How to Apply Paint that Looks like Stain: Rift Sawn Oak

For the last several years as we've visited the Parade of Homes we've come to love the look of rift sawn white oak in beautiful cabinetry and furniture pieces. Imagine being able to infuse the rich elegance of rift sawn white oak into your living spaces without the hefty price tag. This blog post is your ultimate guide to mastering the art of applying paint that looks like stain on wood, specifically focusing on the timeless charm of rift sawn white oak. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a creative soul seeking to redefine your interior aesthetics, in this post we'll…

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Refinish your old rusty metal furniture and save hundreds of dollars.

How to Fix Old Rusty Metal Furniture & Make It Stunning

Do you have outdoor furniture that's seen better days? If you've got metal patio furniture, maybe it's a little rusty or a lot rusty. Scroll down and see what my chair looked like before the makeover.I purchased this chair from the vintage market a couple of years ago. Would you believe I was actually drawn to the aqua blue color and the bits of rust?As you know we love old, worn and vintage items that have a sense of history. Well if you've had anything start to rust before, you know how quickly it can spread.As a result of my chair…

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Discarded furniture is transformed into pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

Painting Furniture the Easy Way with a Wagner Sprayer

Does the thought of painting furniture seem overwhelming? Over the years we've painted over 100 pieces of furniture and learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Since we started using the Wagner sprayer we felt like we've died and gone to painter's heaven. In fact, using a paint sprayer is so much easier than you think! We've shared how quickly we were able to paint all of the interior doors in Steph's house with the Wagner sprayer. While today we'd like to share how to use the detailed spray nozzle to get a beautiful smooth finish while painting furniture.You'll also find…


Wagner Paint Sprayer | Paint Interior Doors Quickly with Professional Results

Wagner Paint SprayerOften times we may talk ourselves out of a painting project imagining how much work it may take. But painting projects don't have to be stressful.This was the case with this project!After painting the doors in Ellie's bedroom makeover Navy, I knew I wanted to paint the rest of the interior doors in our home navy as well.Even though I'm a huge DIYer, and we paint things on a regular basis anyway, somehow the thought of painting the remaining 14 interior doors seemed a bit daunting.That is of course until we received the Wagner Flexio 5000!Learn how to quickly…

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How to Paint a Front Door | Like a Pro

Do you realize that in just a few hours you can freshen the look of your home? It’s true, one simple change can boost your curb appeal! Learn How To Paint a Front Door in one afternoon without removing it from the hinges. If you follow these quick & easy DIY tips, you can have a new front door color by tomorrow! This is one of the cheapest ways to boost your curb appeal!Within the first year of living in our new home I had painted the front door a dark charcoal. The front door was white, with all the white…


How To Paint A Room & Get Pro Results

There are many ways to freshen up a room, or give it a complete makeover. The most cost effective and dramatic way is to simply add new paint. Perhaps you're leery of painting because of the work it may take, poor results you've achieved in the past, or the lack of knowing how to achieve great results. Keep reading as we share our tips on how to paint a room that will ensure you achieve professional results!Tap the video below to see how to paint a room with step by step directions. Previous Next To see more highlights from this bedroom…