21 Beautiful and Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

December 7, 2023 Tis' the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than with 21 Christmas gift wrap ideas that are as creative as they are charming. Get ready to sleigh the gift-giving game with our ho-ho-holiday gift wrapping ideas. From brown paper packages tied up with string (and so much more) to wrapping presents without boxes and turning your gifts into works of art. Let's jump in with a dash of DIY flair and a sprinkle of seasonal joy – because who said wrapping had to be the least exciting part of the holidays?"…


35+ Affordable DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s gift giving season and today we have DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas just for you! Clearly, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Have you started to listen to Christmas music yet? I did while running errands today and it made my day SO much more ENJOYABLE! If you’re like me you are looking for ways to make your dollar go a little further. That means looking for creative DIY Christmas gifts.  We’ve been scouring Instagram looking for clever and doable gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list. We have 35+ ideas that can be made quickly for coworkers,…

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Top 10 DIY Project of 2020

Top DIY Projects for Home | What Our Readers Love This Year

Top DIY Projects for HomeThe year has come to an end and it’s a great time to look back on 2020. For many of us it’s a year we would like to forget, yet there have been many good things about this past year as well.Clearly, we’ve all been home more and learned much about ourselves. Without a doubt, we’ve learned that we can do hard things! Not only have we shared more time together as a family, but also we’ve learned new and maybe better ways of working. As a result of “work from home” as the new norm, many business…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men | Unique Gifts They Will Love

Are you stumped with gift ideas for men this Christmas? Without a doubt, it's something I struggle with each year! However, this year I devised a plan to get inside their heads and find out what they are really wishing for. Let me tell you, when I asked my husband what is on his wish list I get the same reply every year. "Peace on earth, goodwill to men." Although this is something I think we all wish for, it's a little hard to wrap up and put a bow on it! 😉 With this in mind, I decided to broaden…


Halloween Decorating Ideas With Skeletons

HALLOWEEN DECORATING IDEAS WITH SKELETONSIf you've seen our Ideas for Decorating for Halloween that are Cheap and Easy, you know that we really get into Halloween around here!Now I have to admit, I like celebrating the idea of Halloween, the parties and games, more than the actual day of Halloween itself. I could absolutely do without trick-or-treating, haunted houses and the like.For me, celebrating Halloween is more about the family traditions I grew up with, mainly revolving around our extended family party, the themed food dishes, games and of course the Halloween themed home decor!This is something my own kids have…


Toilet Paper Roll Craft | 5 Minute Pumpkin

Toilet Paper Roll Craft | 5 Minute Fall PumpkinWe've all seen them, countless ways to reuse and make crafts with empty toilet paper rolls.But have you ever seen a craft made from a full roll of toilet paper?In March of 2020 it was nearly impossible to find toilet paper in any local or online stores.Now that supplies have been replenished, we'll not only show you how to create this darling fall pumpkin from a full toilet paper roll, but we'll show you how to conceal your toilet paper and secretly build up your stash. 😆https://youtu.be/tJ5Phjcm0DA How To Create Toilet Paper Roll…


Door Wreath for Summer | Ideas for Front Door Decor

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to add decor to your front door? While it is common to add a wreath during the Christmas season, adding a wreath year round is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home. We would like to share today, ideas for a Door Wreath for Summer. Not only will we share how to make a simple door wreath for summer for little or no money, but we will also share other creative ideas to add a little decor to your front door.The wreath has significant meaning for the Christmas Season. It’s circular shape…

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Instagram Inspired Art

Today we're excited to share with you how to make personalized Instagram inspired art. This unique and creative idea will showcase favorite pictures, memories, and quotes, perfect as wall decor.Creating with this colorful design on a smaller scale is also the perfect gift idea!What parent wouldn’t love to have this sitting on their desk at work, a grandparent that wouldn’t love to have it hanging on their wall?See how you can make yours today. This post is actually a TWOfer! Let's be real here, we are ALL too familiar with our new quarantined lives and schedules, right?!  As DIYers we are always…


DIY Wooden Sign Decor

Looking for clever ideas to create your own wall art? Learn how to make this unique DIY wooden sign decor, with faux metal to create cheap vintage wall art. Inspiration for DIY Wooden Sign Decor Hi Friends! Welcome back! A big welcome to all of our new subscribers! We're so glad to have you all here! Decorating a room is so much fun, especially when you're working around a theme. To say that our youngest, Mr. A loves his cars would be the understatement of the century! I can't even begin to describe how much he loves his cars. So where…