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Are you looking for small kitchen organization ideas that will make your home function more efficiently?

Today we’ll share with you some simple yet effective organization ideas that are perfect for a small kitchen.

When it comes to small kitchen organization, small changes can make a big difference.

In fact, top bloggers know this and have some great organization hacks for making small kitchens look and feel bigger with clever storage solutions.

A special thanks to our blogging friends for sharing their creative ideas.

Learn how to utilize the space you have to make your home more efficient.

From cabinet and drawer organization ideas, to spice and baking storage tips – these small changes can have a big impact on how well your kitchen functions!

Read on to learn the creative small kitchen organization ideas that you can implement in your home today.

Small Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Cabinet organization is key for small kitchen organization.

Utilize the vertical space in your cabinets by using tiered shelf risers and stackable bins.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, create storage on the cabinet door with a DIY shelf.

Image credit:

Don’t forget to use the cabinet door as storage as well.

I love this simple addition to Amanda’s cabinet.

Such a great use of space!

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, add hooks inside cabinet doors for more storage.

Image credit:

Love this simple idea from Zoe.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, add hooks inside cabinet doors for more storage.

Image credit:

Baking pans and platter vertical storage in cabinet over fridge.

Image credit:

In small kitchens, simple dividers make for smart organization.

This is a great way to organize cutting boards, sheet pans, baking pans, pizza stones and platters.

Also simple storage racks for baking dishes, pans or lids can make organizing a small kitchen so efficient.

Pullout Shelves

Make your small kitchen more organized and efficient with pullout shelves.

Pullout chrome sliding shelves for under sink kitchen storage.

Image credit:

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, pullout baking sheet storage.

Image credit:

Certainly we all know how difficult it can be to store baking pans.

Love this great idea from Megan, a simple sliding organizer!

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, pullout DIY utensil storage for a narrow cabinet.

Image credit:

In a small kitchen, making use of every space to the fullest it key.

If you like to DIY, take a look at Megan’s utensil storage idea.

Certainly small changes like this can help keep items organized and off of countertops.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, pullout DIY shelves.

Image credit:

I believe one of the smartest ways to keep any kitchen organized is with pullout shelves or deep drawers.

Utilize Turntables

Add organizing baskets to corner turntables.

Image credit:

If you have a blind corner cabinet in your kitchen, you probably have a turntable, but they are not always ideal.

Often items fall off the turntable and can be difficult to retrieve.

I love this idea from Laura and take a look at her blog.

She has some smart ideas for keeping a small kitchen organized.

Utilize lazy Susans in kitchen cabinets.

Image credit:

Clearly, turntables or lazy Susans are a great idea for a standard cabinet as well.

Are you loving these ideas for organizing small kitchens?!

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Drawer Organization in a Small Kitchen

Bamboo utensil organizer

Image credit:

Certainly keeping drawers neat and organized is top priority in a small kitchen.

And it doesn’t need to be fancy.

In fact this adjustable bamboo organizer, along with a couple of bamboo boxes are perfect in this drawer.

Clearly the key is using every inch of space wisely.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, spices alphabetized and labeled in kitchen drawer with Ikea drawer organizers.

Image credit:

Even affordable Ikea drawer organizers can keep cooking utensils neat and orderly.

And spices alphabetically arranged in cohesive containers keep this drawer looking good.

DIY custom drawer organizers.

Image credit:

If you need something a little more customized take a look at these DIY drawer dividers from Kati.

Ziploc bags stored in a narrow small kitchen drawer.

Image credit:

What do you do with a small drawer like this?

It turned out to be the perfect spot to organize food storage bags in this small kitchen.

Sometimes you need to experiment to see what works best in your kitchen.

Utilize lid organizers in drawers or cabinets.

Image credit:

Storing like items will help to maintain order in your kitchen and one item I absolutely love in my kitchen is this lid organizer.

It helps keep order in a drawer that can easily get out of control.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, store towels and dish cloths vertically for more storage space.

Image credit:

This is one if my favorite tips!

Store towels vertically, you can double the amount of storage and it always stays looking neat.

Utilize Wall Space

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, DIY a magnetic knife rack.

Image credit:

If you are tight on storage in your small kitchen, creatively use your wall space as storage.

Not only is this a brilliant way to store knifes, it’s also looks amazing!

DIY a pot and pan rack.

Image credit:

What do you think of this creative idea for storing cast iron pans?

Not only does it look amazing, but they are also easily accessible.

Create Zones

Create zones, such as lunch packing zone with inexpensive plastic drawer.

Image credit:

To keep this small kitchen organized and running smoothly, this busy mom has created zones.

Don’t you love her lunch packing zone?!

Organized baking supplies in cabinet with pullout shelf and modular containers.

Image credit:

Jessica has also incorporated in her kitchen a baking zone.

All baking supplies are stored on a rollout shelf with modular containers that are neatly labeled.

Can you see implementing these ideas in your kitchen?!

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Spice Organization

DIY a spice rack for a kitchen drawer.

Image credit:

One area in the kitchen that can be difficult to organize are the spices.

They come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes and often get lost in cupboards and drawers.

Certainly labeling and sorting them in alphabetical order is the ideal.

The DIY riser created by Charleston crafted is just plain smart.

Organize spices with this DIY wooden spice rack.

Image credit:

If you are tight on drawer space, I love this beautiful DIY spice wall cabinet.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, spices organized and labeled in kitchen cabinet.

Image credit:

And the key to keep order is labeling.

Chelsea has a free printable for labeling spices.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, magnetic spice tins mounted on the refrigerator.

Image credit:

Take a look at this space-saving idea from Julie.

Storage Ideas for Foil, Wrap and Zippered Bag

Bamboo organizers for kitchen wraps and ziploc bags.

Image credit:

Storing food wraps and bags in bamboo containers is very visually pleasing to the eye

DIY ziploc bag organizer.

Image credit:

And if you’re feeling crafty, DIY your own zippered bag storage container.

You find all the details on Zoe’s website.

Small Kitchen Organization ideas, wall mounted kitchen wrap storage.

Image credit:

If you are short on drawer space, try a wall mounted wrap dispenser.

Small Kitchen organization ideas, store plastic wraps and foil in a magazine rack.

Image credit:

And if space it really tight, I love this idea from Steph’s kitchen.

She simply placed her food wraps in a clear plastic magazine holder.

Misc. Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

Add a pullout recycle and trash storage in a cabinet.

Image credit:

I have a pet peeve about trash cans and recycling bins.

They are a necessity in the kitchen, but I don’t want to see them.

With a simple kit, you can convert a cabinet into a pullout recycling and trash center.

DIY marble paper towel holder

Image credit:

This pretty DIY marble paper towel holder it too pretty to be tucked away in a cabinet.

Tray styled with kitchen essentials, salt and pepper, cooking oils, vinegar.

Image credit:

Free up cabinet space in your kitchen by styling often used cooking items on a beautiful tray.

No matter what small kitchen organization ideas you decide to implement in your home, the key is to start small and build up as you go along.

Utilize the space you have and don’t be afraid to experiment with small changes.

With small kitchen organization hacks, you can transform the way your small kitchen functions – and make it a more efficient space for cooking and entertaining.

Are you enjoying these organizing ideas for your kitchen?!

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