How to Easily Dye Sola Wood Flowers

Have you heard of Sola Wood Flowers? A while back I received a bouquet from my daughter-in-law and I was so intrigued by these beautiful wood flowers! Not only are they very life-like, but they're also customizable to any color you'd like. This is a sponsored post, but of course, all of the opinions are my own. We are very excited that Sola Wood Flowers asked us to try their product and create a piece of home decor. Not only will we share how to dye Sola Wood flowers, but also how to create a beautiful floral arrangement with them.…


How to Easily Install a Laminate Floor Over Concrete

Welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Certainly we are excited with the progress we are making in our ultimate family hangout room! And this week we are thrilled to share how to install a gorgeous laminate floor over concrete that looks and feels just like wood. While this may seem like a challenging project it is a doable do it yourself project. However, it can be a little rough on the knees. Of course, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to install a laminate floor, even if it's over concrete. And for more ideas that…


How to Make A Simple Cabinet Box

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! Today we will share how to make a simple cabinet box that used in constructing our kitchenette or wet bar area in our family room. This is also the same method we used to make the cabinet for our built in entertainment center. While we've done a bit of woodworking, this is our first cabinet we've built and we are pretty pleased with the results. So much so, I think we'd do it again! If you’re new here, WELCOME! You can learn more about us here. For the next 6 weeks we…


How to Make Faux Chocolate Bunny Napkin Rings

Last week I shared my secrets to simple and beautiful Easter table decor and one of the elements I wanted on my Easter table were faux chocolate bunny napkin rings. So, after a long search and not finding what I was looking for, I decided to make my own. I think they look adorable on my Easter table. And the best part, they are quick, easy and cheap to make. The most difficult part for me was locating the bunny shaped eggs. And that's only because Easter items were not in the stores yet when I started looking. But that's not…


Cloffice: How to Make an Office in a Closet

Do you need a home office, but your space is small? Then we have the perfect idea for you, a cloffice! Say what?! A cloffice, an office in a closet. In fact, we'll show you how simple it is to DIY a cloffice in your home. However if you have a room in your home and are looking for inspiration for an office, check out our cozy home office library. And for more ideas that add value to your home, take a look at 10 Sensational Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget. What is a Cloffice? A cloffice is a closet…


How To Make Stunning DIY Glitter Ornaments

Add some sparkle to your holiday décor this season with stunning DIY Glitter Ornaments. This project is sure to bring extra sparkle and joy into your holiday festivities, plus the end result looks so beautiful! Whether you’re craft-savvy from years in the making or just getting started on your craft journey, these easily customizable DIY glitter ornaments are perfect addition to your tree this Christmas. If you love making ornaments you'll also want to see these easy DIY personalized ornaments. So grab your supplies and let's get started! Common Questions When Making Glitter Ornaments How do you make glitter stick to the…

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Refinish your old rusty metal furniture and save hundreds of dollars.

How to Fix Old Rusty Metal Furniture & Make It Stunning

Do you have outdoor furniture that's seen better days? If you've got metal patio furniture, maybe it's a little rusty or a lot rusty. Scroll down and see what my chair looked like before the makeover.I purchased this chair from the vintage market a couple of years ago. Would you believe I was actually drawn to the aqua blue color and the bits of rust?As you know we love old, worn and vintage items that have a sense of history. Well if you've had anything start to rust before, you know how quickly it can spread.As a result of my chair…


Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating with Throw Pillows all Year Long

Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating with Throw Pillows all Year Long Decorating our homes isn't just a hobby. At the same time it provides the opportunity to beautify and add character to any space. As well as set the tone and create a specific feeling.  Just think for a minute about your favorite spot to dine out. Mine for instance is a Mexican restaurant. Clearly multiple factors play into the overall dining experience, from the quality and taste of food, service provided and environment.  For this example we'll focus on the environment. Now close your eyes and envision yourself seated at your…

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Tips for easy backyard entertaining in a budget that you'll love.

Exciting Backyard Entertaining Ideas on a Budget

As the weather has warmed, Steph and I  both have had ideas for backyard entertaining on our minds. Clearly after a year of isolation and quarantine, it feels so good to start to get back to normal and that means entertaining! This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.  A few weeks ago the Cotier Brand reached out to us and asked us if we would style a beverage cart with their Convokins napkins and tell our readers a little bit about them.  Once we saw the concept of the Convokins, we were very excited to share…


How to Install a Paver Patio that will Last

Earlier this week we talked about creating an outdoor living space on a budget. Certainly this post offers you great tips on how to style a patio to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for evening dinners or large parties. While today we'd like to share how to install a paver patio that will last. Furthermore, using our step by step guide will result in professional results. Where do you start when laying a paver patio? Installing a paver patio can seem like a daunting task, there's no doubt about that. For this reason it's a valid question to wonder…