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Learn how to glaze painted furniture,

How to Glaze to get a Coastal Look

Awe...Spring, glorious Spring!  Who else is LOVING this beautiful weather?!  Temperatures have been nearly perfect (except for the one day last week it decided to snow again 🤦...but not to worry, it melted later that day).  I love seeing the forsythia, tulips and other spring flowers in full bloom. Soccer season is also in the full swing!  All 3 kiddos are playing which means Saturdays are pretty much full of games, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love watching my kiddos learn new skills and develop new talents. I know Spring has really just begun but it gets…


15 Amazing Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen

We hope you've been enjoying the recent organization and spring cleaning posts!  We have so many more tips and tricks to keeping a clean and orderly home this month!  Monday's post was REAL LIFE, unedited reality!  Now that I'm completely embarrassed, no...not even embarrassed, I'm mortified that I even let my Mom post and share our counter clutter for all of you to see! Today we'd like to show you some of our kitchen organization tips.  Since the kitchen is the main hub of the home we strongly believe that if this area of the home is kept well organized and things…


How to Paint Curtains with a Stencil

Oh hey, it’s me again.  Are you ready for another curtain tutorial?  I feel like that’s all I’ve been talking about lately, but I do have a lot of different DIY curtains to show you.   Are you guys ever pressed to get projects done by a deadline?  For some reason I find that’s how a lot of my projects get finished.  It’s no different with these cute yellow quatrefoil curtains. (Real quick...are you new here?!  WELCOME!  We're always excited to have new friends!  You may want to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for even more great ideas!) I had offered to host…


How To Repurpose and Re-imagine Thrift Store Furniture

Have you ever wondered how to redo or repurpose a piece of furniture from a thrift store?In this post we will give you the inspiration you need to bring new life into your flea market find.Upcycling can be easy with these creative ideas and tips.You won’t want to miss this before and after transformation of an old lateral filing cabinet into a darling kids tool chest dresser!If you love to re-imagine old furniture pieces like us, then you'll love our Modern Desk Makeover too! Hi Friends! I am so excited to bring you on my maiden voyage of my first ever…


DIY Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Are you dreaming of an updated bathroom, but you don't have a lot of money to pour into a major renovation? We totally understand!  When we purchased our home I knew that this bathroom needed a major overhaul! Definitely nothing in this space represented me. However, the budget was tight, after a major kitchen renovation as well as new paint and flooring throughout our home, we didn't have a lot of money we could put into it. Take a look! Not only did we succeed in a DIY bathroom remodel on a budget, but we were also able to add some…


The Ultimate DIY Car Bedroom Ideas

Looking for Car Bedroom Ideas for Boys?  This room has it all including Disney décor, Lightning Mcqueen, Hot Wheels, vintage elements, DIY wall art, transportation theme color schemes, repurposed and refinished furniture, license plates and road signs. The Best Car Bedroom Ideas for boys I am so excited to finally share this fun DIY Cars themed bedroom with you! My little guy Mr. A, who is 4 has always been fascinated with cars. Deciding on a theme for his room was a no brainer!I refinished the tool chest dresser several years ago for his older brother's room, Mr. G. His room…