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Add a little festive patriotic decor to your home with this easy 4th of July decor with FREE Printable.

Can you believe that we are talking about Fourth of July decor already?! Admittedly, it may seem a bit early, however in the blogging world, the early bird gets the worm.

Actually, a few weeks ago one of our followers sent us an email asking if we were planning on making more FREE holiday printables for the bunting we put together for Easter.

DIY Easter Decoraton, garland made with dollar store frames and FREE printable.

Although, it had not crossed our minds, we thought it was a great idea! With this in mind, we made a few little tweaks and transformed the Easter bunting into fun and festive decor, perfect for the Fourth of July.

This Easter bunting was the most popular decor we added to our spring decorating collection this year. So, why not update this decor for the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July Decor in Action . . .

Updating the Easter Bunting

If you’re new here, let’s recap how we made the Easter bunting. We found these cute corrugated metal frames with bulldog clips at Dollar Tree. In fact, this was the base we used for our holiday decor. If you want to see how we connected the frames to the jute, click here.

Since, we had not planned on making this bunting for other holidays, we simply used hot glue to attach the carrots in between each frame.

Therefore, the first thing we needed to do was remove the carrots. As it happens, this was easily done by heating up the hot glue with a hair dryer, then we could easily pull them off. 

With the idea of using this bunting for other holidays, next year we’ll attach mini clothes pins to the carrots, then we can simply clip them onto the bunting.

Fourth of July Decor FREE Printable

Crafting a 4th of July Bunting

Of course, in order to change this into decor for the Fourth of July, we would need a new printable. This was a challenge since we only had 6 frames. Apparently most patriotic words have 7 letters. 

However with a little brainstorming we came up with 4th of July. 

You can get your FREE Fourth of July Printable by clicking on the button below.

They are sized perfectly to fit our little frames. You’ll just need to print, cut and clip to the frames.

How to Make Patriotic Tassels

Supplies for tassels:

  • red, white & blue tissue paper
  • string or jute
  • clear Scotch tape

Begin by cutting the tissue paper to 10″x 5″. For each tassel you will need one of each color. This too can be purchased at Dollar Tree, keeping this patriotic craft inexpensive.

Stack the 3 pieces of tissue paper together and fold in half.

Crafting a 4th of July Bunting

Next, you’ll want to fringe the tissue paper.  Make 1/8″-1/4″ cuts from the open end, up to the folded edge of the tissue paper, stopping about 1/2″ from the fold.

This can be done with scissors or a paper cutter.

Then open up the fringed tissue paper and lay a piece of string or jute in the crease of the fold.

Next, secure one end of the string or jute with a piece of tape. This will make it much easier to roll the tassel.

Crafting a 4th of July Bunting

At this time roll the fringed paper into a tassel. Be sure to keep the end of the string or jute free.

Finally secure the rolled end of the tassel with a piece of clear Scotch tape.

And there you have it, a fun little patriotic tassel perfect for the Fourth of July.

If you ask Steph, she thinks they look like mini fireworks.

Attach Tassel to Patriotic Bunting

Now you are ready to attach the tassels to the Fourth of July decor. 

I think seven tassels look great on this patriotic bunting. I tied a tassel in between each frame and then another tassel on each end.

You can tie this in a knot or a bow. I chose to tie them in bows, so they will be easy to remove.

Take a Look at our Fourth of July Decor. . .

Patriotic Decor

Doesn’t this look so fun and festive hanging across Steph’s fireplace mantle?!

Without a doubt, her fireplace and mantle take center stage in her living room and it’s the perfect spot for adding decor for any holiday.

Patriotic Decor

I love the little red, white and blue tassels! But if you are not into making tassels, it would also be cute to clip on some glittery stars or maybe even a piece of ribbon.

Patriotic Decor

How do you like our holiday bunting for the Fourth of July? 

Are you ready to start adding a little patriotic decor in your home?

We hope you’ll give this Fourth of July Dollar Tree inspired DIY decor a try!

If you do please share how yours turns out. We love hearing from you.

And if you have specific things you’d like to see on our blog you can leave us a comment below or drop us an email. We love hearing from you!

Looking for more ideas, then check out Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas on a Budget.

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  1. Beverly Shambeda

    I just came on the website hoping for this very same thing. I love my Easter/Spring banner and want to update it to Summer then Autumn then Winter 🙂 Guess I’ll go with the 4th of July instead.

    1. Michelle Dickson

      We are so happy you found the post Beverly. Changing the banner for the seasons seems to be popular. Keep a lookout for the next season or holiday for a new printable.

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