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Traditional Christmas Decorations to Create a Cozy Home

Family traditions have always been a big part of our lives. Many have been around as far back as I can remember as a small child.

It’s in these traditions that we long for familiarity and quality time spent strengthening family relationships. They even provide a sense of identity.

Creating a home where children feel valued, safe and loved is more important than ever in our world today. Clearly, family traditions are an integral way to celebrate life and the love that binds a family together.

Traditions give us a sense of belonging and help us celebrate generations of family. More importantly, traditions create positive memories for children. Undoubtedly, children crave this connection with family that comes with traditions.

I think it’s safe to say that this year more than ever, we’re all craving the comfort and familiarity of family traditions, not just children, especially during the Holiday season. Our theme for Christmas this year encompasses all that goes into creating a cozy home. We’re focusing on the use of traditional Christmas decorations as we reminisce Christmases past. 

We hope you’ll follow along as we share some of our favorite traditional Christmas decorating ideas, as you think about incorporating traditional elements into your home decor for the Holidays this year!

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Christmas Trees

A cozy home at Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas Tree!

There are a variety to choose from, tall and slender, thick and full, pre-lit, flocked. Whatever your style preference, there are plenty of options to find the perfect tree.


Another traditional Christmas decoration is garland. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are beautiful draped across a mantel, on a railing, placed down the center of a table, or on top of a bookcase. You really can’t go wrong with garland. It carries the look of the Christmas tree to other areas of the room.

Stockings & Holders

As a child, there was always so much excitement and anticipation around our stockings. We each had our own unique stocking, and were always anxious to see what it would be filled with on Christmas morning.

Although you may not have a mantel to hang your stockings, there are also a variety of decorative stocking holders meant to be mounted on the wall, or floor stands.

Nativity Sets

One of my favorite traditional Christmas decorations, even still as an adult, are the many nativity sets my parents have. My Mom has been collecting a wide variety of them as long as I can remember! It’s always fun to look at the details of each one and remember Christmases past.

Advent Calendars

As children, we also had a couple different advent calendars or ways we could count down the days remaining until Christmas. There was so much excitement each day as we took turns (or more realistically fought over whose turn it was!) to move the counter down a day! As children, December seemed to be the longest month of the year. As an adult now, I too have some fun calendars for my own children to use, and they love it too.

Mistletoe & Misc.

Awe the traditional Christmas decoration of mistletoe. I have fond memories as a child trying to avoid standing underneath the mistletoe…unless my sister and I were dragging my little brother underneath so we could pester him with our kisses.

There are also other miscellaneous items of Christmas decor that were brought out every year, that became traditional to us as children.

Our Grandma had a gingerbread house that was filled with small little trinkets and toys. Each time we came to visit during the Christmas season, we’d each get to pick one item to take home with us. They weren’t anything extravagant by any means, rather, the would’ve been filled with small miscellaneous items from the Dollar Spot at Target, or the Dollar Tree. But to us, they meant the world. We were always eager to go to Grandmas house to see what new goodie we could take home with us leading up to Christmas Day. A small and simple way that would help the days go a little faster.

Writing letters to Santa were also an annual tradition. As a child, I often wondered how each of the letters would make it to the North Pole. I also remember drawing pictures for Santa and letting him know what a good girl I’d been.

These darling mailboxes labeled “letters to Santa” would be the perfect place to have them drop their letters. It would be a special mailbox for letters to him only, and there would be no question if they’d reach the North Pole or not.

Even though you may not feel a simple piece of home decor alone can be a tradition, take a minute to think about any specific items you have to put out in order for it to feel like home at Christmas. You may be surprised how many items really do have special meaning to you or your children. 

Cozy Throw Blankets

Another fond Christmas memory was to cuddle up in a cozy blanket and watch our favorite Christmas shows and movies. You can’t ever go wrong with too many cozy blankets around the house right?

Throw Pillow Covers

If you’ve been following along our journey for a while now, you know that one of the easiest, simple and budget-friendly ways to spruce up a space is to swap out the pillow covers. My Mom has pillow covers for each change of season and Holiday! And every year, it’s still fun to see the different styles and covers come out, which ultimately make my parents home feel more cozy and complete around Christmas time.

Front Porch & Wreaths

Perhaps this section should’ve been the first on our list. For it is the front porch that ultimately welcomes guests into your home, and lets your neighbors and passers by know that you are celebrating the season.

Even if you may not have a large porch area to decorate, a simple festive wreath can do just the trick.

For those of you who have more room to work with, you could decorate with small Christmas trees, or large vertical signs that welcome the spirit of Christmas into your homes.

Whatever Christmas traditions look like for you and your family, we hope you were able to gather a few ideas to incorporate into your cozy Christmas home this year! That you and yours will be able to create stronger family bonds and enjoy memorable times together.

We’re grateful to have you here and follow along with us on our journey. We wish you all the very best this Holiday season and hope you all stay well and healthy! Here’s to a wonderful, cozy Christmas!


Please share with us some of your family traditions surrounding Christmas. We are always looking for new and fun ideas to try.

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Traditional Christmas Decor

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