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Simple organization ideas for your home that you can do in just 15 minutes.

Simple Organizing Ideas in Just 15 Minutes

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging things in our homes is keeping order. Clearly, we all want an organized home, which affects the entire feel of a home. However, often it leaves us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I'll admit it, I'm an organizational nerd, always searching for and thinking about simple organizing ideas that will make our home more functional and that don't take a lot of time.Obviously, we want to have an organized home, but who's got the time! Clearly, we are all busy and organizing an entire home can be mind-boggling.As this has been pressing on my…


Practical Home Office Ideas That Will Increase Productivity

There's no doubt that the need for a home office is more prevalent today than ever before!Certainly we all need home office ideas that will increase our productivity.But what does that look like?Are you bombarded with kids sneaking in the room while on a conference call?Do you have pets or other distractions that interrupt your work flow?Perhaps there is no dedicated workspace in your home.Did you know that studies show that it takes on average 24 minutes to regain your focus and get back on task after an interruption?Distractions at work can add up to more than you think!Follow along as…

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DIY Cord Organization

Is cord clutter a challenge for you? As we were organizing Steph's master bathroom, one of the most challenging areas was the drawer full of all the hair tools. It was almost overflowing with curling irons, flat irons, hair dryer and brushes. We needed a solution to tackle all of those tangled cords. While there are products you can purchase (hook and loop cable ties) to help tame cord clutter, we decided to just use what we had and create our own DIY Cord Organization, rather than trying to find them at the store. This post contains affiliate links for your…


How to Make Storage Room Organization Shelves

Creating Storage Room Organization Hi Friends, welcome back! Do you have an area or room in your home that is the catch all? Somehow all the stuff just ends up in this one space? We definitely do. It’s our storage room. But that's the perfect place for all the stuff to be dumped right? WRONG! Yes, all our stuff was dropped in the right room, however it was lacking organization! Even though we had most of our stuff in labeled bins, we’d still have to dig through everything to find what we needed. It was so frustrating! I was in serious…


Conquering Paper Clutter

As I sit here today in my kitchen beginning to write my post, I look across the island and there sits todays mail, a couple of receipts and a catalog I would like to look at later and my day planner. Our lives are completely bombarded with STUFF!  And if I had children living in my home there would be backpacks, school papers, lesson books, etc. It seems that the paper never ends! No matter how hard I try, it is still a challenge! Today our focus is counter clutter, the endless piles that seem to continuously multiply. Every flat surface…