And after a minute or two you buff it with a soft cloth and you get a lustrous, metallic finish.

Not only does it come in gold, but there are 16 beautiful finishes from gold to copper and silver.

It’s really the easiest way to achieve a realistic metallic finish.

Wax is poured into the metallic gold pumpkin DIY for the Anthropology inspired metallic candle dupe.

Now you can stop right here if you just want pumpkin decor.

But because my inspiration piece was a candle and I already had beeswax I went ahead and made mine a pumpkin spice scented candle.

However, I’m not an expert at candle making, so I’ll refer you to the recipe and directions I used to make my candle.

This is a quick and easy pumpkin DIY and I LOVE the gorgeous metallic finish.

In addition, it adds just a warmth and cozy feel to my fall decorations.

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Pottery Barn Inspired Pumpkin DIY

Pumpkin DIY, thrift store ceramic pumpkins painted with a farmhouse lookl white and shadded with greige paint, dried hydrangeas ane one pumpkin elevated on a stack of vintage book. Pampas grass wreath hung on a vintage window.

As you probably already know we love decor from Pottery Barn.

It just doesn’t always fit within our budget.

We were drawn to these handmade terracotta pumpkins and knew with a little paint we could recreate this look.

Prime Ceramic Pumpkins

Woman holding a can applying white primer for pumpkin DIY. Pumpkins elevated on can on a drop cloth

On a recent shopping spree at our local thrift store we found a set of 5 ceramic pumpkins and at only $.75 they were a steal.

While the shape of the pumpkins is a little different than our inspiration pumpkins, we feel that we were able to achieve the desired finish with paint.

First, spray the pumpkins with two coats of white primer.

Apply Paint

Woman applies taupe paint to a white painted thrift store pumpkin.

For the look on this pumpkin DIY, we went for a flat finish.

Begin by dipping your paint brush in water and tap on a paper towel to release some of the water.

Then pick up a little paint and dab it into the crevices of the pumpkin.

The paint I’m using is a paint sample from Behr called Garden Wall.

It a good greige/taupe color that will add depth and dimension to the pumpkin.

Woman blends painted pumpkin with a coffee filter.

Then take a damp coffee filter and blend the color around the pumpkin.

You’ll want to keep more paint in the crevices, but mottle the color around the pumpkin to add texture.

Let the paint dry.

Woman' holding a white painted pumpkin, applying paint with a paint brush into the grooves of the ceramic pumpkin.

Next pick up more paint on the paintbrush, this time with less water in the brush and dab more paint into the crevices of the pumpkin.

Woman's hand holding a white painted pumpkin, dabbing a damp coffee filter to blend in a taupe color paint in the grooves and creaves.

And then dab the color with a dry coffee filter.

You’ll want to blend the color, but leave more paint this time in the crevices.

And that’s it!

This technique it really fast and I love the results.

In addition, there are even more Stunning Fall Diy Decorating Ideas that are cheap.

West Elm Inspired Half-Dipped Pumpkin DIY

Pumpkin DIY, glossy white and gold dipped pumpkin from thrift store ceramic pumpkin setting on a stack of vintage books.

The elegant look of the West Elm Half-dipped Ceramic Pumpkin immediately caught my eye.

It feels sophisticated and modern.

But I must say, I think I like our pumpkin DIY version better than the inspiration.

Apply Primer and Paint to Ceramic Pumpkins

Woman applying a glossy white spray paint to two thrift store ceramic pumpkins.

To achieve this sophisticated pumpkin decor, we first applied a white primer to our thrift store ceramic pumpkins.

Once dry, we applied two coats of a gloss white spray paint.

Let dry overnight to make sure it’s cured before the next step.

Mask Pumpkin and Apply Rub ‘n Buff

Green frog tape is applied around the middle of a painted glossy white pumpkin.

Be sure to allow the paint to fully cure, then apply masking tape around the pumpkin.

Press firmly along the edge of the tape to seal the edge.

Pumpkin DIY, woman's hands holding a white painted pumpkin, with green frog tape forming a line around the lover half of the pumpkin, applying antique gold Rub and Buff with her finger.

And to achieve that beautiful metallic half-dipped look, apply antique gold Rub ‘n Buff with your finger to the lower portion of the pumpkin.

Woman's hand buffing the Rub and Buff gold on the pumpkin DIY.

Wait a minute or two and allow the wax to dry and then buff with a soft cloth.

That’s it!

Another quick and easy pumpkin DIY!

Are you ready to try one of these pumpkin decor ideas?

Make your home cozy and inviting with these ideas.

Natural Braided Pumpkin DIY

Pumpkin DIY, braided raffia pumpkin with dried hydrangeas.

Our next high-end dupe is also from West Elm, a natural braided pumpkin.

The West Elm pumpkin is $35 and our DIY natural braided pumpkin cost us less than $5.

Out of all of the the pumpkin DIYs, this one is the most time consuming, but well worth the look.

