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Every spring I get the urge to freshen up a room or two.

Certainly one of the easiest ways to freshen up the bathroom is with a new shower curtain.

With this in mind, I came across a pretty floral flat sheet that I thought would add cottage style to my main bathroom.

Making a shower curtain is quick and easy.

In fact, I’ll share a no sew version that can be made in less than an hour.

When I first remodeled my bathroom, I had so many comments on my shower curtain.

And at the time I didn’t have any photos of the process.

So, I thought it was time to show you just how easy it is to make.

However if you’d like to know how to sew a custom shower curtain click here.

Supplies to Make a Shower Curtain

Woman' holding a flat sheet package in the bathroom with a vintage vanity mirrot and lighting in the background.

Here’s a list of the supplies I used to make my shower curtain:

Of course, if you’d like to sew your shower curtain you can omit the fusible web and grommets.

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Prepare Flat Sheet

Generally before I sew anything, I like to wash my fabric.

Then if there is any shrinkage, it won’t ruin my project.

Before I start making the shower curtain, I also pressed the sheet with a steam iron.

Cut Sheet to Length

Woman's hands marking with a pencil the mark for trimming the flat sheet to make a shower curtain.

First you’ll want to determine how long you’d like your shower curtain to be.

I like mine to be fairly long.

In fact, I feel that the longer the shower curtain, the higher the ceiling will feel.

With that in mind, I decided to cut my flat sheet to 88″ long.

Woman's hand cutting flat sheet to make a shower curtain.

This will allow for a 4″ double fold hem, with the finished shower curtain length at 80.”

To keep this as simple as possible, you’ll use the existing top hem and side seams of the sheet.

So there is only one hem to finish.

Make a Shower Curtain with a No Sew Hem

Woman's hand measuring flat sheet for hem to make a shower curtain.

First you’ll want to make a 4″ fold from the cut end of the sheet.

Press with a hot steam iron.

Then fold over another 4″ and press again.

Woman's hand holding a package of fusible bonding web.

To make a no sew shower curtain, you’ll use a fusible web for the hem.

Place the fusible web in between the 2 layers of the 4″ pressed hem.

Woman's hand on iron, pressing hem for a DIY shower curtain

Then place a damp press cloth over the hem and press with a hot iron.

Hold the iron over the hem with the fusible web for 10 seconds all along the hem.

Then flip over to the right side of the fabric and repeat the pressing.

This will ensure that the fusible web is secure along the entire hem.

Add Grommets

Woman's finger pointing to the top hem of a sheet, how to make a shower curtain.

The top hem of the flat sheet is the perfect place to add the holes for the shower curtain rings.

Generally when I make a shower curtain, I’ll make button holes for the rings to go through.

But to keep this quick and easy, we’ll use grommets instead.

Woman's had marking fabric for grommet placment for the DIY shower curtain from a flat sheet.

First, you’ll want to determine the spacing for your holes.

You can easily determine this from your shower curtain liner.

I spaced out my holes for the shower curtain 6 1/2″ apart.

Woman's hand tracing the inside of a grommet on the flat sheet.

Next you want to take one side of the grommet and trace the inside of the hole.

Woman's hand cutting out a small circle for the grommet for the shower curtain.

Then take some sharp scissors and trim the hole.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, you just need to be able to fit the end of the grommet through the hole.

Woman's hand place one side of a silver grommet on the anvil.

Next place the grommet piece that will be on the right side of the shower curtain onto the anvil.

Tip: When you buy a package of grommets, select one with the tools in the package if you don’t already have them.

Woman's hand holding flat sheet, pressing grommet through hole to make a shower curtain.

Then place the right side of the fabric over the grommet.

Woman placing the piece of the grommet over the first piece on the flat sheet.

Next, add the ring with the prongs.

Woman's hands holding a hammer, tapping the grommet on the shower curtain.

Then place the setter over the hole and tap until the grommet is secured to the fabric.

Repeat until all of the grommets are attached.

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Embellish Shower Curtain

Woman's hands holding a strip of fusible web to apply lace trim to the top of make a shower curtain.

Last but not least, I thought it would be fun to embellish my shower curtain with a little lace.

For a queen size flat sheet you’ll need about 3 yards of lace.

Once again, I used the fusible web to secure the lace to the top of the fabric.

Lace trim at the top of the DIY shower curtain.

When securing the lace with the fusible web, be sure to use a pressing cloth.

You don’t want to get fusible web stuck to your iron.

Hang and Enjoy

Finished shower curtain hanging in the bathroom, Made from a blush floral flat sheet. Bathroom has white subway tile and white penny tile with black grout. Black ceiling with natural wood shelves.

Can you believe how easy it is to make a custom shower curtain?

Definitely using a sheet makes the process so much faster.

Are you ready to give this project a try?!

Will you be using the no sew method, or are you a seamstress?

Did you know this same method can be used for drapes?

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