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My budget friendly bathroom self adhesive floor tiles one year later.

Simple Inexpensive Self Adhesive Floor Tiles | One Year Later

Are you curious how a peel and stick vinyl floor will hold up? It’s the most asked question from my budget bathroom makeover. These self adhesive vinyl floor tiles are placed directly over the ceramic tiles and create a realistic modern update to any tile surface. In fact, they can be placed directly over linoleum, vinyl or even a wall. Let's recap what I've done in this inexpensive master bathroom makeover. First of all, from the moment we purchased our home 6 years ago, I've planned on a major renovation for this bathroom. I'd like to rearrange the fixtures and make…


DIY Light Fixture Ideas on the Cheap

DIY light fixture ideas on the cheap!Adding an appropriate light fixture to a room is the most simple way to complete any space. It’s like adding a piece of jewelry to an outfit, that final touch that makes the whole room feel complete.Light fixtures can also be pretty darn expensive! So how can you still make the whole design feel cohesive without breaking the bank?DIY of course!We hope to get your creative juices flowing with these 8 DIY light fixture ideas.For more DIY ideas for your home checkout our 50 Amazing Flea Market Flips. Creative DIY Light Fixture Ideas For Lamps…


Fireplace Mantle Surround | A Beginners Guide

We LOVE a fireplace in the living room. It adds such beautiful architectural details to any space. If you are following along from the previous weeks, welcome. We are coming to the finish line, adding in all the details with molding and trim. This simple DIY tutorial will show you how easy it is to build a fireplace surround and mantel. We will show you our step by step process, so you can be a doer as well. 😉The title of "doer" makes me chuckle. When we moved into our home 5 years ago, one of our neighbors came over to…