How To Refinish Furniture into a Beautiful Wood Dining Table

Have you ever wondered how to refinish furniture? Perhaps the whole process seems too daunting to give it a try?Here at Sunny Side Design, we love getting our hands on many kinds of projects, but we especially love to refinish furniture!In this post specifically we’ll show you how to refinish a wood table that I found for FREE many years ago! It’s been in dire need of some love and care for far too long, now it’s finally finished, and it couldn’t be more gorgeous!Continue reading to see how we transformed this sad little table from the side of the road…


Easy Thrift Store Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

Do you have outdated furniture that’s in good condition, but you’re not happy with how it looks anymore?Why not give it a little makeover!Updating your furniture can be so easy.You’ll be in awe at this desk makeover.See how we took this from a thrift store find to a beautiful piece in our home.If you love to re-imagine old furniture pieces like us, then you'll love our Modern Desk Makeover too! Who else loves hunting for their next treasure to fix up from the thrift store? Usually we happen upon the greatest finds when we're not really looking for anything specific. This happened…

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Use you own photography for beautiful wall art.

How to Weather Wood with a Vinegar and Steel Wool Stain

Do you love farmhouse, rustic or a coastal look? You know that we do! Would you like to know how to create that weathered look for a piece of furniture? While there are stains you can purchase and use, often they look fake. Today we would like to share How to Weather Wood with a Vinegar and Steel Wool Stain.There is something so satisfying about transforming a discarded piece of furniture into a real treasure. If you are new to refinishing furniture this may seem a little intimidating, but if you take it step by step and are willing to give…


How to Refinish a Railing That Will Last

Our home was built in the late 90's and it screamed 90's! It just felt so sterile with the white tile everywhere and an over abundance of yellow maple cabinetry and woodwork! I believe updating the railing was a game changer in bringing this home into the current century!  Let's take a look at a couple of the before pictures of the area. This area was once the kitchen. I did not take a close-up photo of the railing before I dug into it. I am really bad at this (before we started the blog!) I always jumped right into the…