Simple Tablescape Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Spring is just around the corner. Are you looking for some creative, budget-friendly ideas to incorporate Spring into your decor, or even a dinner party? Whether it be themed, everyday, or a holiday gathering, we’re excited to share simple tablescape ideas with you today! 

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Simple Tablescape Ideas

Anyway, moving right along…

We’ve chosen a fairly neutral color scheme of black, white and tan, with a pop of green. 

This will be the tablescape we use to celebrate my Mom’s birthday on St. Patrick’s Day.  

But you can use these simple tablescape ideas for any event. Simply don’t add the leprechauns or gold coin elements to the table. 

The first layer of this serene setting are the burlap pieces. 

First we laid down a square piece of burlap on a diagonal in the center of the table. 

Then we layered the burlap table runner to the length of the table.

After that, we added an all purpose moss matte we found at Hobby Lobby.

Don’t forget, you can always use their 40% off coupon! 

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Simple Tablescape Ideas

To Create a Practical Centerpiece

We then began to use different elements to add varying heights and dimension to the tablescape. 

The tan base used to elevate the candle holder and flowers is actually a wooden bowl placed upside down. 

This amazing bowl came from a local thrift store for only $0.50!

It’s ok to be thrifty! Use what you have on hand! We do it ALL the time! 

The candle holder was FREE at a yard sale!  Can’t beat that price! 

The votive candles came in a 12 pack including glass for around $7. 

My Mom had the moss balls tucked away in her decor stash. Some are real and some are artificial. 

The gold coins came from Dollar Tree.  There were about 20 per pack.

If you’re having trouble finding these you can get a variety of options here.

The gold candlesticks came from a thrift store for $0.75 each. 

The original price tags were on the bottom of them for $22 each from Pier 1!

To create varying heights with the candlesticks you can simply untwist them to take each piece apart.  Then you can customize the height to what you want. 

The black chargers came from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each.

The gold rimmed plates were found at a thrift store for $1 each. 

We had a hard time finding green plates.

We looked at 7 different stores before finally finding some at Smith’s Marketplace. 

They were even on clearance for $0.75 each!

Simple Tablescape Ideas Using Free Printable

We found a 12 pack of cloth napkins on Amazon for $15.  

Then we used black curtain rings as a napkin ring and clipped wallet size prints of our vintage FREE St. Patrick’s Day printables

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Don’t forget to download yours HERE!

We also added a little gold ribbon to the curtain ring to complement the gold from the plates, candlesticks and gold coins.

The green goblets came from Arby’s of all places! 

Who else remembers when they had a promotion going maybe 15-20 years ago where you could buy the goblets for $0.99 with each meal or something like that?

Guess who took her family out to eat for a few different meals so she could buy a collection of these goblets?

You got it! My Mom! 

These goblets have seen many family parties, and I’m sure they’ll see plenty more in their day!

My Mom inherited her Grandma’s silverware after her passing. This adds the perfect sentimental touch to our tablescape. 

The final elements to our simple tablescape ideas, are these beautiful white carnations. 

Adding fresh flowers to this tablescape creates a soft, calm and romantic mood.

What is your favorite element from this tablescape?  

I mentioned the cost of many of the items used in this tablescape as a reference for you. 

Did you know that we already had most of the items on hand that have already been used for multiple parties? 

The only items we purchased for this specific tablescape are the napkins, green plates and fresh flowers, for a total of about $27! 

It’s so much more budget-friendly to buy different elements here and there and before you know it you’ll have a large decor supply fit for any party!

(And these new napkins and plates will see many more parties in the future!)

Thanks for spending some time with us today!

What elements are you going to implement in your next tablescape?  Please comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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