How to Organize Toys in Three Simple Steps

Are you looking for ideas to organize toys in your home? Without a plan toys can easily take over your home. But where to start? Does the thought of organizing all those toys stress you out?! Admittedly, it stresses me out! Where do I even begin! As it happens, my mom is a professional organizer. And with her expertise, we were able to tame that toy clutter and organize the toys in my home. And I’d like to share her tips and show you how easy it is to organize toys in just three simple steps! These steps will help anyone…


12 Ideas for Creating a Functional Laundry Room You’ll Love

Guess what, we are doing it again! We are once again participating in the One Room Challenge. The creative juices are flowing as we are gathering laundry room ideas to make this room functional and beautiful. If you remember last spring we completed Steph’s entire bathroom in a short 8 weeks. So today, we are so excited to share what we plan to accomplish in the next 8 weeks! We hope you’ll follow along as we transform my dated laundry room and make it much more functional. And we'll be share ideas for making any laundry room more functional and beautiful! In addition we…


How To Construct Custom Built In Shelves in Wall

Built In Shelves In WallDoes your home lack storage? Are you tight on space? Perhaps you don't even know where you could even place additional storage.This was the case for one of our clients.She spends a good part of her day in the salon, whether it's working with her own clients or instructing her students. The space itself is small and simply overcrowded.She was in need of ample storage space for products to sell, coloring supplies, etc. Certainly, this alone would give her students more room to observe and learn.Several years ago she resolved that the only solution would be to…

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Simple organization ideas for your home that you can do in just 15 minutes.

Simple Organizing Ideas in Just 15 Minutes

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging things in our homes is keeping order. Clearly, we all want an organized home, which affects the entire feel of a home. However, often it leaves us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I'll admit it, I'm an organizational nerd, always searching for and thinking about simple organizing ideas that will make our home more functional and that don't take a lot of time.Obviously, we want to have an organized home, but who's got the time! Clearly, we are all busy and organizing an entire home can be mind-boggling.As this has been pressing on my…

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Top 10 DIY Project of 2020

Top DIY Projects for Home | What Our Readers Love This Year

Top DIY Projects for HomeThe year has come to an end and it’s a great time to look back on 2020. For many of us it’s a year we would like to forget, yet there have been many good things about this past year as well.Clearly, we’ve all been home more and learned much about ourselves. Without a doubt, we’ve learned that we can do hard things! Not only have we shared more time together as a family, but also we’ve learned new and maybe better ways of working. As a result of “work from home” as the new norm, many business…


Practical Home Office Ideas That Will Increase Productivity

There's no doubt that the need for a home office is more prevalent today than ever before!Certainly we all need home office ideas that will increase our productivity.But what does that look like?Are you bombarded with kids sneaking in the room while on a conference call?Do you have pets or other distractions that interrupt your work flow?Perhaps there is no dedicated workspace in your home.Did you know that studies show that it takes on average 24 minutes to regain your focus and get back on task after an interruption?Distractions at work can add up to more than you think!Follow along as…

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20 Home Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend

Are you a weekend warrior? Are you looking for home projects you can complete in just 1 weekend?With 20 ideas in this gallery, there's a home project for every skill level. There's no need to be a master craftsman here, from ideas on how to give a room a refresh, creating DIY light fixtures, how to refinish and reupholster furniture, easy and some free home decor ideas to organization ideas, you'll be busy for weeks (or weekends) to come!And for more ideas to add value to your home, take a look at 10 Sensational Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget. Home…


How To Design A Bedroom | Tween Girl Ideas

Are you looking to design a bedroom but feel a bit overwhelmed? Perhaps you've wondered "Where do I start designing a bedroom?", "How can I design my own bedroom for free?", "How do I arrange a small bedroom?'Or more specifically for this post, "How to design a tween girl bedroom?", "How do you organize a tween girls bedroom?", "What should a teenage girl's bedroom include?", "What is the best color for a teenage girl's bedroom?".If you've found yourself asking any of these questions and felt intimidated, lost or overwhelmed, we'd like to share our tried and true steps to design a…


Homework Station Ideas For Kids

Homework station ideas for kids. 2020 has given us all a run for our money! Constant uncertainty has heavily influenced many households to resume homeschooling again this school year. Having a dedicated space in the home for a homework station, whether small or large, will dramatically influence behavior and productivity. We're excited to share our top homework station ideas for kids this school year! A huge shout out to all of the designers, bloggers, influencers and Mamas who are gracious enough to allow us to share their spaces with us! Sit back, relax and gather inspiration for your own dedicated homework…

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How To Decorate | Mistakes We’ve Made and How To Fix Them

Wondering how to decorate can be challenging to say the least! Lets be real here for a minute. We make mistakes EVERY SINGLE DAY. With out a doubt we are far from perfect! (In fact we have WAY more mistakes we can share but are limiting it to our top few today so our post isn't gigantic!) But, we've also learned a few things along the way we'd like to share. If you've struggled with how to decorate in the past, keep reading. Not only will we talk about decorating ideas for your home, but we'll also share strategies you can…