How to Make a Built In Reading Nook in a Closet

For years I've dreamed of making a built in reading nook in my home. And while designing the function and practicality of our basement, I really wanted to find a way to incorporate a reading nook into our family room. Over the years of I've saved many creative ideas for building a reading nook from magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and from visiting the Parade of Homes. And I knew exactly what I wanted to include in our reading nook. First of all, I wanted a cozy spot to relax with a good book. Along with adequate lighting and bookshelves was next on…


The Best Homework Station Ideas for Stress Free Learning

The best homework station ideas for stress free learning from top bloggers.Well, it's that time of year again. Somehow the summer season has gone all too fast and it's time to focus on the upcoming school year.Back to school shopping and gathering school supplies are a given...but now more than ever is the need for a homework station or dedicated area for study.Definitely it's at the top of the priority list for many of us!I believe that adding a dedicated space for  homework will alleviate a lot of stress in our homes.Today we've teamed up with top bloggers who have created amazing…

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34 Affordable DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

It's gift giving season and today we have DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas just for you!Clearly, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!Have you started to listen to Christmas music yet?I did while running errands today and it made my day SO much more ENJOYABLE!If you’re like me you are looking for ways to make your dollar go a little further.That means looking for creative DIY Christmas gifts. We’ve been scouring Instagram looking for clever and doable gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.We have 34 ideas that can be made quickly for coworkers, neighbors, kids, friends, mom and dad too.And…

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The Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year…time to make your Christmas gift list. We thought we’d start our Christmas gift ideas for those that are most excited for Christmas, the kids! Are you wondering what to get the kids and teens this year? Will you be doing more online shopping this year? We definitely are! In fact, the thought of shopping in a crowded store this year gives me the heebie-jeebies! With that in mind, we compiled the best online Christmas gift ideas for kids and teens in 2020. Take a little of the stress out of shopping this year, by scrolling online with our…

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How to Make Fall Craft Finger Knit Pumpkins

Last fall I saw a finger knitted pumpkin from Kimberly at A Wonderful Thought. I immediately fell in love with it. This was a fall craft that I really wanted to try. Once I made one I was hooked and wanted to make several to add to my fall decor this year.Are you looking for a unique fall craft to add to your autumn decor this year? Then you will want to try this easy fall craft, a finger knit pumpkin. It is simple enough that even children can do it.These soft and chunky yarns add that warmth we are longing…


Upcycle Idea | Transforming Twin Bed to Daybed

Upcycle. It's kind of a funny word right? It's likely you've heard it before and seen it around Pinterest, but what does it even mean? Not only will we explain what it means to upcycle, and the benefits of upcycling, we will share our most recent upcycle idea that will have you scouring your local thrift stores and yard sales to create your own one of a kind item for your home!Unlike recycling, where an item is broken down, losing its original form to be made into something new, upcycling is a way to reuse items that are no longer being…


How To Hang A Tree Swing Without A Branch

Tree swings! What is it about a tree swing that draws you in, like there is some magnetic force pulling you closer, even just at the site of an abandoned swing? There’s something even nostalgic about the scene of a home with a swing hanging from a tree. Perhaps taking you back to a simpler and carefree time in your life.There’s no doubt that creating a dedicated space for children to run around and play outside is beneficial to their physical health and happiness (and their Mother’s sanity! 😜 especially during this pandemic). Children love swings, but sometimes having one in…


Easy Coffee Filter Flowers with Bling

Have you seen the gorgeous coffee filter flowers all over Pinterest? They are amazing and so realistic looking. After trying this craft ourselves we knew we wanted to share our version of an Easy coffee filter flower with a little bling.This DIY tutorial is so simple and fun to do. Not only will we share how to make the flower, but also how to watercolor the coffee filters to get amazing variations in color.We promise you will be oohing & awing, and looking for places to display them around your home. Whether it’s on a wreath for your front door, centerpiece…


Re Purpose Thrift Store Bunny with a Weathered Stone Look

Are you looking for a fun spring or Easter craft? This week we have such a fun, hands on project to try. A re-purposed thrift store bunny with a weathered stone look.We promise that once you try this technique, you will be looking for more objects in your home that you can transform!Last week Steph and I spent a little time looking for some spring inspiration. We are both so ready for spring! It seems like winter has just dragged on. Is that ringing a bell with you?We found a little inspiration at one of our favorite stores, Pottery Barn. Their…