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It’s that wonderful time of year to get outside to beautify our yards and plant gardens.

No doubt about it, I love this time of year!

I believe getting out and digging in the dirt is good for the soul.

While I’ll admit, after a long day of gardening I certainly am exhausted, it revives my spirit to be out in nature.

So in honor of the gardening season, I thought I’d share my summer garden wreath with you.

You’ll find that it can be made rather quickly.

However, you’ll need to be patient while the glue sets.

In addition, you’ll find it’s inexpensive to make using dollar store garden trowels.

Summer Garden Wreath Supplies

Black garden trowels, wood floral ring and a bolt of yellow ribbon.

This summer garden wreath can be made inexpensively with dollar store supplies.

In fact, that’s where I picked up my garden trowels.

You’ll need the follow supplies and tools:

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Assemble Summer Garden Wreath

Trim Trowel Handle

Woman's hands holding one black garden trowel and tree pruners, cutting off the end of the handle of the trowel.

At first I was not anticipating that I’d need to trim the handles of the trowels, but when I placed them on the floral ring I could see that the handles were about 1/2″ too long.

While trying to think of the easiest way to trim them, I thought I’d try my tree loppers.

And it cut the end of the handles like butter.

Super easy to do!

If you don’t have loppers, the trowel handles can also be trimmed with a saw.

Easier yet, you may not even need to trim them, depending on how large your garden trowels are.

Woman'a hand holding 2 black garden trowels, one has about 1/2" cut of the end of the handle.

As you can see here, you don’t need much off, but the handles can not overlap.

Attach Garden Trowels with Glue

Woman's hand holding E6000 glue with a wood floral ring on a white counter.

For this project, I went with my trusty E6000 glue.

It’s such a great all purpose glue and it works well on plastics, wood and metal.

Eight black trowels are placed on top of the wood floral ring evenly spaced forming the summer garden wreath. Towels are used to keep trowels level.

Begin laying out the trowels for the summer garden wreath, evenly spaced around on the floral ring.

I quickly discovered that I needed to prop up the metal portion to keep them level when placed on the floral ring.

Place a small amount of the E6000 glue at the base of the handle, where the metal and plastic meet.

Eight black garden trowels forming a unique summer garden wreath, placed upside down on a white countertop.

After I had my trowels all glued to the ring and I let it dry overnight, I made a little discovery.

I think it would work just as well to place all the the trowels upside down.

Then put the glue on each trowel and place the floral ring on, like the photo above.

I feel this will save some time, because you can do the next step at the same time while adhering the trowels to the floral ring.

Secure Trowel Handles

Woman's hand holding a circle of card board with E6000 gue on it with the trowel garden wreath in the background.

Next, I needed to secure the ends of the handles together.

At first, I planned on running a ribbon or cord through the holes of the handles.

But when I had to trim them, that spoiled that plan.

So, I cut a piece of cardboard box in a 4″ circle and placed 2 holes in it near the center.

The summer garden wreath with the black trowels is upside down on a white countertop with the card board circle glued to the ends of the handles of the trowels.

Then place E6000 glue on the cardboard circle and place it in the center of the summer garden wreath over the handles.

2 books are placed on the card board and trowel handles to weight it down while the glue dries.

Then just to make sure it adhered well, I placed a couple of books on it while it dried.

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Embellish Summer Garden Wreath

Woman's hand forming a looped bow with yellow ribbon.

Next, I made a 10 loop bow from wired ribbon and secured it with wire.

Woman's hand holding the finished yellow looped bow for the summer garden wreath.
Summer garden wreath with the trowels is face up on the countertop, woman's hands are holding the yellow bow and threading the wire from the bow through the holes in the card board circle.

Finally thread the wire through each of the holes and secure on the back of the cardboard.

Because my summer garden wreath is placed on the front door and is protected from the elements, the cardboard piece will hold up just fine.

However, if your wreath will be exposed to rain, I’d suggest that you use a thin piece of wood instead of the cardboard to secure the handles.

Completed summer garden wreath with 8 black trowels and a yellow bow on a white countertop.

Finally, fluff the wired ribbon, hang and enjoy.

There is one more element that I added to my wreath after I assembled it.

Steph thought it would look fun to wrap the floral ring with jute.

Now, I forgot to take pictures of this step.

However, I did have the video camera running.

So, if you’d like to see how I added that, just click on the video link.

This step is totally optional, I think it looks great either way.

In the video, you can also see how I made the 10 loop box.

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Finished Summer Garden Wreath

Eight black garden trowels forming a unique summer garden wreath with a yellow bow in the center, hanging on a blue door.

Whether you’re looking for a wreath for spring or summer, this garden wreath will easily transition from one to the other.

Close up of summer garden trowel wreath with 3 black gardening trowels on a blue front door. yellow bow
Eight black garden trowels forming a unique summer garden wreath with a yellow bow in the center, hanging on a blue door. Black and white striped rug with a hello door mat. Chair with a black and white throw blanket with a gardening bunny and a bucket of yellow flowers.

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