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Creating your own storage for artificial flowers is an easy and affordable way to keep your stash of seasonal floral stems organized.

In the past I’ve stored my artificial flowers in bins, but that’s not ideal.

Often my flowers end up smashed, and it’s difficult to locate what I’m looking for without dumping everything out of the bin.

Can you relate?!

Bin of artificial flowers.

I knew there had to be a better solution!

And as luck would have it, while scrolling on TikTok, I saw this storage idea for artificial flowers using a wire shelf.

Immediately I knew this was the perfect storage solution for me.

This storage idea uses the vertical space behind a closet door, a space that may have gone unused.

Recently we built melamine storage shelves in the home office walk-in closet.

Behind the closet door in the office, turned out to be the perfect place to implement this storage idea.

And this storage solution for artificial flowers is not only inexpensive, but it takes minimal time to install.

In fact I only spent $10, that’s less than a large storage bin.

If you need to create storage in your home for artificial flowers, scroll down for my step-by-step instructions.

What’s the Best Way to Store Artificial Flowers

Storing and caring for your artificial flowers is fairly easy.

You’ll want to store them in a dry location with minimal light.

Artificial flowers will fade less if they are stored in a dark space.

And while they can be stored in bins, it’s not ideal to find what you’re looking for or preventing them from getting damaged.

That’s why I love my new storage solution using a wire shelf and 2 hooks.

Measure and Plan Out Your Storage Space

First you’ll want to locate an area in your home where you can install this storage rack for artificial flowers.

Ideally choose a closet or storage area that can be closed off from light and dust.

Certainly creating a storage solution that is efficient, while freeing up limited storage space in your home is a win, win!

The perfect spot for my artificial flower storage was behind the door in my storage closet.

Behind the door there is a 4 1/2′ long space that was unused.

Supplies Needed Artificial Flower Storage

White wire shelf with 2 curtain rod brackets.

To make this storage rack for your artificial flowers you’ll need:

So for my fake flower storage area, I chose to get a wire shelf that was 4′ long and 12″ deep.

I started with just one shelf to see how many flowers I could store on it.

And as I collect more flowers I can easily add to my storage with more shelves hung below.

Next you need some way to hang your wire shelf.

I tend to hang on to leftover parts, just in case I need them for another project.

So to hang my wire shelf for artificial flowers I’m using 2 curtain rod brackets from my stash.

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Install Hooks

Measure and plan out where you will place each hook before starting the project.

If you are attaching hooks or brackets with screws, first locate studs in the wall.

Certainly, you’ll want your storage rack to be secure.

If you choose Command hooks, choose ones that are rated for the weight of the shelf and flowers.

Attach curtain rod brackets to the wall with screws.

To install my brackets, I first located the studs

Then I pre-drilled pilot holes and then attached the brackets to the wall with screws.

Two curtain rod hooks placed on the wall behind the closet door for artificial flower storage.

Hang Wire Shelf on Hooks

Hang a white wire shelf on hooks for artificial storage solution.

Now it’s time to simply hang the wire shelf on the 2 hooks or brackets.

The grids of the shelf easily hang on the 2 hooks.

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Sort and Arrange Artificial Flowers

Place artificial flowers through the grids of the wire shelf.

Before I placed my fake flowers on the storage rack, I sorted them by color.

I figured that way I could easily find what I was looking for.

You’ll begin placing the flowers through the wire grid at the lower edge and continue to place them until that section is full.

Wall storage artificial flowers on a wire shelf.

As you can see a storage solution for artificial flowers doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

In fact, this storage idea can be implemented in less than 30 minutes.

Additionally, you can create a storage solution that is both efficient, freeing up limited storage space in your home.

Place a "S" hook on wire shelf for additional storage for wreaths.

I was able to place my entire storage bin of flowers on one 4′ wire shelf.

Now that’s a good use of space!

In addition, I still had usable storage space under the shelf, so I added a few “S” hooks to the bottom the wire shelf for hanging wreath forms.

Wall storage artificial flowers on a wire shelf with flowers and twig wreath.

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More Storage Ideas

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Don’t let storage space be an issue when it comes to keeping your home looking its best.

With this easy DIY storage solution for artificial flowers, you can keep your home looking beautiful and organized without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to get started creating your own storage rack for artificial flowers?

Is this a solution that would work in your home?

How do you store your artificial flowers?

Shop This Storage Solution

What I love about this idea is the fact that it makes finding my flower stems simple and it’s quick, easy and inexpensive to install.

Please share your thoughts and questions about this storage idea with us.

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