Installing Tile: Practical Tips for Beginners You Need to See

Our first project of the One Room Challenge was to demo the room and install our new tile floor. No doubt it’s a big job, but all the work is definitely worth it! I mean, just take a look at my gorgeous floor! And it’s so much more meaningful knowing that Steph and I tackled this project on our own. By on our own, I mean the actual tiling. My hubby, Steve offered to help with demo and if you’ve every tried removing tile you know what a nasty job it is! So, I didn’t turn down that offer. Let me just say,…

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My budget friendly bathroom self adhesive floor tiles one year later.

Simple Inexpensive Self Adhesive Floor Tiles | One Year Later

Are you curious how a peel and stick vinyl floor will hold up? It’s the most asked question from my budget bathroom makeover. These self adhesive vinyl floor tiles are placed directly over the ceramic tiles and create a realistic modern update to any tile surface. In fact, they can be placed directly over linoleum, vinyl or even a wall. Let's recap what I've done in this inexpensive master bathroom makeover. First of all, from the moment we purchased our home 6 years ago, I've planned on a major renovation for this bathroom. I'd like to rearrange the fixtures and make…


How to Create a Chic and Timeless Black and White Kitchen

Do you love classic and timeless design? Design that will stand the test of time? While there are beautiful trends that come and go, nevertheless when designing a kitchen incorporating designs that are timeless is smart! For instance, take a look at this kitchen that we recently completed, a timeless black and white kitchen.Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are expensive. With this in mind, you'll want to choose finishes that are enduring.Not only do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but also with the expense of making renovations, you want to choose your finishes wisely.Today we are sharing a…


Tile Floor Makeover Without Stenciling Or Paint

Do you have dated and ugly tile floors? We’ll show you how to transform your tile flooring without stencil painting or the hassle of removing old tile. Learn how to give your tile floor a makeover on a budget that will give jaw dropping results with minimal effort!  Are you joining from the Inexpensive Master Bathroom Makeover post? We're glad to have you here with us again! We can't wait to tell you ALL about this floor transformation today! Before The Tile Floor Makeover Lets just take a peek at this before picture for a minute. This dated bathroom started with…


Inexpensive Master Bathroom Makeover

Are you embarrassed by your dated master bathroom. I sure was. I just kept the door closed and tried to ignore it! Without a doubt it was boring and outdated. Since the day we moved in, I had had big plans to completely gut the bathroom, relocate the fixtures and have my dream modern master bathroom. Five years later it still looks exactly the same as the day we moved in. 😩  It was definitely time for an Inexpensive Master Bathroom Makeover.Why did I wait so long to make these simple cosmetic changes? Clearly we could have made these inexpensive changes…


DIY Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Are you dreaming of an updated bathroom, but you don't have a lot of money to pour into a major renovation? We totally understand!  When we purchased our home I knew that this bathroom needed a major overhaul! Definitely nothing in this space represented me. However, the budget was tight, after a major kitchen renovation as well as new paint and flooring throughout our home, we didn't have a lot of money we could put into it. Take a look! Not only did we succeed in a DIY bathroom remodel on a budget, but we were also able to add some…