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Easy Cookie Recipe That Everyone Will Love.

Easy Cookie Recipe That Everyone Will Love

Do you have special recipes that you love to make for Christmas? Without a doubt, I have a long list of recipes that I love to make during the holidays. In fact, it just wouldn’t be Christmas for me without making them. One of these is an easy cookie recipe from my grandma. Her Nugget cookies recipe has been loved in our family for more than 60 years. Not only is it so delicious, but it's super easy to make.For the most part, the recipes I love to make at Christmas originate from my grandma. She was an amazing cook and…


How To Make Eggnog without Eggs | Homemade Eggnog Recipe

Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on facebook Facebook Share on email Email HOW TO MAKE EGGNOG WITHOUT EGGS | Homemade Eggnog RecipeThere's no doubt the Christmas season is full of traditions and family gatherings. Perhaps your family has a favorite dish you look forward to having just once a year. No matter what your family traditions are, or what dishes you look forward to having, it's safe to say we all know Eggnog as a seasonal drink.This seasonal favorite will start to line the shelves in the dairy section from Fall till the end of the year. But have you ever wondered,…


The Best Inexpensive Activities to Do at Home This Summer

Are you looking for some fun ideas for your family this summer? Maybe you're looking at a staycation this year. Our plans have changed and we're not quite sure what we will do for our vacation this year. So, we’ve put together a list of Fun Things to Do at Home This Summer.There are ideas for couples, kids, teens and families. Activities that you can do right in your own backyard. Many of these ideas are cheap or cost nothing at all. Have fun at home on your own personal staycation!A lot of times a staycation means that you would tour…


Instagram Inspired Art

Today we're excited to share with you how to make personalized Instagram inspired art. This unique and creative idea will showcase favorite pictures, memories, and quotes, perfect as wall decor.Creating with this colorful design on a smaller scale is also the perfect gift idea!What parent wouldn’t love to have this sitting on their desk at work, a grandparent that wouldn’t love to have it hanging on their wall?See how you can make yours today. This post is actually a TWOfer! Let's be real here, we are ALL too familiar with our new quarantined lives and schedules, right?!  As DIYers we are always…