How to Paint Furniture with Professional Results

Would you like to learn how to paint furniture or thrift store finds like a pro? Are you wondering what is the best method to use? Or does the thought of painting furniture seem overwhelming?No need to worry! We’ve been painting furniture for years and would love to share our tips and tricks. We will share how to paint furniture and get professional results.As you may already know, we love to frequent thrift stores, vintage and flea markets in search of a pieces we can transform. It’s what we LOVE to do!There is real satisfaction taking a worn, dilapidated and outdated…

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Use you own photography for beautiful wall art.

How to Weather Wood with a Vinegar and Steel Wool Stain

Do you love farmhouse, rustic or a coastal look? You know that we do! Would you like to know how to create that weathered look for a piece of furniture? While there are stains you can purchase and use, often they look fake. Today we would like to share How to Weather Wood with a Vinegar and Steel Wool Stain.There is something so satisfying about transforming a discarded piece of furniture into a real treasure. If you are new to refinishing furniture this may seem a little intimidating, but if you take it step by step and are willing to give…


DIY Blanket Ladder

This was a fun and simple DIY that took only one evening with the help of my husband, Steve. I have been looking for a vintage ladder to hang a few blankets on for quite some time and never found one I loved. Then one day while rummaging through some of my thrifting finds I spotted the croquet mallets. This was the inspiration I needed for this ladder. These are the supplies I used:  Croquet mallets (I used 5) 2 X 6 lumber  Saw Drill with wood bits Wood Glue Nail gun (or you could use a hammer or screw and…

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