$5 Hutch Top Repurposed to an Attractive French Inspired Cabinet

February 8, 2024 Let's dive into repurposing a thrift store hutch top into a gorgeous French-inspired cabinet. If thrifting is your love language…then you're going to love todays project. No doubt we find the best treasures this time of year, when everyone is decluttering. Do you agree?! I guess it's a little ironic that we pull up to donate and then fill up the car with new found treasures. On a recent thrifting trip, I spotted this old hutch top for only $5. No question it was coming home with me, I knew it could be fabulous! Not only did we…

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Discarded furniture is transformed into pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

Painting Furniture the Easy Way with a Wagner Sprayer

Does the thought of painting furniture seem overwhelming? Over the years we've painted over 100 pieces of furniture and learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Since we started using the Wagner sprayer we felt like we've died and gone to painter's heaven. In fact, using a paint sprayer is so much easier than you think! We've shared how quickly we were able to paint all of the interior doors in Steph's house with the Wagner sprayer. While today we'd like to share how to use the detailed spray nozzle to get a beautiful smooth finish while painting furniture.You'll also find…