How to Make a Simple Box Cushion with a Zipper

Does the thought of making a box cushion seem intimidating to you? Then you are in the right place! We'll share tips that will make sewing a box cushion easier and with a perfect fit. Let me tell you, I wanted to have this bench cushion for the reading nook custom made by a professional! With all of the DIY projects we had going on with the basement family room, this was not a project I really wanted to do! However, I was too slow and with a 5 week lead time it wouldn't be ready in time for the room…


How To Make a Modern Metal Hoop Sunflower Wreath

If you're joining us from our latest Fall decorating ideas post or YouTube video, welcome back!We're excited to have you here!Have you been swooning over all the modern hoop wreaths like I've been lately?Well, you're in luck!As promised we're here to show you just how easy it is to make this darling sunflower wreath today!Best of all, we'll show you how versatile this metal wreath form is so you can use it for other seasons throughout the year!***Sharing is caring! Pinterest Facebook Email Supplies Needed for Sunflower Wreath 19" floral metal hoopRound wood beads12" Sunflower wall decorLeavesWireTapeHacksaw FeltWire cuttersThis post contains affiliate…


Simple Organizing Ideas in Just 15 Minutes

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging things in our homes is keeping order. Clearly, we all want an organized home, which affects the entire feel of a home. However, often it leaves us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I’ll admit it, I’m an organizational nerd, always searching for and thinking about simple organizing ideas that will make our home more functional and that don’t take a lot of time. Obviously, we want to have an organized home, but who’s got the time! Clearly, we are all busy and organizing an entire home can be mind-boggling. As this has been pressing…


How To Make Eggnog without Eggs | Homemade Eggnog Recipe

Pinterest Facebook Email HOW TO MAKE EGGNOG WITHOUT EGGS | Homemade Eggnog RecipeThere's no doubt the Christmas season is full of traditions and family gatherings. Perhaps your family has a favorite dish you look forward to having just once a year.No matter what your family traditions are, or what dishes you look forward to having, it's safe to say we all know Eggnog as a seasonal drink.This seasonal favorite will start to line the shelves in the dairy section from Fall till the end of the year. But have you ever wondered, does eggnog have raw eggs? Why is eggnog so…

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One of the best ways to put the finishing touches on bedroom decor is to decorate the bed with different pillows.

Cover for Throw Pillow | Quick and Easy DIY Tutorial

Cover for Throw PillowAs we put the finishing touches on Ellie's bedroom makeover, adding beautiful throw pillows is the icing on the cake! And would you believe that all but one of these pillows were made from leftover fabric?!Not only did we have extra fabric from the Roman Shade, but also that fun faux fur from the French Country Boho Chair makeover.Today we will share the easiest way to make a cover for a throw pillow using that fun faux fur.If you’re new to sewing, making a cover for a throw pillow is the perfect beginning project. In most cases, this…

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How to Decorate with Free Fall Printables

Clearly we're excited to welcome in the fall season! Nothing is better than bringing that fall feeling into your home with FREE fall printables. We've already posted a handful of Fall Home Decor posts, and easy DIY Fall Decor items. But what better way to incorporate a little Fall into your home than by bringing in some colorful art? Even better? This beautiful watercolor art can be downloaded and printed to your hearts content for FREE! Yep! For FREE! Today we're excited to be collaborating with some of the most creative Home Bloggers around, in a Fall Printables Blog Hop. Be…

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Adding fall decor with natural elements like berries, greenery and pumpkins.

Ideas for Fall Decorating That Are Simple and Affordable

Simple and affordable ideas for fall decorating that you can easily incorporate into you home. As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it's that time of year when we eagerly welcome the cozy and vibrant season of fall into our homes. Whether you're a seasoned decorator or someone looking to infuse a touch of autumn charm into your living space for the very first time, you'll be delighted to discover that creating a warm and inviting fall atmosphere doesn't have to break the bank. In this blog post, we're excited to share a collection of simple and…


What You Need to Know Before Painting the Exterior of Your House

Is the exterior of your home needing a refresh?Looking for some ideas for a little curb appeal?While there are many ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, for the most dramatic transformation, painting the exterior of a house is hands down the best way!See how paint and some elbow grease can boost your curb appeal.Plus check out these Before and After Curb Appeal Ideas on a Budget.Last summer we decided to take on the big job of painting the exterior of our house …. ourselves!It was LONG overdue and we had been putting it off for a couple years.We…


The Essential Steps to Landscaping a Front Yard You’ll Love

Does your front yard need a makeover?Need better curb appeal?Or do you have a newly built home and are starting from scratch? Certainly any of these scenarios can seem overwhelming to say the least.See our essential steps as we share with you our process of landscaping a front yard.You will find ideas for shrubs, flowers, low maintenance plants, hardscape ideas and time saving tips.Everything you need to know to create a simply beautiful front yard.I love a beautiful manicured yard, but I don’t have the time to spend hours each week on it.With this in mind, we chose low maintenance plants that…


Upcycle Idea | Transforming Twin Bed to Daybed

Upcycle. It's kind of a funny word right? It's likely you've heard it before and seen it around Pinterest, but what does it even mean? Not only will we explain what it means to upcycle, and the benefits of upcycling, we will share our most recent upcycle idea that will have you scouring your local thrift stores and yard sales to create your own one of a kind item for your home!Unlike recycling, where an item is broken down, losing its original form to be made into something new, upcycling is a way to reuse items that are no longer being…