It would look great on a rustic tablescape or styled with a farmhouse, coastal feel.

Paint Foam Pumpkin

Woman applying tan paint to an orange foam pumpkin.

For this pumpkin DIY we used a cheap dollar store pumpkin.

You’ll want to first paint it tan, you don’t want any of that bright orange paint slipping through.

Braid Raffia

Woman's hand braiding a length of raffia.

The inspiration pumpkin is made from braided water hyacinth.

For our pumpkin we braided raffia.

Gather together 12-16 piece of raffia, knot at one end and secure it to a surface with tape.

Then begin braiding.

Woman's hand holding a long length of braided raffia.

We braided the entire length of the raffia and then cut it apart to make the pumpkin.

Once you’re close to the end, tie a loop knot.

Glue Braided Raffia to Pumpkin

Woman's hand holding the raffia braid on the top of the pumpkin.

Begin gluing one end of the braided raffia to the top of the pumpkin.

Woman cut braided raffia with scissors after it's been applied to the pumpkin DIY.

Next trim off the knot.

Woman applying hot glue to the loose ends of the raffia on the foam pumpkin.

And secure the loose ends of raffia with the hot glue.

Woman holds raffia braid to the tan painted foam pumpkin.

Continue applying braided strips of raffia, first in all of the grooves in the pumpkin.

Woman applying glue to foam pumpkin to attach a piece of braided raffia.

Then begin to fill in each section with more braided raffia pieces, securing at the top and the bottom of the pumpkin.

Woman presses a popsicle stick to hold the raffia braid while the glue cools.

You may find it helpful to use a popsicle stick to hold the raffia braid while the glue cools.

Add Natural Stem to Pumpkin

Braided raffia pumpkin with a stick for a stem setting on a white countertop with a blue glue gun and black scissors.

For the stem, clip a small branch from a tree and push into the foam pumpkin.

Woman, wrapping and gluing raffia to the stick stem on the pumpkin DIY.

Then secure a piece of raffia to the top of the branch, wrapping the raffia around the stem.

Finally secure with glue at the end.

While this pumpkin DIY does take a bit of time, we LOVE the results.

If you love this look, put on your favorite movie and spend the evening making braids for your natural pumpkin DIY.

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Gold Studded Pumpkin DIY Inspired by Grandin Road

Pumpkin DIY, gold studded pumpkin with dried hydrangeas, candlestick and pampas grass wreath.

Our last pumpkin diy inspiration is from Grandin Road.

Without a doubt Grandin Road is one of my favorite sites to find great holiday decor.

And these metallic textured pumpkins will not disappoint.

Segment DIY Pumpkin with Cord

Woman wraps twine into the grooves of a large faux apple to form sections for the pumpkin DIY.

Ok this is really not a pumpkin, but by the time we’re through it will look like a pumpkin.

We found this large faux apple while thrifting and thought we would re-imagine it as a pumpkin.

First, we placed twine around the apple to segment it.

However, after it was all finished we wished we would have used a cotton cord.

You’ll see when it’s all finished that the twine left little fibers.

So if you’re going to try this pumpkin DIY I’d highly recommend using a cotton cord to segment the pumpkin.

Insert Thumbtacks

Woman's hand pressing in gold thumbtacks into a large foam apple for the next pumpkin DIY.

To give our DIY pumpkin the texture of the inspiration piece we pressed thumbtacks into the faux apple.

DIY Pumpkin Stem and Curly-Q

Hot glue is applied to the end of a stick to form the stem for this pumpkin DIY.

Once it’s covered in thumbtacks cut a small piece from a branch and attach it to the top with glue.

Woman's hands wrapping wet twine around a metal knitting needle to form a curly Q, with a gold studded pumpkin with a twig stem in the background.

Then wet a 18″ piece of twine or cotton cord and wind it around a metal knitting needle.

Bake in a 350° oven for 10 minutes.

This will give you the perfect curly-q to glue to your pumpkin stem.

Paint DIY Pumpkin

Gold Metallic spray paint is applied to the gold studded pumpkin.

And finally paint your DIY textured pumpkin with a metallic gold spray paint.

While painting the pumpkin I used a stir stick to hold up the curly-q to get paint over the entire surface of the pumpkin.

Metallic gold DIY pumpkin on a stack of vintage books in a galvanized tray with a textured vase, maple leaves, and acorns on a elevated plate.

So, there you have it!

Five easy and inexpensive pumpkin DIYs that will add a touch of luxury to your fall decor.

My personal favorite is the gold dipped pumpkin – it’s so simple but looks amazing!

What about you?

Which of these pumpkins is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below.

And if you want even more pumpkin inspiration, be sure to check out our post “The Best Pumpkin Craft Ideas“.

Happy crafting!

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Pumpkin DIY Anthropolgy dupe, metallic gold pumpkin on a marble and mango wood stand with dried hydrangeas, pampas grass wreath and gold dipped pumpkins.

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