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Top 10 DIY Project of 2020

Top DIY Projects for Home | What Our Readers Love This Year

Top DIY Projects for HomeThe year has come to an end and it’s a great time to look back on 2020. For many of us it’s a year we would like to forget, yet there have been many good things about this past year as well.Clearly, we’ve all been home more and learned much about ourselves. Without a doubt, we’ve learned that we can do hard things! Not only have we shared more time together as a family, but also we’ve learned new and maybe better ways of working. As a result of “work from home” as the new norm, many business…


How To Hang A Tree Swing Without A Branch

Tree swings! What is it about a tree swing that draws you in, like there is some magnetic force pulling you closer, even just at the site of an abandoned swing? There’s something even nostalgic about the scene of a home with a swing hanging from a tree. Perhaps taking you back to a simpler and carefree time in your life.There’s no doubt that creating a dedicated space for children to run around and play outside is beneficial to their physical health and happiness (and their Mother’s sanity! 😜 especially during this pandemic). Children love swings, but sometimes having one in…