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Simple & Inexpensive 4th of July Ideas for Your Home.

It seems lately, we are always a day late and a dollar short! Certainly, with all of the time we’ve been putting into the One Room Challenge bathroom project, it has taken a toll on our energy and time. Not only did we have intentions of getting our 4th of July decor out earlier, but we also wanted to share with you some simple and inexpensive ideas.

In my opinion, it’s better late than never. Am I right?! 

Because of our limited time, we were only able to get Steph’s 4th of July decor photographed. Hopefully next year we can share mine.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy a little patriotic inspiration. 

Decorate with Me for the 4th of July

Front Porch 4th of July Decor Ideas

4th of July Decor

First, let’s begin with Steph’s front porch. The first piece of 4th of July decor we added was a red, white & blue welcome mat to great her visitors and a plant.

During the summer months, I think it’s always good to add a plant or a pot of flowers. It adds some life, color and movement to a bare porch corner.

4th of July Decor

To add a little softness and color to the bench, we added a red and white striped beach towel and a blue star beach bag. Certainly, it brings in that 4th of July decor feeling we are going for. And just for fun we added a couple of water guns.

4th of July Decor

On the front door we added our playful summer wreath. It’s a quick and cheap DIY.

In addition, we made a 4th of July decor garland from mini beach balls we found at Oriental Trading.

Playful and patriotic Summer Wreath for Front Door made with a red pool noodle, flip flops, swim goggles, and nautical ribbon on a navy blue door with mini patriotic beach ball garland.

While the wreath isn’t specifically 4th of July decor, it feels like it is with the red white and blue colors.

4th of July Ideas for the Mantle

4th of July Decor

Personally, I think the mantle is my favorite place to decorate for the 4th of July. It’s definitely the focal point of the living room and what better place to decorate for any holiday.

4th of July Decor

The first piece of patriotic decor we added was this simple 4th of July bunting. Not only is it cheap to make, but it goes together so fast!

Remember, several of our readers requested more FREE printables to update this bunting for the seasons. So that’s exactly what we did!

Click on the link above, so you too can get the FREE printable.

4th of July Decor

Steph always feels like she doesn’t have much holiday decor. But we were able to create that feeling on the mantle by adding 2 red decor items (the sailboat and buoy) and created the look and feel of patriotic decor, because of their color.

So, as you add decor for the 4th of July, think outside the box and add items that are red, white and blue. You’ll instantly get that patriotic feel without the expense of buying holiday specific items.

Patriotic Decor in the Living Room

Patriotic Decor Ideas

With this in mind, the coffee table was updated by simply adding a red, white & blue table runner. The centerpiece and tray remained unchanged, but the pop of color instantly makes the decor feel like the 4th of July.

4th of July Decor

Decorating the Piano

4th of July Decor

The next area we added 4th of July decor was the piano. 

First we replaced the window that was hung above the piano with this patriotic window we painted several years ago.

It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces. I also have one in my home.

We painted 11 of these patriotic windows for an IVF fundraiser for my son and his wife. Clearly, I was so happy that there were a couple left over after the sale, because I really wanted one for myself. 

Obviously I’m a little selfish, but after all the hours of work, I wanted one all for myself!

4th of July Decor

Actually, the only other decor items for the 4th of July here are the thrifted stoneware crock and the flags.

Not only does this vignette feel patriotic, but is also speaks summer. with the nautical lanterns and conch shells.

Decorating the Bombay Chest with Holiday Decor

Patriotic Decor Ideas

And behind the sofa on the console table we filled a bread bowl with red, white & blue balls. 

This little project can be made in less than 20 minutes. You can see the quick tutorial over on instagram.

Easy 4th of July Decor with Pillow Covers

4th of July Decor

The blue and white striped pillows are part of Steph’s everyday decor, we only added this fun 4th of July pillow cover for a little additional patriotic decor.

Undoubtedly, updating the pillow covers is my favorite way to decorate for the seasons.

Patriotic Bunting

4th of July Decor

As it happens, Steph has always wanted to add a patriotic bunting to her 4th of July decor. 

When she spotted this bunting at Hobby Lobby, she knew she would find a place for it. 

Without changing any of the decor on her shelf over the stairs, this area instantly feels patriotic with the addition of the bunting.

To attach the bunting to the shelf, we simply placed a thumbtack through the bunting and into the sides of the wooden shelf.

Patriotic Decor on the Dining Table

4th of July Decor

The final area we decorated for the 4th of July is the dining table.

Do you love browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby for seasonal decor? Definitely, it’s one of our favorite pastimes.

While there we spotted this fun 4th of July table runner and knew we had to purchase it.

4th of July Decor

For the centerpiece we filled another bread bowl with a little Spanish moss, more conch shells and a cobalt blue vase.

In the vase we placed white Daisys and flags. 

Finally, the red, white & blue beaded tassel decor completes the 4th of July centerpiece.

Festive, Fun Fourth of July Decorating

4th of July Decor

I believe that Steph’s home looks perfectly decorated for the 4th of July. While she thinks she doesn’t have much holiday decor, it was just enough to create a fun and patriotic feel to her home.

Patriotic Decor Ideas

What is your favorite 4th of July decor piece in Steph’s home?

Do you like to add decor for the 4th of July too?

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4th of July Decorating Ideas

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